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October 27, 2017 4:53 pm

Lt. Governor Asks Horgan to Form Government

Thursday, June 29, 2017 @ 8:45 PM

Prince George BC – The Lieutenant Governor of BC Judith Guichon has issued the following statement:

“As Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, and as the representative of Her Majesty the Queen of Canada, I have met with Premier Clark and will accept her resignation. I have asked Mr. Horgan to form a government, he having assured me that he can form a government which will have the confidence of the Legislative Assembly.”


What ? No best out of two ? The 40 percent won’t be happy .

Downhill from here . There goes northern industry for a crap, I hope not for our sakes!

    I don’t think a whole lot will happen. We still have 3 experienced liberal MLA’s gunning for us while at the same time this coalition has to keep itself in order. Its definitely not going to be a free ride for Horgan and Weaver. My prediction is government will be in a standstill for the foreseeable future because its going to be extremely hard for bills to get passed in the legislature.

      Should not be hard to get things passed because the Liberals made a 360 degree turn around in the throne speech today and wanted to do everything that the NDP and The Greens had on their bucket list.

      You have no idea what a 360 degree turn is do you?

      Twice as confusing as a 180 ?

      The NDP/Greens arrangement voted against their own cherished principles proposed in the throne speech by the Liberals. So the Liberals in opposition will now vote against what they seemed to be in favour of just a few days ago! What is going on, you might ask! Easy, politics man, politics!

    Hurah Christy is gone.

So we British Columbians have shown Albertans that we have learned absolutely nothing from their stupidity!

    So what do you know about Alberta? Tell us.

    Alberta, despite low oil prices has been one of the strongest economies in the country so how do you make a connection between parties in government and what the economy does. Seems like you suffer from confirmation bias as opposed to factual information.

      Confirmation bias?

      Try this report from June 29, 2017

      ht tp://www.660news.com/2017/06/29/albertas-deficit-remains-unchanged-despite-higher-expected-revenues

      Headline = Alberta’s deficit remains unchanged despite higher than expected revenues

      Despite $1 billion in higher than expected revenues, Alberta’s deficit remained at $10.8 billion for the 2016-17 fiscal year and Finance Minister Joe Ceci said that will be the priority instead of provincial debt.

      “We want to get to balance,” Joe Ceci said Thursday in his 2016-2017 fiscal update, which showed Alberta’s economy CONTRACTED (do you understand what “contracted” means?)by 3.5 per cent in last year.

      However, the NDP’s anticipated wait for a balanced budget is still six years Ceci said, as reporters pressed for more specific strategies on the economic recovery.

      Who has confirmation bias here??????

    Suck it up Hart Guy.

    Alberta has suffered through a couple of very bad years. The fact that the rate of decline has slowed or in some cases has shown some reversal does not by any stretch of the imagination suggest that Alberta is doing well!

    It would seem that by your logic, you would consider Alberta to be doing well if they were in a situation where they perhaps gained 10,000 new jobs. However, this would not be anything worth bragging about if perhaps they had lost 20,000 jobs in each of the two preceding years. So, after 2 years they are still down 20,000 jobs but you think they are doing well!

    I know a lot of people in Alberta, and many, MANY are still feeling the pain!

      Oops, that should read: “after 3 years, they are still down 30,000 jobs, not 20,000 jobs!

      Seems with all of this talk of the NDP, I am reverting back to the NDP Government math from 1999 where their sweetheart deal with the BCTF resulted in a 0-0-2 contact actually equalling 11 instead of the 2 that the NDP tried to make us believe!

    Go weep else where.

In the CBC article about Horgan becoming Premier it said Clarke admitted to this,”‘I did ask the Lt.-Gov. for dissolution of the house,’ said Clark later, after Guichon issued her statement and Horgan made his speech.”

She had promised she would not do that when questioned by the press and recorded on video. Her last act was to lie to the people of BC, and she wonders why the voters rejected her.

    Her own party hates her and wants to be rid of her. They were probably tanking in the election to find an excuse to kick her out.

      So, tell me, how do you tank in an election? Do you tell the voters not to vote for you? One of the stupidest statements I have read so far.

      Tanking in an election on purpose? On purpose? Conspiracy theories are rampant, but this one really takes the cake!

      Where is BeingHuman lately?

Alberta also has the fastest growing debt in Canada!

Minion2014. Your post makes no sense. Try again

Smart are you, the Liberals have never wanted her as the leader, she only got in as leader because she signed up a bunch of new members. There was much shock among the liberal party when she was elected as leader with several card carrying members threatening to quit. They have been waiting to get rid of her.

    Have you ever heard of leadership conventions? Every party has those and that is the time and opportunity to change leaders! No mystery, no intentional tanking!

Every news site is talking about confidence of the Legislative Assembly. How about the confidence of the People of BC., no party seems to have that. Maybe it will be earned I guess we will have to wait and see.

