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October 27, 2017 4:53 pm

Non Confidence Vote Passes

Thursday, June 29, 2017 @ 5:31 PM

Christy Clark makes final speech in the legislature as Premier -image courtesy BC Legislative Services

Prince George, B.C. –  Following a passionate  speech by  Premier Christy Clark,  the  vote on  the amendment to the  throne speech    which declared  no confidence in the Government,   has  been completed and the  Clark Government   does not  have the confidence of the House.

The final vote,  as expected,  was 44  in favour of supporting the amendment,  ( the NDP and Greens)  and  42  (Liberals) against.

The House adjourned at 5:27   with Speaker Steve Thomson  saying “This House stands adjourned until further notice.”

The next step  would see  Premier Christy Clark  visit the Lieutenant Governor to advise of the  events of today.

The Lieutenant Governor  could   decide to  give the  NDP/Green alliance an opportunity to  govern,  or  she may decide  to  send British Columbians back to the polls.

There is no word on when  that decision may be  announced.



Good. Now let’s get on with it.


I bet Clark is just livid right now… awesome….

I predict an election, Liberal majority win.

    Guess I screwed that one up, LOL!

I wil NEVER recoginize a two partied gov’t regardless! I got a kick out of a no confidence vote by the house. What about the people of BC having a say! Having Hoagie and the Green Party numbnut will create a lot of debate within. I worry about our industries up north here! Guess it is a wait and see on the calamity! I will probably get flack from this post but I rate that as a very low significance in my books. Just stating my own opinion, whether or not I ever vote provincial again remains to be seen as I lost whatever little respect I had to begin with concerning politicians!

    I agree! With such a razor thin difference in seats they will be watching each other like hawks waiting for any opportunity to sink the ship! Voters expect that a government is going to run the governmental affairs for the benefit of the people instead of satisfying the egos of politicians! The uncertainty damage to the province will be substantial!

    I think you just simply need to educate yourself. This is within the constitutional framework and in countries that are much more democratic than ours, it’s the norm. The people have had their say, Lien. Not sure why you can’t recognize that. 57% of the people who bothered to vote didn’t want the BC Liberals to be in power anymore. Today those people got their wish.

    I recognize that you don’t like the outcome, but this is part of being in a democracy. We don’t always get our way. There is nothing wrong with your comment, just your perspective.


    to the above posts chicken little said it best…the sky is falling…the sky is falling.

I can hardly wait for northern tax dollars to head south to pay for toll free Port Mann and Golden Ears bridges and $400 annual rent subsidies and billions more on sky train extensions and Surrey light rail.

I wonder if they will make Dix the finance minister? He has past experience in “adjusting” documents to reflect what the boss would like to see rather than a true picture of how things really are.

Did any of you catch the hilarious mini series “BrainDead” that was on TV last year?

“A government employee discovers that the cause of the tensions between the two political parties is a race of extraterrestrial insects eating the brains of the politicians.”

OMG, one of the main characters, Red Wheatus, a Democratic Senator played by Tony Shalhoub reminds me of Horgan. Red Wheatus had the host Queen insect living in his now half empty skull, haha!

BrainDead! If you haven’t watched it, check it out! It’s BC politics folks, at it’s best!

Horgan and Wheatus, one and the same!

    Christy and the wicked witch of the west can fly away on the same broom

    HG what just happened?

      What happened? What happened is that we just found out we are every bit as stupid as those poor bastards in Alberta!

Speaker of the House, Steve Thompson has officially resigned!

I am hoping for an election. Don’t like to see the NDP ruin the province again

Anyone that thinks an NDP government is a good thing can’t remember the last NDP government.

    Its quite obvious many people in this province don’t think the same as you or the Libs would not be in the position that they are. There was a downturn in the economy then the same as what oil prices are now. Do you think the Liberals can bring the price of oil up now?

      Except many of those people, probably the most, were not old enough during the last NDP reign to remember or care. So they didn’t really have a history to base a vote on. They only got stars in their eyes thinking that everything is going to be free in this province and don’t stop to wonder how it is going to get paid for.

Pretty sad when it takes two loser men to team up to try and defeat one gal . Just saying !
Go Christy go , we got your back

    I think you will find that Christy has gone.

Fially an end to Chrities coalition government. Those old Socreds, Cons Libs can now take their gold plated pensions and severance pay and fade out of the picture.

Well we now have an NDP Government, and Horgan is now Premier Horgan (once he is sworn in)

There are truckloads of **crying towels** being delivered around the Country for those who supported the Liberals and lost.

My guess is that the NDP/Green coalition will last at least two years, and who knows maybe four years. Liberals will form the opposition which will be ego deflation to the extreme for some of them. I would not be surprised to see a bunch of them leave and collect their pensions.

I suspect that the comments from the Liberal supporters will be subdued for the next couple of weeks while they lick their wounds.

Have a nice day.

    Could always take a page from your book when Harper lost big time….slink off into a corner and not show your face for a couple of months while you had a grand mal pout:D

      I had no problem when Harper lost. Seems some people think Governments should stay in forever. Most Liberals think this way.

      Governments need to be changed on a regular basis much like a babies diapers.

      So we just got rid of the Liberals and in a few years if necessary we can dump the NDP. Thats how a democracy works.

      Some people do not have the ability to change their vote from time to time.

      **My Grandaddy voted Liberal, and so did by Daddy, and by God I will vote Liberal till the day I die.**

      Have a nice day.

      No problem when Harper lost? You went all rabid pit bull on anyone who dared to uttered a single word against him before the election and vanished for a couple of months after he lost.

      Than again you seem to have a history of backing losers and lost causes:

      -Quinn Street transfer station
      -Natural gas electricity generation vs hydro electric
      -and now the ndp/green alliance?

    Well obviously this is now the time for right wing thinkers to gather together in the streets in protest, to destroy the private property of others, to bust up store fronts, to tip over garbage cans and to light police cars on fire in protest!

    Oops, wait a minute, those are the tactics of the disgruntled “left”!

    Us righties will instead go back to work tomorrow, some wondering how long their “work” will last.

    Some will wonder how much more of a tax burden will be placed upon them by an NDP Government that will be more than willing to give more to those that are content to do less.

    Some of us will resolve ourselves to work harder to survive the storm that is the NDP!

    Palopu, if you think that we will be subdued for the next couple of weeks, let me tell you that we are usually too tired from being busy at work, from creating jobs, from paying taxes and doing our best to help grow the economy to be much more than being subdued!

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