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October 27, 2017 4:49 pm

Fire Training Today at YXS

Wednesday, July 5, 2017 @ 5:58 AM

Training exercise, like this  previous  event, set for today at Prince George Airport – photo 250News Archive

Prince George, B.C.- it is quite possible you may spot  thick black smoke coming from the area of the Prince George Airport   this morning, but there is no need for concern.

The Airport  is conducting  more fire training,  as it does every summer.

From 7-9 this morning,  a training exercise will be underway  at the  Airport’s training site.  The fire poses  no threat to  surrounding areas, or to the public.

The training fires  take place  on  a training facility  site,  are controlled  situations and part of  ongoing training and certification  for the Airport’s Operations Team’s  certification.

There will be other similar training exercises at the  Airport over the summer, but dates have not yet been  set.


That’s just wonderful for the air quality and environment.

    But I’ll bet that you would be more than grateful for the training that they do, if the unfortunate were to happen and you or your loved ones happened to be involved in a situation where this training proved to be abundantly beneficial to a positive outcome!

      Oh yes , that old argument. Why don’t we set cars on fire every weekend as well, so they can practice for a more realistic scenario? People get shit for burning wood stoves , and having campfires … but let’s ignite a bunch of diesel fuel in the name of safety … right.

      Aircraft fires are very likely NOT going to be the same as a car fire!

      Most car fires, in all likelihood the vast majority of car fires involve a car, a car that the occupants have managed the vacate!

      Compare that to a Westjet or Air Canada flight coming in with a full passenger load, all hoping to get out safely!

      Hope you never are in either a burning car or a burning plane Leroyjenkins, but I’d be willing to be money that you would appreciate their training!

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