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October 27, 2017 5:08 pm

Clark and Cabinet Sworn In

Monday, June 12, 2017 @ 1:54 PM

Prince George, B.C.-  Premier Christy Clark   and  her cabinet have been sworn in,  although their  time  in those roles may be very short.

There is no change for  Shirley Bond  or Mike Morris.   Bond  remains Minister of Jobs,Tourism and Skills Development as well as Minister of Labour.  Mike Morris  holds on to his post as  Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General.

New names to Cabinet include newly elected Ellis Ross.   The  former Chief of the Haisla  has been named Minister of Natural Gas Development and Minister of Housing, two portfolios that  used to be under the wing of Rich Coleman  who  takes over the  post as Minister of Energy and Mines.

  • Sam Sullivan, the former Mayor of Vancouver  has been named Minister of  Community Sport and Cultural Development.
  • Jas Johal,  a former journalist,  has been named Minister of Technology, Innovation and Citizens Services
  • Former Speaker of the Legislative Assembly,  Linda Reid, has been named Minister of Advanced  Education
  • Jordan Sturdy  takes the post  as Minister of the Environment
  • Andrew Wilkinson  moves from Ministry of Advanced Education to be the new Attorney General and Minister of Justice
  • Norm Letnick remains as  Minister of Agriculture
  • Stephanie Cadieux  remains as Minister of Children and Family Development
  • Mike Bernier  stays in the post as Minister of Education
  • Mary Polak  becomes the Minister of Health (formerly Minister  of Environment)
  • Mike de Jong  remains  Minister of Finance
  • Steve Thomson  is still the Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations
  • Donna Barnett  is the Minister of State for Rural Economic Development
  • Teresa Wat holds on to  the post  as Minster of International Trade and Minister Responsible for the Asia Pacific Strategy and Multiculturalism
  • Coralee Oakes retains her  position as Minister of Small Business and Red tape Reduction and Minister Responsible for the Liquor Distribution Branch
  • Michelle Stillwell  is the Minister of Social Development and Social Innovation
  • Todd Stone   remains  as Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure.

The appointments  may be very short lived.  The Legislature has been recalled  to  work on June 22nd,  and the Government could  fall  within  days of that  return to  work



does this mean that these ministers will get bigger pensions with the golden handshake?

    No . Platinum handshakes with perks .

Clarks ignorance is astounding

    And the ignorance is….. At least explain you rational for the comment. As I see it, the Libs won the election! Just because John Do Good and his puppet want to form Government via joining together was not in the cards when election day came. Who knows what is really going to play out here.

      How about spending $500,000 a yr on our credit card while making seniors pay more for MSP? Or taking 900 million from icbc then raising the rates the rates saying a rise in costs is why.. thank you and goodnight :)

      The NDP are not going to use the government credit card? Nice to know, hey how about the government forcing ICBC to mail out checks and then raising rates the next year? Maybe the NDP shouldn’t have started taking money from crown corporations as they at the time said these corporations owe BC taxpayers for their existence. How about taking 500 million that is earmarked for debt repayment and using it to pay three years of tolls on the Port Mann while its debt will rise over 600 million during the same timeframe?

      Be prepared to open your wallet as They start to stick it to ya. Won’t feel it too bad during the first term as they will just add it to debt but if they win another election afterwards it will take another 15 years to get the province back on track by another party

Everything based on were they are at the end for sure, oh well just money

They should all be sitting in opposition after June 22nd. So being a Cabinet Minister should not make a difference.

At least she her and the liberal party aren’t doing anything worthwhile as usual..

But on June 23rd all the liberals can look across the aisle and remember when they sat over there :)

PVals ignorance is astounding

Yup sounde stupid when I say it too!

Well as I’ve stated before if the NDP form the next government I hope you are all ready for another economic depression remember the last time they held power the NDP killed the resource industry especially mining and they are on track to fo that again with recent announcements

I could be wrong but I don’t think I am

    Yes, because the NDP of BC control the world price of commodities, and they also invented pine and spruce beetles…………

    Give a list of mines which were shut down for whatever reason during the NDP reign, and give a list of the mines shut down for whatever reason during the Liberals.

      Under the NDP at the time all mines were ordered to undergo an environmental review and had to meet demands set forth by not only the government but environmental groups and had to get various Indian bands blessings and almost every mine was shut down or scaled back or put on hold. Mount Milligan, proposed coal mine north of Chetwynd, Alcan cancelled plans for upgrades directly related to the NDP government of the time, three proposed mines in the kootenays were all shelved or cancelled.

      In my industry forestry the NDP government refused to take any action on the beetle kill instead listened to environmental groups and various Indian bands. The government refused to step in and help communities struggling with downturn in the economy and got into the pulp industry by buying and maintaining the pulp mills in Prince Rupert and Mackenzie which everyone told them was a mistake and cost us taxpayers millions of dollars

      Oh and can’t forget the NDP government under Glenn Clark instituted Buy BC first meaning all businesses and companies for sale in BC could only be bought by those who lived in BC. I worked for two companies that went into receivership because of the Buy BC rule and it contributited to the provincial recession that apparently no NDPer can remember going through

      If you want I can go on and on but then again you probably wouldn’t believe me anyway

    Dearth if you want to do some reading –BC Liberals Falsehoods ,Boondoggles and Scandals. The list is 117 and counting.

Legally, this is how it should be done. Until the government is defeated in a vote, the liberals should govern. Look into the provincial law and legislature a little.

