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October 27, 2017 5:08 pm

New Distillery Gets the Nod

Tuesday, June 13, 2017 @ 6:00 AM

Building on 2nd Avenue that will be home of new distillery – photo 250News

Prince George, B.C.  The City of Prince George has a  winery,  a craft brewery  and  soon will have a distillery.

Council for the City of Prince George  has approved a rezoning application to clear the way for the development of Trench Brewing and Distillery at 399 –  2nd Avenue.

The  applicant  plans to have a Manufacturer’s Lounge  where patrons can sample the wares being  produced on site.   A license  is needed to allow patrons to have  more than a sample.  That license would have a maximum  occupancy load of 125.

Council has  approved  supporting the  liquor  license application.

The applicant says  the distillery will provide 15-20 jobs by the time it reaches full production  and can be  a positive tourist attraction.

Along with the Northern Lights Estate Winery and  CrossRoads Brewing,   Trench sees itself as another positive stop  for  visitors  to the City.

Council has also  unanimously   approved the reszoning for the facility.



And why not a good place. Nice to see this area being used.

What kind of spirits will they be producing? Will they be naturally aged and flavoured, or artificially flavoured for the inexpensive mass market?

    A facility this size would not be a good business model for the mass market as you put it.You can bet it will be a small batch craft distillery.

Way to go..our city is opening up again.. thanks to all the new business owners taking a risk in PG..

All this downtown revitalization without any help from council…

    Without any help from council? Who unanimously supported the rezoning? Check your facts before directing negative comments towards council. In my opinion the current council has done way more than the last. I hope to see the current council maintain the positive direction they have been going. The comment section can also be used for positive feedback just so everyone knows.


      I agree. Most positives I have seen in my 14 years living here.

      City Council did assist this individual – as I understand it – At no time was this property put on the open market for sale yet in seems to have changed hands from City Property to a private individual… Rezoning from the city property to a distillery who needs it right …

      I don’t think the city owned it. It was a building supply centre before.

if it is booze related, it seems the city will gladly pass it.

    Who cares if it is booze related! I tell ya, there is some awfully good food in those places! I might have A beer, but I am there for the food! Get out of your hermit shell and go try some pub fare! Adds ambience to our city, got some other ideas?

    If it is booze related, it seems bcracer is against it. ;-)

I wish someone here would make mead.

This is something I have ranted about for decades, and even when you do find some it is invariably wine sweetened with honey instead of real mead made from fermented, diluted honey. I made my own for a long time using local honey, but it takes several years to mature properly with fireweed honey. Clover is faster but not as nice to drink.

    The only real mead I have had in BC was Ethiopian tej in Vancouver.

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