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October 27, 2017 5:08 pm

15 Years of Service Noted

Monday, June 12, 2017 @ 6:07 PM

Prince George, B.C.- Mayor of Prince George, Lyn Hall   kicked off  this evening’s  regular meeting of Council by officially recognizing the years of service of  two Councillors.

Councillor’s Murry Krause and Councillor Brian Skakun have now each  served 15 consecutive years on Council.

Krause is now the President of the  Union of B.C. Municipalities in addition to his duties as  a Councillor  for the City of Prince George.

Councillor Brian Skakun  has also  had 15 years of service  as a Councillor.  He is serving his 5th consecutive term as a Councillor.

“When you devote 15 years of your time,  it deserves recognition” said Mayor Lyn Hall.

Both Councillors were  presented with gifts to mark their  years of service.



It is interesting that Council does not have maximum terms.

The reason I say that is that most, if not all, committees of Council made up of citizens of this community do have maximum terms. The intent of that is that turnover of committee members is encouraged to get fresh points of view on such committees.

I have never understood the rationale of why the same approach is not used in both cases.

For example:
From the Toronto Star in 2013: “Poll finds term limits for city council and mayor popular with Toronto residents”

Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon has been fighting to get council to impose a three-term limit, a total of 12 years, saying regular turnover would guarantee fresh ideas.

From Halifax, September 2016:
“Council candidates call for three-term limits at City Hall
The definition of HRM (Halifax Regional Municipality) is voting for the same people over and over again and expecting different results.”

“I don’t think the job of city councillor is one that’s meant to be 20 years and you get a gold watch afterwards,” says District 14 candidate Lisa Blackburn.”

Food for thought locally???

I just checked the situation in the USA. Several of the larger cities have term limits both for the Mayor as well as Councillors. Generally two terms of Mayor and 3 for Councillors.

Many came about as a result of the question being put on the ballot.

Oh yes the usa has also elected Stump So how valid are their ideas?

    To answer your question on the closed thread, yes, you put the money into the plan, the plan invests in the corporations shares, and the pension you receive is a combination of the dividend income they earned, and the money you put in. If the corporations profits are taxed away, all your pension plan would have is your own money to give back to you. If you add up what you put in, and what you are expected to take out, what you take out is significantly more than what you put in, because pension plans invest your contributions.

I agree with the notion of term limits. It would be great at a municipal level, but should be essential at a provincial level.

Just think the corruption and cronyism we will have if the ndp/green coalition gets there way with a proportional system that has half of the MLA’s appointed by party list…. Never accountable to the voters and appointed to the legislature for life due to ones partisan loyalties to back room party insiders.

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