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October 27, 2017 5:08 pm

Transit Site on Foothills A No Go

Monday, June 12, 2017 @ 6:51 PM

Prince George, B.C. –  As expected,  Council for the City of Prince George has  unanimously  decided to  scrap the Foothills-18th Avenue  site as the  site for  a new BC Transit Operations and Maintenance  facility.

Councillor Garth Frizzell  says staff  followed the process in locating a property that would be acceptable to B.C. Transit “They crossed all the T’s and dotted all the I’s”  but  says Council  is listening  and that is why  that site is being  rejected.

There was a  major community outcry  over the site, with thousands of people signing petitions   and hundreds  turning out to  a public meeting on the  proposal.  The site  would put an industrial use  in the west bowl area, and   would  take away  what has become a popular greenspace in the City.

“I truly saw first and second reading as a way to find more information  for myself and Council and from the public itself,  and it certainly  did that”  said Councillor Susan Scott.  She noted   people were telling her they didn’t  want the project to  go away, “but that it  be more appropriately located.”

Councillor Brian Skakun says if there is an upside to this matter “It brought people together”  He said “The  opposition made it clear there was no need to go a  public hearing.”  He said  rejecting this site  opens the door to find another location  for the  Transit  facility.

Councillor  Frank Everitt  said he believed people took issue with the proposal “Rightfully so, they sent email, they had conversations”   He said his job is to “Listen and to make the best decision  for the community”  and rescinding this  site  was the best  decision .   He said   finding a new piece of property  will cost the City more money,  but that’s what the  residents  wanted.

It was clear  members of Council  suffered abuse,  both verbal   and written  from  those who  disagreed with Council giving the project first and second reading.  Those readings are needed  in order to move to a  public hearing  where the public can speak  up on a project.

Both Councillors Jillian Merrick and  Terrie McConnachie  were  walking an emotional tightrope as they spoke  of how the public  had  treated them.

Mayor Lyn Hall noted this was a difficult and contentious issue, and  it won’t be the last one  this Council will have to face “We know we are making tough decisions, but we are  setting the right direction  for the community”

Administration will now work with  BC Transit to  find a  new  site for the $23 million dollar project.


They will likely destroy this little piece of green space eventually. It won’t be made into parkland or just left alone…something will be built so the city can make some money off of it. The fact that this was even a potential spot for an industrial building is something that people should take issue with. It shows no common sense and brings the integrity of our City Mayor and Counselors into question.

    ummmmm ……………… the people did take issue.

      Yes people did…and they should continue to be guarded.

      “The fact that this was even a potential spot for an industrial building is something that people should take issue with”

      I think the people primarily took issue with the fact that this is not a location for a light industrial use.

      That is different than the people taking issue with the notion that this site should have been off limits in the first place.

      I think some people did, but that is not what the petition was about.

      To me, that is the next step in educating both City Council and City Staff. It is called: “How to read the OCP with understanding”.

      Read the vision statement carefully and it becomes much clearer to many.

      For those Councillors and staff who do not understand the purpose of a vision statement and, more importantly, how a vision statement is created, they need to write 100 times on a public black board

      “A vision statement is the highest level purpose of City Government as seen by the people in open and thorough debate over one or more years of engagement with City staff. It is what governs land use and fiscal responsibility to the social and financial operations of the City”

      Each time they do not achieve a passing grade of 90% on knowledge and understanding of the meaning of a vision statement prepared by the people, they get to write the same phrase 100 more times.


      Snow dump and Hydro substation are pretty much light industrial. The old city transfer station that used to be there and moved for the soccer fields to go in was light industrial.

      Not saying any green space should be rezoned but our council and planning department have a hard time figuring out what projects should go where. The old folks home that took out a soccer field for school kids is one example where we have tons of land in PG but they want to rip out Park and green space. We have a huge parking lot next to the old odeon theatre that the city wants condos to go in, well they blew their chance with a care facility looking for land. Might as well have let the night club go in seeing as how the city wants to just use green spaces for new developments and that will remain a parking lot far after these clowns retire

This area should have never been considered for this project. Prince George has a huge land mass, five industrial sites, plus many other areas that would suit the project. In fact the transit shop could have stayed right where it is.

This is about getting and spending the $23 Million dollars. To get the money you need a project, so the project became a new transit facility, then they needed a location, and this is where they fell down. They had many choices, however they picked the one area, that ensured that people would go ballistic.

We need to do a better job of communicating with the taxpayers of this City who have to pay the tab on all these projects that are not clearly thought out.

    And kick some butts in the “pizz poor planning” department.

City Council made the right decision and that’s good. City Council listened to the people and that’s good. City Planning department….not so good.

    The planning dept. tried a Christy Clark maneuver. The only difference the City did listen.

Now is the time for citizens to be proactive and get a plan in place to save this little corner from industrial and urban encroachment. It needs to be claimed by citizens as a public green space.

Something still smells about this whole process. Why on earth would anyone even consider that are for something like a bus yard? The only thing is that someone in a position of trust stood to make a bunch of money on it. I can’t think of another reason.

With respects to the planning department, we don’t have one of those. What we have is a dictatorial department of business prevention. I don’t think that an un-elected official should have that much clout when it comes to which direction the city should be going in. Time for changes to the way the city plans.

I hear you PGguy, something about this still doesn’t make sense to me either. Perhaps a hidden agenda.
I am glad that city council listened. Thanks guys!
And Junco, I like that idea, maybe we should put forward a proposal to zone a bunch of that corner into permanent green space.

Who would of guessed they listened this time.Thank you council.

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