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October 27, 2017 5:05 pm

Friday Free for All – June 16th, 2017

Friday, June 16, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

Your  time is here  to speak up on issue that matter to you.

It’s time for the  weekly Friday Free for All

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Wishing Dads everywhere a wonderful Father’s Day this weekend!

For those of you who’s Dads have passed away, may you have happy memories of Father’s Days past!

Here’s hoping that the rain goes away and the sun shines all weekend, especially for the Father’s Day “Show and Shine”!

    Amen amen

    Cheers to that HG..! Even if it rains we will still have fun..

Have a safe and excellent weekend everyone :-)

Heads up to anyone going to Vancouver Island this summer. Stay away from the Coast Nanaimo Hotel.

When I booked I asked for a room with a view and was assured they had secured parking. Turns out their secured parking was a public unsecured parkaid a block away, or $24 per 6-hours across the street. After an hour trying to find a safe parking spot I find out their elevators don’t work and I have to get my luggage up 9-floors in the 15-floor tower… through laundry rooms and back maintenance areas to a dirty hotel room… wife said she was creeped right out where they were taking her.

In light of what happened in London I think they should be shut down. Also just plain dishonest… I was told they had secured parking, and they said nothing of the elevators when asking for a room with a view. What if they had an emergency and no proper fire exit route? Its such a shame though because Coast Tsawwassen is like the best hotel ever, so one would think belonging to the same hotel chain one could expect a similar standard… for the price they charge one should expect better.

    Things can change I guess. My wife and I stayed there last year for a week and the hotel was just fine.
    Had a nice view overlooking the harbour, working elevators, and used the parkade beneath the hotel. ( I can’t remember the price, but I am cheap so it must have been acceptable).
    In fact we also found the bed so comfortable that I pulled off the sheets to see the brand of mattress and we ordered one once we got home.
    The room certainly wasn’t large, but we found it very clean.
    Now this was last August and things can change quickly so your experience recently probably did suck. I’m just saying I have stayed there on business and visiting my kids in Nanaimo many times and for the most part it’s been very acceptable.

      I think with no running elevators the staff were at the end of their rope as well and it showed. I heard the elevators had been down for a few weeks because they had an electrical fire in the elevator motor area… At that point the hotel should be closed down to protect the hotel chains reputation, and not trying to continue on business as usual with no fair warning to people checking in, much lass making a reservation. It’s all down hill when a 15-story hotel has no elevators and tries to put its head in the sand about the situation they are putting their clients in… What if they did have a fire or an evacuation emergency?

    Too bad you had such a nasty experience! We would have asked the staff to bring the luggage up to the ninth floor and if the room turned out to be without a view and dirty we would have asked them to bring the luggage back down to the unsecured parking lot. Then we would have left, called the credit card company to block any charges and looked for a better hotel/motel or B&B.

      Yes that is what I should have done, I agree. Problem was the hotel was part of a BC Ferries vacation package that essentially makes the ferry crossing free…. plus we were a late check in at 11pm and after an hour trying to get parked the kids were already in bed….

    We always stay at the Bastion when we are in Nanaimo. Great views, great service. It is a centre town hotel with adjacent parking that services the hotel, the Port Theatre, the Library and the Museum.

    It is on a slight incline, the same as the Coast here. The manager at one time used to be the manager at the Inn of the North.

    The parking is around $8, I believe. Either the harbour view to the north or the view over the condos on the south are great.

    The rooms are compact, but well outfitted.

    Great location.

    Name a hotel in downtown Vancouver that has free parking.

    Secure? Even the Fairmont hotels in Vancouver have paid parking. The parking is shared in the case of the one on Georgia and the one at the Trade Centre. Anyone can drive in there, take a ticket, ride around the parkade, burglarize a car or two or vandalize a few, go for a walk, come back a couple of hours later and leave to pay the attendant who you wrongfully think represents a secure garage.

      I have stayed at the Canada Place Fairmont Hotel and found the convention centre parking very safe. No comparison to the Nanaimo parkaid that smelled like weed and had kids drinking in the stairwell for $11. If they didn’t give me such a run a round and were straight up it wouldn’t have been so bad. Said I could get secure parking up by the condo’s, but that turns out is just for residents, then says I can park across the street for $12 dollars, but when I ask how to get the $12 parking because the meter says $24 per 6-hours… The guy actually gets all mad that I am being to picky, so I get mad that he just gave me a huge run around when he could have just been upfront to begin with and I would be in my room already…

      Coast Tsawwassen has secure underground parking as advertised. Same for Embassy Inn in Victoria. Both are excellent top notch hotels for a fair price that I would highly recommend.

