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October 27, 2017 5:03 pm

Watering Ban Led to Dozens of Warnings

Monday, June 19, 2017 @ 1:11 PM

Prince  George, B.C. – The watering ban that was in place  last week in Prince George  saw  numerous property owners being  warned  for  violations.

The City says  the total number of  warnings issued during the ban  was 80.    Bylaw enforcement is reviewing  one  particular case, which may result in a fine.

The  ban , which was in place from noon Monday to  midnight Friday,  was to  ensure there would be significant water pressure  throughout the City while crews installed   the final piece of a  line between two major wells in the city.

During the ban, residents were  not to be using sprinklers or irrigation  systems, but  could  continue to water gardens or lawns provided they  were using a hand held device.

The “loop”  was being put in place  so that in the event  there was an issue with the well or the equipment ,  water could  continue to be  provided  by switching to  the other well.

The $3 million dollar project took a year to complete.



GOOD, just as long as the city also abides by it all is cool! Now, about those soaker hoses……. LOL

Did the city deliver notices door to door prior to the ban? The city can’t expect every resident will know there is a ban in effect. How does the city deal with bylaw infractions that are reported to them by taxpayers that include proof of the infraction? They pick and choose what they like to enforce not what should be enforced.

    C’mon, this has been going on for years! Even I know that and I don’t get the newspaper. Radio announcements galore. 250 news, there is media coverage on this. What do you want the city to do, hold their hands! Pick and choose? 80 households they ‘picked’ just because! I saw the white pickup truck in my neighbourhood twice. If you are a homeowner you can always phone the city. I am, for once, actually defending the city, just plain common sense. If I saw a homeowner ‘consistently’ abusing the set by-law you damn right I would phone the city.

    Ignorance of the rules is not a defense to break them.

    I am pretty sure they all said they didn’t know about it

    They only gave out warnings, so I’m not sure if there’s any reason to be enraged.

Betcha at least a few of those were found on Clare crescent.

Water meters are coming.

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