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October 27, 2017 5:00 pm

Conservatives Talk Kinder Morgan, Site C in P.G.

Friday, June 23, 2017 @ 4:43 PM

Conservative Senator Richard Neufeld optimistic Site C will go forward despite opposition from BC Greens

Prince George, B.C. –  The Site C dam and the Kinder Morgan pipeline are top of mind for a group of B.C. Conservative MPs and Senators that have gathered in Prince George for a caucus meeting this weekend.

In an afternoon news conference at the offices of Prince George MPs Todd Doherty and Bob Zimmer – all were unanimous in urging the federal Liberal government of ensuring the pipeline goes forward – despite the fact a likely Green backed NDP government would be vehemently opposed.

“Kinder Morgan has all the permits and all the support from the federal and provincial governments that it needs,” said Senator Richard Neufeld.

“Obviously with what’s happening in B.C. things may change and they may try to make it difficult but I think what we all have to remember is that Alberta needs to get its resources to market and if it has to come through B.C. or it goes east, it must happen.”

When asked about Site C he seemed optimistic it will move ahead despite opposition from the BC Green Party.

“I do not think it will get stopped. I think it’s far enough down the track that once the people – Horgan and Andrew Weaver – figure out how much it will cost to actually replace everything that’s been done, to cancel contracts, all the lawsuits that would come out of that, would be ridiculous.

“We don’t need all that electricity today but we’re going to need it.”

Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies MP Bob Zimmer acknowledged however that all the uncertainty has them “concerned about the future of B.C.”

He noted the MPs and Senators  plan to meet with stakeholders, industry and “the grass roots” through tomorrow afternoon.


So Trudeau said it’s going through awhile back… and now the Cons get behind him…after a meeting with kinder Morgan…

Something stinks….

    The Conservatives have always been in favour of pipelines, so what’s surprising that they’re on side with the Liberals on this?

And they boldly stepped up…way after it was announced it was going through… but yet after a meeting with the money…

These people are operating on yesterdays news.

Site C was and is still a huge fiasco. We don’t need the power that Site C will generate. What we need to do, is what Ontario is doing and that is to build a natural gas electrical generating plant. These plants are also being built in other parts of Canada, and in the USA.

The plant being built just outside of Kingston Ont. will cost $1.2 Billion dollars and have a capacity of 900 megawatts. Site C will cost approx $8/9 Billion and have a capacity of 1100 megawatts. So in effect we could build a natural gas plant (two if we desired) and there would be no need to flood the Peace River valley nor waste all that money. So lets get out of the dam business.

Insofar as the Kinder Morgan pipeline goes, there have been a number of changes since this project was first proposed.

1. Trump has approved Keystone XL.

2. Enbridge upgrade of Line 3 Pipeline ($7.5 Billion) from Hardisty Alberta to Superior Wisc. when completed will ship 760,000 barrels of oil per day.

3. Trans Canada East pipeline from Alberta to New Brunswick which basically replace’s the present gas pipeline so that it can ship oil to Canada’s Eastern refineries.

So very soon Alberta will have three ways to get its oil to market without coming through BC.

So I guess the real question is,. Why do they want to build the Kinder Morgan pipeline, and who will buy the oil. Is there a market for this oil???

My guess is that the Kinder Morgan ship has sailed, and our astute politicians have not yet caught a wave.

    So, the plant just outside of Kingston Ont. will cost $1.2 Billion dollars and have a capacity of 900 megawatts.

    And Site C will cost approx $8/9 Billion and have a capacity of 1100 megawatts.

    You forgot to put in the annual cost of fuel as well as additional cost of operating. Then there is the line cost for electric transmission as well as pipeline cost for gas to the location of the plants.

    Once you give us the total cost of A versus B, let’s talk.

    Until then, your calculation is half ass.


      Firstly you and many others seem to forget that the Province of BC owns all the resources in the ground. We could have this plant built and negotiate a good long term contract, without any problem whatsoever. So the cost of the **fuel** would not be that expensive.

      Secondly the plant in Kingston after completion would employ roughly 60 people.

      Thirdly the plants would be built where the power is needed thus eliminating to a large extent the cost of transmission lines. This power would be used by local business and the present transmission lines would be more than sufficient to handle export traffic.