Hart Guy, I can’t help but wonder what previous Alberta gov’ts did with the money that the province had when oil prices were good. It seems to me that the Alberta NDP has to deal with an empty bank account and low oil prices.
But you seem to ignore that.

    karrman, I’ve never ignored that and in fact I’ve told many of my Alberta friends and family that they kinda, sorta got what they deserved.

    For many years, Alberta and it’s successive governments spent and spent and spent. They spent to appease and win favour with those that were constantly demanding more, more and more from government. Governments tend to want to be re-elected so spending was the norm in order to gain re-election.

    Unfortunately most of the constant demands for more and more and more from Government usually comes courtesy of the bleeding heart faction, usually the left of centre political base! Build more schools, build more hospitals, build more recreation centres and arenas, etc. etc. etc.

    So, Alberta’s governments built schools in every rinky dink small town, even though 5 or 10 miles down the road, there was a perfectly good school in the neighbouring small town!

    And Alberta’s governments built hospitals, in every rinky dink small town, even though there was a perfectly good hospital just down the road 5 or 10 miles in the neighbouring small town!

    They did the same thing with senior’s residences!

    They did the same thing with arenas!

    They did the same thing with rec centres!

    Then they had to staff and equip all of these schools, and hospitals, and arenas and rec centres!

    The Peter Lougheed Government did it! The Don Getty Government did it!

    Money was flowing and all was good! And the people were happy!

    Then Ralph Klein came along, and Ralph said “What the hell are we doing? We are spending like drunken sailors on leave!” and then to some degree Ralph tried to get Government spending under control!

    I’m sure that you already knew all of that, right karrmann?

    In addition to the massive overspending, Alberta was also faced with another stark reality, the one where they are forced each year to send massive amounts of money to Ottawa, BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in fact, to be shared and dolled out as equalization payments to other provinces, mostly to Quebec!

    Billions and billions upon billions were sent over the years from Alberta to Ottawa in the form of equalization payments!

    Now, on occasion, some idiot will compare Alberta to Norway, saying that Norway is rich from it’s oil and that Alberta isn’t. To use your word karmann, these idiots will “ignore” the fact that while Alberta must fork over Billions and BILLIONS each year in equalization payments, Norway doesn’t!

    So Alberta is paying the price for it’s reckless and often unnecessary spending and it is also paying a hefty price for it’s part of our national equalization scheme. I say scheme because it was set up by Ottawa, largely for the benefit of the east and by and large for Quebec’s benefit!

    But I’m sure that you already know all of that as well, right karmann!

      karmann, you really should read this Feb 2016 Edmonton Journal column!

      Here’s a very interesting excerpt that might help you understand what Alberta did with their oil money:

      “So just how much money has flowed out of Alberta to Ottawa? A lot. Between 2000 and 2014, on a net basis, Alberta’s individual and corporate taxpayers shipped an estimated $200 billion-plus to the federal government. That’s what left the province, less what the feds reinvested here.”

      Holy crap karmann, that’s a lot of money! $200 Billion-plus! That’s a whole lot of zeros, $200,000,000,000.00!!

      You already knew that, right karmann?

      Oops, forgot the link! Must have been rattled by all of those zeroes, eh karmann, haha!

      Here you go:

      ht tp://edmontonjournal.com/opinion/columnists/gary-lamphier-how-much-money-has-flowed-out-of-alberta-to-ottawa-a-lot

      And all of that has what to do with their current NDP government?

      The NDP isn’t ding much to help the economic situation n Alberta. Notley grew up in the small farming town of Fairview, Alberta. I’m wondering if she spent time “on the farm” helping with the killing and plucking of chickens, ducks and geese? I’m wondering because when it comes to Alberta’s “Golden Goose”, Rachel seems to want to kill it!

    It will be interesting to see how the BC NDP does, what with having to deal with a bank account that isn’t empty, in a province that has done very well over the past several years!

    I’m sure that it won’t take them long to drain that sucker!

    They’ll follow the cue of the Trudeau Federal Government, who inherited a surplus budget position. Justin blew through that in record time and in record amounts, but he is now currently trying to claim that Harper left him with a deficit!

    Funny thing is, Justin ordered a report from his very own Parliamentary Budget Office and the report clearly showed that Harper had left a surplus. So, Justin elected to table that document in the House, the very document that he himself ordered! Go figure!

    But you knew all of that, didn’t you karmann! You just choose to “ignore” it!

      I just read yesterday that the Federal Liberals found a 16 billion dollar deficit final Harper budget, the one that was supposed to be balanced and with a surplus! Mulcair swallowed that Harper stuff hook, line and sinker during the election campaign debates!

We’ve all known since the election and more so since the Horgan/Weaver coalition was formed, that this day was very likely on it’s way!

And now it has arrived!

