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October 27, 2017 4:56 pm

NDP Puts Forward Non-Confidence Motion

Monday, June 26, 2017 @ 4:33 PM

Victoria, B.C. – As widely expected, the NDP issued a non-confidence motion in the BC legislature this afternoon.

Because it failed to receive unanimous support however (all BC Liberal MLAs voted against it), the vote won’t take place until later this week – likely Thursday.

Prior to putting her motion forward, Victoria-Beacon Hill MLA Carole James said, “more than 1.1 million people voted for change, including over 300,000 who voted Green.”

She added “change was in the air” as evidenced by the BC Liberals “NDP-Green” throne speech.

Also, today, NDP and Green MLAs voted down a BC Liberal campaign finance reform bill and another bill that would have given the BC Greens official party status.

This despite the fact both the B.C. Greens and NDP had voiced enthusiastic support for the campaign finance bill before and during the spring election campaign.

BC Green Leader Andrew Weaver issued the following statement today regarding the B.C. Liberal bill to grant it official party status:

“British Columbians are tired of these partisan games and attempted power plays. Today the B.C. Liberals surprised us with a vote to award the B.C. Green caucus official party status. Moments earlier I spoke with the media and made it clear that our Caucus will not debate legislation until the confidence of the house has been tested.”


Funny! Coming from an outfit who needs two parties to defeat one party! Talk about non-confidence! Maybe dippy should ask the people of BC before marching to his own tune!

    They did ask the people of British Columbia, weren’t you paying attention? 57.12% of the people who bothered to vote did not want the BC Liberals back again, and only 40.36% actually voted for the BC Liberals. Seems to me they’re doing exactly what the voters asked of them, kicking Christy to the curb with the rubbish.

      Any which way this crap is headed, it still takes two parties to pull this chickencrap off! I don’t care what party gets in, just the idea of this ploy makes it all that much more of a sham and a wonder why to even vote!

      Actually, this would make the result much more democratic by its very nature. Sorry if that troubles you.

      Everyone was paying attention, that is why the libs won the majority of the seats. Many election are won by parties that don’t get the majorit of the popularity vote. What was not on the floor was a two bit deal to form a partnership that was not even thought about prior to election. Your Abbot and Costello partnership was only put together after the fact to overthrow the libs. At the end of the day, it won’t matter because they will not get along, long enough to get any business done. We will be having an election very soon and I will say it again, the Greens will be the big looser. and I hope they are.

    Hey Lien, it’s called Fantasy Island for a reason, now comes the circus, ha, ha.
    We’ll see how long Horgan can control his temper, that’s when Weaver and his crew will cross the floor. Gawdamighty, what a show it’s gonna be!

      Cross the floor to sit with Social Credit?? I think not. If they take the short view, they will sit alone & cherrypick the votes if not actually in an NDP coalition. If they take the long view (advancing Green into the mainstream) they will hold their temper better than Horgan.

    If you want to review history, the current ‘Liberal’ party is a coalition of right wing Conservatives and pro-business Liberals … as was the Social Credit group that preceded the ‘Liberals’ … the NDP is a coalition of many different groups … the Greens .. well, not so much history

    So counting parties in a coalition is a bit like counting sour grapes ….

“partisan games and attempted power plays”??? Sort of like the pot calling the kettle black, isn’t it?

    No doubt Give more! Politicians are quite an amazing and a selfish species! Basically all about them and we as citizens haven’t got a say! Burns my a%^#! LOL

Nah, nah, nah, nah……..NAH, NAH, NAH, NAH, HEY, HEY, HEY GOODBYE!

    Goodbye? To a strong and growing economy??

      Hey marijuana isn’t supposed to be legal until next year, you been dipping in early? Under what grand delusion could anyone assert that BC has a strong, growing economy? We have debt growing out of control under the BC Liberals, that much is true, meaning that the growth in the economy is largely artificial, due to debt based capital projects and unsustainable market gains in real estate.

      Do yourself a favour and put the pipe down. Don’t take another hit, I think you’re full.

      Hey Joe, we have been the envy of every other province for years, a triple A credit rating. Where yah bin, Alberta?

      Along with a growing child poverty rate.

      Hah, debt out of control, you just wait until the NDP get their paws on the purse. It will be like alberta the poor devils are about to surpass our provincial debt with no end in sight starting from almost nothing

      That is exactly what I was going to say! You got there first!

      BWT, say goodbye to any significant highway construction. The NDP (well documented) and even more so the Greens do not believe in building (or properly maintaining) highways! We are supposed to ride public transit and park our nasty polluting personal chariots!

Give it up, people forgot to easy,
BC Rail sold ,1000 of jobs lost,
cost of hydro going up 60% over the next 5 years,
ICBC is predicting 42% hike by 2020
These were all the rates she wanted to increase prior to election..
Natural gas has gone up 28% and 54 % to follow. She can’t even get in in her own ridding, she has to take a plane and private limo from the airport to a ridding some 1 else had to give up.

Bad enough 250 news seems to keeps pulling comments against the Libs.

    Do you have any idea how insurance rates work.? The reason they have to increase the rates it the average vehicle these days is around $45,000. Not to mention a new pick up is around $60,000 to $80,000. It costs more money to insure these vehicles and repair them when a claim is made..

      Let’s see here, my truck is getting older but my insurance rates are climbing. Maybe you could tell us how that works?

It’s quite a show Christy and her coalition is putting on. Some on this site expound about how it takes two parties to defeat the government. I’m long enough in the tooth to recall that the BC Libs are made up of Socreds, Cons and Libs in order to keep the NDP out. Lots of bucks will be raised and all triple deleting done by the time for a
non confidence vote. I would imagine that all traces of the BCR sale is safely disposed of by now. Interesting times ahead methinks.

    Oldun This is why the Libs are holding on for so long. Delete button and shredders running at full capacity.

The Liberals are making themselves look like fools with all these attempts to cling on to power.

    They ALL behave and look like fools! We are in deeper trouble than we think!

All fools indeed. The Liberals for holding power and the NDP/Green for essentially voting against their own platform. All power hungry.

child poverty is first and foremost a parental responsibility …

Yep, shows how much these pigs at the trough care about the electorate when they can so easily vote down their own core policies just so they can form gov’t. The excuse Weaver gives is it is not the time to vote on policy until a gov’t is formed? Duh, newsflash, BC has a gov’t, just because it interfere with your personal plans doesn’t make it not so.

We are due for a nasty election this fall. It’s going to be ugly and full of hypocrisy.

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