      Fourthly. We already have pipelines all over Canada, so to supply this project there would be no need to put in more pipelines in BC. Especially when you consider that a lot of our lines are not operating at capacity.

      So there you have it. A great idea, that requires some thinking outside the box, and totally confusing to those who (with blinders on) support Site C as the only option.

Senators ? What senators ? The furure of BC is now determined by a dam on the peace river ? Or bobs just a worrier . What’s with these righties ? Every time, they have to go to hyperbol ! !!!!@! . Unanimity of two . What a force . Is it Todd n bob or Bob n Todd ?

It is to laugh! Go ahead, delay the Site C project, lay off two thousand workers! The equipment (turbines, generators, control room equipment etc. etc…) is being fabricated as per signed contracts! All this will be delivered when completed. Of course we are expected to pay for it as agreed to by signed and sealed contracts! Then we can cancel the
whole project and store the expensive equipment and mothball it! Very well! Canada is a weird country to do business with as it does not know what it is doing and what it wants! Not very reliable and trustworthy! It does not honor contracts and commitments! And it does not mind paying billions for now useless equipment and losing lawsuits and having no dam at the end of the day! Not to mention that Canada and B.C. will become the laughing stock of the world!

    If you and others who think like you continue to back these useless projects like Site C there is absolutely no doubt that we will become the laughing stock of the world.

    Who in their right mind would kick people off their land, flood thousands of good agricultural land, kill of habitat for various animals, all to produce a few jobs, and produce electricity that no one needs, when they can produce electricity another way and not have to build Site C at all.

    Once the NDP/Greens get into Government we will begin to see just how screwed up this Province is because of the Liberals being in power.

    Suck it up PrinceGeorge, your just an old outdated Liberal supporter.

      Palopu, the amount of agricultural land that will be flooded is miniscule when compared to the land currently under cultivation in the North Peace, never mind the South Peace!

      Much of what is currently classified as farm land in the valley is not under cultivation. Rather, it is rocky, sandy, scattered with trees and capable of growing not much else besides some grass. These lands are being used for cattle ranching, Ardill’s Ranch being the major player, with cattle roaming and foraging on lands not suitable for much else!

      DeSmog and other groups say that this land is so valuable and could grow so much. If so, why wasn’t it producing “so much” long before Hydro came along and bought up so much of the land?

      Suck it up Palopu, you’re just an old outdated NDP supporter!

      Oh, before I forget, CHEERS!

      Palopu, if you and others who think like you continue to back these useless new gas fired electricity plants as a replacement for new hydro projects ts like Site C there is absolutely no doubt that we will become the laughing stock of the world.

      Palopu, my comment was my non-political opinion on the predictable and unescapable consequences of delaying Site C or even cancelling it altogether! To me it matters not which side of the political spectrum is for or against Site C. Obviously your mind is addled by the present political wrangling! Just try to look at the construction and legal contracts issue in a practical realistic way instead of mixing politics into it! Undo the whole project and become the laughing stock of the world!

      As for sticks and stones…well, you know what I am getting at!

I shall sleep well tonight knowing that Bob Zimmer is concerned about the future of BC. I am concerned that Zimmer is concerned.

NDP ??? I seem to remember that from somewhere. Harcourt umm $500,000,000.00 ahh tunnel, Alcan Ohh heck it’ll come back to me.

    It was the correct move hope that site c will get the same shaft.

    poor gold miner. It was $250,000,000.00 Cheap price to pay to keep water in the Nechako River and protect our salmon.

    As you probably know, Rio Tinto is now building Kemano Two for **maintenance purposes**. Hmmmmmmm

In the original 1950s agreement Alcan was allowed to operate as many as seven generators. It did not take advantage of that provision right away. When Alcan later started tunneling the government stepped in and negotiated a multi-million dollar deal and Alcan refrained from accessing more water.

Palopu, you might find this Huffington Post from last month interesting. It’s written by Environmental Scientist Blair King:

“Dispelling Some Myths About The Site C Dam Project”

On second thought, perhaps you won’t find it interesting!

ht tp://www.huffingtonpost.ca/blair-king/site-c-dam-myths_b_16568258.html

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