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October 27, 2017 5:01 pm

Central Mountain Air Connects P.G. & Edmonton

Thursday, June 22, 2017 @ 1:32 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Central Mountain Air has announced new non-stop service between Prince George and Edmonton starting July 9.

Flights will operate six days a week using a Domier 328 aircraft that seats 30 passengers (see schedule below).

“Introducing this non-stop allows for a quick flight between Prince George and Edmonton or onto Calgary and opens many connection opportunities within and outside of our route network,” said Central Mountain Air president Douglas McCrea.

“This is an incredible day for the region; Edmonton has been the number one requested route for over a decade,” said Prince George Airport Authority president and CEO John Gibson. “CMA has put their confidence in Prince George adding this service. The success of this route is dependent upon support of the community.”


Not a fan of the city, but this route seems a given. Hopefully it lasts, nice to have a connection option besides YVR. Yes, there’s direct flights to Victoria and Kelowna international, but destinations from those centers are limited.

Great news. Schedule is backwards though, should me morning departure from yxs and afternoon return from YEG. If under utilized, hopefully its modified before cancelling.

I’ve flown with CMA on a number of occasions and have flown on their Dornier aircraft. It’s a nice plane! I welcome this PG-Edmonton service and I hope that CMA is successful with it. My only concern is that I sometimes find CMA a bit pricey. They obviously have to be profitable but let’s hope that they can be competitively priced enough to have this new route remain active!

Now lets see if WestJet does the same thing they did to CMA on the Calgary run…..Undercut them,drive them out of the market,and then cancel the route shortly after…..Hopefully not!

    CMA’s YXS to YYC was an expensive flight I took it a few times but plane was small times for departure either airport sucked and at $550-850 round trip was hard on the pocketbook WestJet on the other hand bigger carrier, bigger planes $330 to 450 round trip is way easier on the pocketbook

    I’m all for supporting CMA and have used them lots but flying on 20-30 seater turbo prop compared to an 80-90 seat turbo prop aircraft it’s no comparison

      Dearth, the Dornier is a nice plane. I’ve flown on it on a variety of CMA’s routes and I’d fly it again without any hesitation! Sure beats their Beech and Dash aircraft. My only concern echoes one of yours, the hit to the pocket book.

      Flying only 30 seats back and forth to Edmonton will really test their ability to be economically successful while also being an attractive alternative to driving back and forth to Edmonton or routing by air through Vancouver

They will need a bigger plane if the LNG projects ever get off the ground.

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