So, Horgan will now have to name his cabinet. It will be interesting to see how he forms a cabinet that will represent all of BC, when the vast majority of his MLA’s are from Vancouver and the Island. The rural vs. urban divide may get larger, much larger!

If anyone thinks that getting rid of someone who moved the BCLiberals more towards the centre of the political spectrum is going to win them the next election, you are dreaming.

If they move them further to the right again, they will lose big time in the next election … maybe a re-do of the two seats the NDP had the second time the BCLibs won an election.

BC is not called the “left coast” in Eastern Canada for nothing. ;-)

    So true. I hate to generalize, but most people out here associate BC with mountains, raging rivers, environmentalists and fancy coffee.

    Then again, most people in BC tend to associate Ontario with Toronto, LOL :)

    For most people, centre means the middle, but for you it means slightly left of extreme right.

    I thought Christie would pull the party towards the centre, but I think the money in the party steered her astray. Remember when she first became premier, she announced an inquiry into the Run of the River fiasco. It was quickly hushed and never mentioned again.

There is a reason why you see so many Alberta plates driving around in BC. There is also a reason why bc’s credit rating went to AAA while Albertas credit rating fell in the toilet. Like massive debt, like low wages, like endless regulations…vote NDP

I sure hope the kids and grand kids can ‘survive’ a round of NDP government in BC. Been there and done that. I remember those days, and it wasn’t pretty.
Maybe the ‘younger generation’ will learn something about that style of government, I sure hope so.
And then again, it’s so close a count in the legislature, that I honestly think we are going back to the polls very soon. Nobody wants to campaign during the winter, but so be it if it comes to that.


Yay, Horgy baby is going to march on down to Trumps office and settle this softwood debate once and for all and in one day will stop corporate and union donations. Then the next day fire all those collecting tolls and put in motion financing for the bridges (whaaat? They have to be paid for?)

soo . the NDP … who couldn’t finance their own party are going to run the provinces.

    I think you will see that promise of banning corporate and union donations vanish pretty fast now..

And do diddy squat for the Northern 2/3rds of the province. Watch as the major companies back out of the province and slam the door shut on projects and all the jobs connected. Tighten your belts, and don’t do any big purchases, folks. You could be caught in the backlash.

    Oh I’m so sorry that the Northern 2/3rds of the province cant tell the majority how things need to be done. This isn’t Russia.


      But, the BC gov’t wants the taxes and stumpage fees they get, from the north—so they can build ‘stuff’ in the lower section of the province.
      The tax dollars generated in the north for the government coffers is huge.

      But, the BC gov’t wants the taxes and stumpage fees they get, from the north—so they can build ‘stuff’ in the lower section of the province.
      The tax dollars generated in the north for the government coffers is huge.


      In dollar terms, yes. But in comparison to all sources of revenue for the Province, the amounts would be minimal if we’re being honest.

      Based on the budgeted figures for 2016/2017, the province had total revenues of $46.9 billion. Here’s how various items combine to that amount:

      Taxation: 24.2 billion
      Natural Resource Revenue: 2.5 billion
      Other Revenue: 9.8 billion
      Contributions From Federal Government: 7.6 billion
      Crown Corporation Net Income: 2.7 billion

      So, not only is revenue from natural resources the lowest of all categories, it’s a very small 5% of total government revenues. Now to be fair, some of the income taxes would be generated from businesses working in that sector and from people employed in the sector, but the same would hold true for other sectors not involved with natural resources. It doesn’t take a great deal of analysis to know that the bulk of the income taxes would flow from when there bulk of the people and business are located, and that would be in the Lower Mainland. The same would hold true for sales taxes.

      Here are some other interesting line items from the budget with respect to revenue sources:

      Personal income taxes: 8.2 billion
      Corporate income taxes: 2.7 billion
      Sales taxes: 6.2 billion
      Natural gas royalties: 128 million
      Forests: 812 million
      Liquor distribution: 983 million
      BC Lottery: 1.2 billion
      Property transfer taxes: 1.2 billion

      So, revenue from forests is a paltry 1.7% of total revenues. Heck, property transfer taxes generate more revenue for the province than forests and guess where the bulk of that would come from? If you said the LML, you’d be right. It ain’t coming from Mackenzie, PG and Dawson Creek.

      The numbers show pretty plain and simple that when it comes to revenue streams, the populated areas of the province, far and away, contribute the bulk of the dough.

It’d be nice if we could have 4 or 5 parties to choose from. Maybe MLAs would stick up for constituents vs towing the party line. This partisan “us or them” doesn’t fly.

    I was hoping Weaver and the Greens were that party but after theses recent events I can only conclude that Weaver’s personal political ambitions have negated any principles he may (or may not) have had. He’s just another self-serving politician.

All the NDP has to do is announce that they are going to kill the kinder pipeline,get on board with site c,lower ICBC and Hydro and ferry rates,build a few new schools and hospitals up north.We get bribed with more debt and they can punt the greens and call an election.

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