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October 27, 2017 4:56 pm

Little Prince Issues Outlined – Staff to Examine Concerns

Monday, June 26, 2017 @ 6:37 PM

Interior of  train shed shows lack of space and storage issues – image courtesy Exploration Place

Prince George, B.C. –  “This 24 inch engine is one of those tick marks they ( train enthusiasts)  can  only get if they come to Prince George” says Tracy Calogheros,  head of the Exploration Place and   the  2.2 km railway that  runs around  the museum grounds.The Little Prince is a tourism draw,   providing  rides to more than 25 thousand visitors last year.

With that in mind,  Calogheros called on  City Council  to  add replacing the  1912 train’s storage  home to the City’s capital plan.  “We just need a space to stop the flooding and  the leakage from the rain” said  Calogheros, “We don’t need  a big fancy building,  just a   dry  place  with proper storage space ,  exits  and lighting.

While pointing out the train itself needs repairs and upgrades,   Calogheros says  making the repairs  and then  storing   the train in a faulty shed would be ” throwing good money after bad”. Replacing the train shed  could cost  about $100 thousand  dollars.   The  repairs to  the train,  for example the boiler going,  could cost up to $150 thousand  dollars  said Calogheros.

“I firmly believe we maintain our heritage assets”  said Councillor Murry Krause who  said he would

“There’s no doubt about it, when that little whistle blows, people come  from  everywhere to have a ride on it”  said Councillor Frank Everitt.  He too supports the idea of  working towards making the changes happen.

Mayor Hall  says  there is a need to  determine a firm cost  on what is needed,  “I think we really  need to take a look at the equipment,  what it’s housed in” in order to  get  the big picture of the  financial  implications .

Council has approved  sending the request to City staff  for  further  examination.


If they upgrade don’t go halfway. I would think upgrade the route of the train as well with some displays that relate to the regions history. Like the one at Stanley Park with its forest adventure and displays.

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