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October 27, 2017 5:07 pm

Theft from Vehicles Continues

Tuesday, June 13, 2017 @ 10:56 AM

Prince George, B.C.- RCMP in Prince George say the  rate of theft from vehicles in  the city remains high.

Theft from Vehicle rates are up 36% (303 to 412) from January 1st to June 4th over the same period last year.

Police are once again warning the public to keep vehicle doors locked as property crime rates remain high in the community.

A surveillance video ( shown above) captured recently in the City of Prince George clearly shows that unlocked doors are easy targets and locked doors prevent thefts. The video also shows that thieves don’t always look like we expect them too.

In the video,  the clean cut male suspect walks up to the first vehicle, an unlocked car, and opens the door. He looks around and then enters the car. He spends a minute in the vehicle with a flashlight before he gently shuts the door and moves on to the next vehicle. The suspect then tries the door on the truck, only to find it locked, so he moves on to the next vehicle on the street. This suspect has not yet been identified.
Although this incident occurred on Trent Drive in Lower College Heights, this type of theft is happening throughout Prince George.

Police are pleading with the public to lock vehicle doors and NEVER leave valuables including purses and wallets in your vehicle. Failing to do this fuels these crimes.

Police encourage the public to report suspicious persons, vehicles and activities when they see it. Checking into suspicious incidents is part of our duties and not a waste of our time. Please call police right away.

For tips on theft prevention, please go to the Safety Tips section of our website at www.princegeorge.rcmp.ca.



    How about PUNISHING the criminals?? That is like telling women to cover themselves to prevent sexual assault.

Why punish the criminals, they will blame it on society and merrily continue what they are doing as there is no real punishment in our system! Maybe if some of the politicians themselves become victims they will realize that our Mickey Mouse system needs some serious overhauling!

Come back to the Malaspina area scumbags. We have a present for you.

I never lock my vehicle. I leave it empty and unlocked, I don’t want to pay for broken windows. Only an idiot locks his vehicle if there is nothing in it to steal….

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