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October 27, 2017 5:01 pm

City Launches Videos on Referendum Items

Thursday, June 22, 2017 @ 12:42 PM

Images courtesy  City of Prince George

Prince George, B.C. – The City of Prince George has already decided to hold a referendum  on  possible  borrowing funds for two projects,  the replacement of  the Four Season’s Pool, and   the construction of a new Firehall #1.   It has now started the information campaign to make  the electorate aware of the issues and concerns.

“The City of Prince George rarely goes to referendum and never does so without a very good reason and the current state of the Four Seasons Leisure Pool, and both the state and location of Fire Hall #1 certainly provide excellent reasons,” says Kathleen Soltis, City Manager. “Through the summer and fall, the City will be providing residents with even more information so they can make fully informed choices when they mark their ballots this fall.”

The  needs  approval from the electorate to  borrow  an estimated $35 million dollars  to replace the pool, and an estimated $15 million  to  replace  Firehall #1.

The City has set up a webpage,  and  produced two videos  explaining the issues with each of the facilities  in need of replacing.

The referendum  is  to be held in late October of this year.



I do understand the logic behind a referendum for the pool as
It’s a “luxury” for our city- although I would argue anything
that gets us off our couch and physically active is essential. However, Fire Hall 1 is in desperate need of replacement and here is no doubt it needs to happen sooner not later. These firefighters need and deserve adequate space to store their gear and equipment and a proper site to train. Our lives and property depend on that. The RCMP- our other heros who put their lives on the line every day got both of their much needed facilities. Now it’s time for our fireman to receive the same. Shouldn’t even be up to a vote. Just get it done!

The are 4 projects out for approval right now totalling $7.73 Million in potential loans. We’re still paying through the nose for the $60 million police palace, etc. etc., etc. It has to stop somewhere. $15 million for a firehall seems excessive, $35 million for a pool is not affordable.

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