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October 27, 2017 5:09 pm

Booze, Bus Bays and Bylaws for Mayor and Council Tonight

Monday, June 12, 2017 @ 6:00 AM

Prince George, B.C. – This evening’s meeting of City Council for  Prince George, will cover a variety of  topics,  including  scuttling the proposed site for the BC Transit maintenance and operations centre.

As 250News reported last week, ( see previous story)   three Councillors have  called  for the site,  at  Foothills Boulevard and 18th Avenue,  be  rejected.  That site  raised the hackles of  many in the City  who said  it was the wrong place for  an industrial use,  and  although  zoned for residential development,  they argued  the   proposed development would  mean the loss of  cherished green space.  Council will be asked to rescind the  first two readings of the  rezoning and OCP amendment bylaws,  and to  ask  Administration to work with BC Transit to find an alternate  location for the  $23 million dollar facility.

Also on the agenda,  proposed amendments to  an enforcement bylaw to give police  and peace officers the ability to enforce   the no smoking or vaping bylaw.

There is a public hearing  for  the development  of a distillery on 2nd Avenue.  The applicant   would like to also  get  Council’s approval to allow the development to include a lounge area for patrons.

Downtown Prince George will make a presentation  to Council to  update the City on  its activities and to present its financial  reports.



The zoning is AR2 – Rural Residential, so even a residential development would likely require rezoning. I would guess it’s just been zoned that way since way back when it used to be the edge of town.

    You are correct. Too many in the media have gotten it wrong. I believe it was even wrongly described by people at the public meeting at the Kin Centre and not corrected by City staff.

    This is part of the zoning bylaw
    AR2: Rural Residential

    The purpose of this zone is to foster a rural lifestyle on properties larger than 2.0 ha. The zone also provides for complementary residential related uses that are compatible with the rural character of the area.

    Principle Uses:

    􀂃 agriculture, general
    􀂃 agriculture, intensive impact only in the Agricultural Land Reserve
    􀂃 community care facility, minor
    􀂃 greenhouse & plant nursery
    􀂃 forestry
    􀂃 housing, manufactured
    􀂃 housing, single detached

    The maximum residential density is one principal dwelling and one secondary suite per lot.

    Despite the residential density provisions of this zone, a manufactured home may be located on a site and occupied as a dwelling for a period not exceeding two years from the date a building permit has been issued while the owner constructs or supervises the construction of a single detached dwelling, provided that the manufactured home shall be removed upon completion and occupancy of the single detached dwelling.

“on the agenda, proposed amendments to an enforcement bylaw to give police and peace officers the ability to enforce the no smoking or vaping bylaw” are they planning on hiring more staff to do this or are they going to continue to ignore it like they have for years.

more booze…oh that ought to be a shoe in just like all the others.

When we have people sleeping in the streets, smoking and shooting up in public, causing disturbances, and committing crimes, speeding, talking on cell phones, etc; etc; one would think that the police would be to busy to be on the look out for smoking or vaping infractions.

One needs only look at the people riding bikes without helmets, and biking up and down streets with no regard to directions, stop lights, or any other laws, or bylaws.

Enforcing City bylaws should not be a priority for high paid police officers. There job should be reducing serious crime, and traffic safety.

Taxpayers cannot afford anymore police or other added costs to running this City. Time for Council to start to reduce costs.

Bylaws that don’t get enforced are not worth the paper they are written on.
Perhaps we need to have Bylaw enforcement officers that are actually authorized to act as peace officers. Have the fully qualified to enforce bylaws, and issue tickets. The RCMP does not have the time nor the inclination to be drawn into enforcing city bylaws. As an earlier post alluded, they have much bigger, and more plentiful fish to fry.
As for the cost? What is the cost to the city, to the tax payer, to your property values if anarchy is allowed to rule? I wouldn’t want to live in a city where every law / bylaw is ignored by it’s residents!

    “I wouldn’t want to live in a city where every law / bylaw is ignored by it’s residents!”

    So you do not live in Prince George?

      Isn’t that the truth.

Anyone remember the trailer bylaw, where you can’t have it sitting on the street or in front of your house for extended time. How about the helmet law for pedal bikes.
Oh and let’s not forget 3 vehicles per house hold.

What a croc this never ever ever gets enforced and is the biggest waste of time and money to have bylaw officers on a salary that dont earn there keep.

    don’t forget the last commandment, you shall not park in Jillian’s hallowed bike lanes, but they aren’t enforcing that either unless it is convenient or a sure source of a lot of money fast.

    “3 vehicles per household?” There’s a bylaw about that?

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