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October 27, 2017 4:55 pm

Canada Day Brings Change to Hotel Room Tax

Wednesday, June 28, 2017 @ 5:52 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Taxes take no holiday.

Effective  July 1st,  the  accommodation tax applied to the cost of   staying   in a hotel  in Prince George  will be 3%.

That’s up 1%  from the previous amount added to a hotel bill.

The dollars raised from this tax will be put towards tourism  development. Tourism Prince George has said it will use the extra funds  to  increase and attract  higher profile sport events, meetings and conventions to the City.

Last year, the tax contributed $764,769  towards Prince George Tourism’s  $1.2 million dollar budget.



How about the 1% gets put into a fund for a “NEW” Tourist centre at the Highway 16 & 97 Intersection?!

    agree 100%

Next we should tax tourists for the air we let them breath when they enter the city.

Well I’m not going to visit PG any more my family will have to visit me I Abby.

    Thank god, I suddenly like the tax now.

      My immediate thought was: “Why doesn’t Retired 02 stay with his family when he is visiting PG?”

      Wow, pretty bad when your family makes you stay in a hotel, haha!

    My guess is that Retired 02 is not welcome in their house as that distinctive Crapitsford Stench lingers for weeks after he has left:P

So the maximum Municipalities can charge for the hotel tax is 3% and of course Prince George (The gouger City) could not reach the max fast enough. Hotel tax is now 11% in PG

This tax generates approx $800,000.00 per year. 10 years $8 Million. So with that kind of revenue we could get rid of the Tourist Bureau and pay people to come to Prince George. Solve two problems with one stroke.

What we need is a National Tax Payers Holiday. On this day all boni fide tax payers would stay home, and those employees, societies, etc; etc; who make their income off of taxpayers could take time out to show their appreciation of the largess bestowed on them by hard working Canadians.

I can just see the accolades.

Tourism PG. Thanks PG for the over $1 million per year in revenue.

Northern Sports Centre. Tks PG Taxpayers for the $300,000.00 per year so we can compete with local business in PG

PG Golf & Country Club. Tks. PG Taxpayers for the $147,000.00 per year in tax exemptions.

New Business’s downtown. Kudo’s to PG Tax payers for the 10 year tax exemption.

I could go on forever, but you get my drift.

Simply marvellous, council would like us to be a destination and this happens! Great idea for July 1st you nimrods! BUT as mentioned it should go back into tourism and the relocation of that redundant tourist Center on 1st! Palopu has some great ideas and good info!

If the goal is to make PG a tourist destination and they actually do the types of things that will attract people to the city, this increase in the tax will have no impact.

Think about it. Someone who may want to travel up to PG to watch some hockey games, go hunting, attend the graduation at UNBC for their son or daughter, is going to say “not now!” because their hotel bill increased by five bucks? LOL. Not likely. The vast majority of people won’t even blink.

To blink or not to blink that is the question.

Considering that the majority of people who come to Prince George come for various reasons, including those named above, plus weekly shopping. So we are in fact talking about people coming and staying probably 26 weeks of the year with their families, and probably stay for two nights. Sooooo, somewhat more than $5.00.

These people are all good customers to business’s in Prince George, and there is no reason to gouge them.

Prince George is not now, and has never been a tourist destination. This is more about spending tax dollars, and job security, than it is about tourism.

Two statements you rarely if ever hear. One from Sarnia, Ont and one from Prince George, BC.

1. Sarnia. Hmmmm I think I will go to Prince George BC for my holidays this year.

2. Pr Geo. Hmmmm I think I will go to Sarnia Ont for my holidays this year.

Some town/cities just don’t make the destination City guidelines.

Heading to PG to go shopping is a tourist activity. The same as people from PG used to do back in the day when they went to Vancouver or Edmonton for shopping because the selection in PG was limited.

If you want to make the argument that no tax should be levied, then that’s one thing and you could have some good points to support it.

To say that PG doesn’t attract tourists though (whether staying in PG or going through PG) is a bit unrealistic IMHO, and not a great argument against this tax.

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