      Coast Bastion has the view, which is why we choose it for our BC Ferry vacation package. If it wasn’t already 11pm at check in with kids already gone to bed we would have left for another hotel. We did leave first thing in the morning (with no complimentary breakfast either). It’s obviously a dated hotel that is falling apart. I just think they dropped the ball badly and make their whole chain of hotels look bad in the process.

      Which elevator was not working? I assume the single elevator that goes down to the parkade from the conference area.

      There are two elevators that service the hotel room tower. They can’t both have been down. There is also a service elevator.

      If the guest elevators were both down, everyone would have had to use the stairs. I could see one being down. Even that would mean that people should have been given a reduction on the rate.

      There is something missing here.

      Okay … I phone the hotel ….

      One of the two guest elevators is still down. They are waiting for parts from the USA.

      At 11pm at night, the guest elevators would not be that busy.

      Also, you must have taken a strange route to the parkade. It is actually across the street to the south of the hotel. The elevator to the parkade is situated there.

      I am not sure why you would want a room with a view when you arrived at 11pm and left early in the morning.

      The problems of travelling by package deals …. never did that in my life ….. never will for just this reason ….. people are handled like a package, not like individuals.

To the numbskulls that continuously ride alongside on the trail of Domano Blvd. , one of these days you will end up on the road and cause some motorist some grief! Go to the end of Domano, there are miles of trails out there to go crazy! Why rap those mutant sewing machines along the street?? Rant over: Awesome weekend coming along. show n Shine at Fort George Park, I go every year, a good deal!


    They are just people having some fun trying to get to the end of Domano and home again and they aren’t hurting anyone. Some don’t have a means to haul their machine to the end of Domano either. No different in my opinion than a kid on bicycle on the road which is much more unpredictable.

      Bull! If you call the same person going up and down Domano going home then you are seriously mistaken. What is wrong with the 100s of miles off of Domano and around surrounding areas? I have to license my bike and I know that these aren’t, is there collision insurance in case they do get hit by a car? I just don’t understand the reasoning what with all the bike trails around here that that they have to go up and down Domano! It is not that far to Malaspina if you really want to do some serious riding! Simple solution!

    For the most part they have been pretty good lately compared to other years. Most of the people who ride along Domano on the trail are family’s heading out for a ride on the trails in the Fyfe area. However there is the odd goof balls that break the sound barrier along here and eventually its going to ruin it for everyone..

    I think all the dicks with piped motorcycles that rev the crap out of their bikes as they launch off Malaspina onto Domano and vica versa are a larger problem. I can’t understand for the life of me why residents aren’t up in arms over it. How do you people stand having that quarter mile drag strip right in your back yards and not try to put a stop to it?

Very good points on the above 2 posts. Be nice to see some radar setup on the weekends. I can hear them going through the gears the minute they hit Domano, bikes and cars alike! I live above Domano so I hear the echo, be neat to have spike belts set up on the appropriate offenders! LOL

    Just take a deep breath and it will be all ok. Just the young ones having some fun. My worry is how do we get the BC Liberals to leave office? I tried taking a deep breath.

      Funny, I take a real deep breath and try to wish on a star that we don’t have two parties attempting to run BC. I would take one party in a heartbeat, at last two egos won’t be trying to pee on their territory like dogs! LOL

I would like to extend a huge “Thank you” to all the drivers for slowing down to a snail pace when noticing a small child learning to ride their bikes (of course with an adult present). Teaching arm signals is a bit of a challenge as they find it hard to let go of the handle bars at the very start. Anyways Thanks to everyone for slowing down.

The best story I read all week. Tip a glass to ya Roy and to Millwall:)


Guess the word “foriegners” is a no no here, so it leaves me to be specific.. Was ranting bout the Philipines hogging left side of road then turning on signal lights at last minute… I wondered how in the world they passed their drivers tests

Just got back from Vancouver/Sunshine Coast. PG has the lowest gas prices by far. Vancouver was $1.28/l, got cheaper the further north we drove.

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