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October 27, 2017 4:56 pm

Kemess Underground – A Boon for P.G.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017 @ 5:59 AM

Image  shows  column of ore to be accessed from underground – image courtesy  AuRico Mines

Prince George, B.C. – AuRico Metals  which  owns the Kemess mine properties  400 kms northwest of Prince George,  is hoping to  start the  Kemess underground project as early as  this time next year.

In a presentation to  Prince George  City Council, AuRico  said  it knew it had to do things differently  with  First Nations this time  around if they wanted to get  the project approved.   The  previous project ( Kemess North) was  rejected because the plan called for tailings to be  deposited in Amazay Lake.   The new plan not only has a smaller footprint,  but tailings would be deposited in a former  open pit operation.

The new plan, and  the  new approach with First Nations so successful,  the First Nations  wrote letters  to  the  Province in support of the new underground  project.  In fact,  the letters of support  were written long before any  benefits agreements  were  finalized,  one such agreement is to be signed in Prince George  this evening.

AuRico  expects the project will have  a major financial impact on Prince George, as the bulk of the workforce will be coming from  Prince George and from  Smithers.   AuRico also  expects  to source its suppliers from Prince George.

If the construction of Kemess Underground starts  in mid-2018,  the mine  could be expected to be in production  in either late 2021 or early 2022.   It is expected the mine will have a life of about 12 years.   Adding to that is the  possible development of Kemess East,  which  would provide another 12 years of mining activity.


It’ll be nice nice if this does indeed bring jobs to the residence of Prince George or at least Northern BC. I’ve noticed that with the Marriott Hotel which is across from City Hall and partially subsidised by our tax dollars that none of the work ended up going to locals, or even anyone from BC. The general is from out East somewhere, the exterior is done by a Calgary company, the interior by an Edmonton company and i see that they’re even bring in materials from Alberta. What a shame that a big project like that wouldn’t support the local economy.

Glad to hear the company has taken a more responsible approach then just trying to dump the tailings into the nearest lake. Mining practices in general seem like they need a big upgrade to be more environmentally responsible, but this sounds like a step in the right direction for sure.

Don’t worry. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum will find a way to delay / cancel the project. The NDP’s assault on the exploration and mining industry last time around was full-on and relentless.

    Not really too worried about these two. The arteries of government are going to be so clogged with political infighting nothing is going to move (including scrapping resource projects). As much as I hate to say it..You really cant blame the 90’s downturn in mining on the NDP..Thank Bre-X and low commodities for that.

      FINALLY someone with some common sense.

      I agree with this – I’m not an NDP fan for other reasons but they’re unfairly judged in the 90s for global commodity prices.

      I wouldn’t support the NDP because anything outside of the island, and lower mainland are not on their radar. BC is a big province and the north is vital to our provincial economy. We need government to re-invest in us rather than be concerned about a toll bridge.

      Unfortunately the bulk of the population happens to be on the Island and the Fraser Valley. So if you want to support the greedy PC’ers you get what you vote for. Why not join us and get more recognition. Even here in the holy land things are OK we just gin and bare it.

      Very good description from yourself and mgomez! I do not have to add on! Keystone Kops personified!

      “… we just gin and bare it.”

      LOL, that’s probably the best advice for dealing with the political climate nowadays.

There sure are a lot of fear mongering sore losers, (that just can’t get over the election results) posting on all the news sites.

    Interesting comment considering the NDP lost.

All environment approvals done and several native bands on board means this would be pretty hard to stop, even if the NDPeeners take over. They would alienate too many native bands and that is a no no in this day and age, not to mention it is reusing an old mine site, where is the environmental problem? Maybe the Finlay will finally get back into the shape it was before Kemess closed down 5 years ago. Loggers have destroyed much of the roads up there and only the Milligan connector is in good shape all the time.

I walk by the Marriott construction site daily. I recognize a number of local company signs on the fence. So there are local companies working on this project.

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