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October 27, 2017 4:56 pm

Anti-Dumping Duties Announced

Monday, June 26, 2017 @ 3:13 PM

Prince George, B.C.-  The  U.S. Department of Commerce   has announced  its preliminary softwood anti-dumping duties  to be imposed on  Canadian softwood  producers. 

The preliminary anti-dumping rates imposed by the U.S. today are as follows:  Canfor 7.72%, Resolute 4.59%, Tolko 7.53%, West Fraser 6.76%, and 6.87% for ‘all others.’

These anti-dumping duties are in addition to the preliminary countervailing duties imposed in April 2017 and result in a combined duty rate ranging from 26.75% to 30.88% for B.C. producers.

The combined tariffs and duties may be  too much  for the smaller producers to  carry as they simply don’t have the  cash assets to  cover  the  added costs  until  the  softwood matter is resolved  either through a new agreement or  a  settlement in court.

Reacting to the announcement,  Susan Yurkovich, head of the BC Lumber Trade Council, says  the industry will continue to vigorously defend the industry against the  duties “These duties result from the trade action which is part of the continued attempt by the protectionist U.S. lumber lobby to constrain imports of high-quality Canadian lumber into the U.S. market and to drive up prices for their benefit,” said Yurkovich,.  She maintains  the  allegations being levelled by the U.S. industry “are without merit.”

“American demand for lumber exceeds what the U.S. lumber industry currently produces” says Yurkovich who adds “there is enough demand in North America to grow the U.S. industry while also allowing Canada to continue to supply our U.S customers as we have been doing for decades. Canadian lumber companies have always traded fairly.  This action by the U.S. lumber lobby ultimately punishes American consumers who are faced with higher lumber prices when they buy, build or renovate their home.”

She says the punitive duties in place  not only hurt  Canadian companies, workers and communities,  it hurts the  U.S.  consumers  as prices are pushed  higher.

Yurkovich says instead of  launching trade actions,  producers on  both sides of the border should be  working together to  grow  the use of wood.





sell the lumber to China, I am sure they will give us a much better deal.
and let us look at a 50% suretax to them for hydro, natural gas and crude oil.
or we should look at not buying their products unless there is no other option…. it works…been doing it for over 20 years

    Can’t sell it to China if they don’t want it. They’re already buying all the lumber they want from us.

      And from what I understand, Chinas main market is low(utility) grade lumber for making concrete forms and secondary manufacturing.

    I agree start an export carbon tax like we have to pay domestically. Use the cash flow to invest in infrastructure.

Trudeau has make it quite clear the west does not matter and is only there for transfer payments. Selling the west out for a better deal for the east can be expected in the new free trade agreement

    Says captain obvious…. lol.

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