Do we really need all these Ministries? Just looking at the list above it seems like an awful lot of them are redundant. While others are a completely needless expense. Why do we need a Ministry of Education and a Ministry of Advanced Education? Couldn’t one Minister do both? Or a Minister of Mines and Energy and a Minister of Natural Gas Development? Isn’t Natural Gas energy? A Minister of Red Tape Reduction? Why not just eliminate it, can it be that hard? Starting with that Ministry. The Liquor Distribution Branch is a cash cow. Couldn’t the Minister of Finance handle that? No wonder we’re overtaxed, and these people are supposed to be business oriented? What’s next, when those who aren’t take over?

    NDP plan to add a few more ministries

All these fortune tellers.. if you can all see what will happen once a completely different group of people take charge then why haven’t you won the lottery yet ?

Time to go check my mail for all the money Clark promised from LNG…

    Keep the LNG dividends next to your BCRIC (bric) shares. :)

    How do you know a completely different set of people are even going to take charge? What happens if Christy brings down a Throne Speech full of things her opponents would be hard pressed to vote against? It’s not likely she will, but who really knows? It’s entirely within the realm of possibility. Suppose she proposed an immediate 2% cut in the PST. How popular would Horgan and Weaver be if they voted against that? Couple something like that with a few of the NDP/Green proposals thrown in, and watch them squirm trying to go against the things they promised in the election campaign. Could be real interesting.

      Umm..because most that used to represent the ndp way way way back you all refer to when trying to deflect from Clarks continuing mistakes have retired from politics..

      Yes.. but what happens if a real 3rd party evolves at wins the next election? Aren’t ” what ifs” good for nothing?

      Because the electorate kicked them to the curb last time there is nothing recent to refer to thank the lord. Sad part is the curb wasn’t high enough.

      The cat came back, thought it was a goner… but the cat came back, it just wouldn’t stay awayyyyyyy…

      Most are still there in the background. It wasn’t the people as much as it was the policies of the party that killed the province. People are people no matter the party, it is the platform that the NDP have which hurts the economy. If they stray from their policies like Notely does your argument might be sound but they have no desire to do so as referenced by their coalition agreement.

      If they fail in taking down the government at the confidence vote what exactly is Hydro and Kinder Morgan to do? Can we then have a confidence vote on his letters? His arrogance will be his downfall, he should go back to yelling at his TV

If the Green/NDPs have a nonconfidence vote against the government and win, would that not force another election? They couldn’t just take over as the government could they?

    It would be up to the Lieutenant-Governor, Eye Spy. If she loses a non-confidence vote, Clark could recommend that another election be called, and the precedent in Canada established way back in the 1920’s is that the Crown is supposed to follow the advice of the current elected head of government.

    But that’s only a precedent, not something set in stone, and one thing that COULD happen. More likely is that Clark would tender her resignation as Premier and that of her Party as government and advise the Lieutenant-Governor to call on Horgan to try to form a government. In either instance the ultimate decision rests with the Lieutenant-Governor. If Horgan became Premier and lost a non-confidence vote subsequently, then it’s likely there would be another election.

      I think precedent will be pretty much out the window on this one. Precedent says the speaker in breaking ties votes with the status quo. If the Libs force the NDP to appoint the speaker from their ranks, and the speaker observed the precedent, they would vote to keep the status quo, but it’s pretty obvious they won’t.

      What I find disconcerting is I don’t think the Liberals have done that good of a job either, I just fear the NDP more. And it’s not even Horgan I fear, it’s the actual party members. Harcourt wasn’t a bad guy at all, I think he was pretty balanced – too balanced for the party – out came the knives.

      I thought Caroline James was reasonably sensible for a dipper – too sensible for the party – out came the knives.

      Once Horgan get’s his hands on the power, the party power brokers will be on the phone giving him all sorts of crazy suggestions and if he wants to keep his job, he better do what they say or start wearing body armour. And of course to top it off, he has to keep the Greens happy too.

      Yep, we’re going to get a real stable productive government out of this.

All of us NDP”ers have a different philosophy and I doesn’t include letting corporations to mine our province for maximum profit for the rich and letting the masses live on the fringe.

    When you say rich you mean of course the BC Teacher’s Pension Plan? Right.

    “But the teachers’ pension plan tells a different story. Managed by the BC Investment Management Corporation (bcIMC), the Teachers’ Pension Plan invests in Pearson, Enbridge, British American Tobacco, Haliburton, and other corporations associated with environmental destruction, sweatshop labour, and weapons manufacturing.” quote from the Tyee .

    Hate to break it to you, but pension plans are the major shareholders of most corporations of all stripes, and use the dividends to pay out pensions. The wealth held by pension plans vastly outstrips the holdings of the so called 1%. In fact, to get into the 1% category you only need to hit about $250,000 a year in income.

    As a retired person, would you like your pension plans to sell off their profitable corporations and invest in GIC’s and cut your pension in half. Would you like the NDP government to tax those corporation’s profits away so there are no dividends to pay your pension.

    Things are more interconnected than people realize.

    Abby is a Liberal stronghold in all 3 ridings

      Tell me about it. And the finance minister is a real joke

So you give me all this info on all the monies that pensioners are getting from our corporations.But you failed to tell us that the money on a pension plan came from donations from those that are covered by the plan.

You gave me information on how these wonderful corporations are providing all the funds for operating a pension plan. I know where the money comes from. I contributed to a plan for more then 30 years. I am proud of the services I provide to the public in the time I was an employee. What did you do to earn your money if you ever did a days work?

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