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October 27, 2017 4:50 pm

Premier Designate Selects Staff

Tuesday, July 4, 2017 @ 2:13 PM

Prince George, B.C.-  Premier designate John Horgan  has done some hiring

Key members of his staff  are:

Former BCIT President and Central 1 Credit Union CEO Don Wright,  will serve as Deputy Minister of Executive Council, Cabinet Secretary, and Head of the Public Service.  He will  resign as CEO from Central 1 effective July 7th

Three-term Vancouver City Councillor Geoff Meggs will serve as Chief of Staff to the Premier.  He has resigned from his position on Vancouver City Council.

Outgoing Chief of Staff and BC NDP Campaign Director Bob Dewar will stay on as Special Advisor to the Premier.




Wonder if there will be a slime trail across the Rockies as Moe makes his way back from Alberta?

Geoff Meggs? Mayor Moonbeam’s right hand man? What on earth will Mayor Moonbeam do without Meggs?

As far as Horgan hiring Meggs, I guess this shows that right of the top, Horgan is scraping the bottom of the barrel!

Nah, that would be when he realized he couldn’t do better than you for his shoeshine boy.

    You’re a funny man, Joe Blow, but even if I was starving, out of work and desperate, there is still no way that I would ever do any work for Horgan! After all, I do have my dignity!

      Just wait, the premiere designate has yet to do anything. So far he has talked a lot, but has not been in he power chair.
      How will he and the ndp/green alliance work out for us in this global economic situation?
      History has not been kind to this party but it has been more than a decade since their last effort with a whole new membership and presumably a new way.

      Don’t interrupt your enemy while they are making a mistake.

      Allow them the luxury of their new actions before painting them with an old brush.

After all he did lose the election.


    Media sources are reporting that the “Premier elect” has hired these people.

They’re all still PO’d, I see.

    Yep, and it’s worse than anything that was seen after the last election.

I wonder how much severance Wright and Meggs are reeling in from their last positions?

Severance is not applicable to those who voluntarily quit. Severance is what we pay those that we lay off (fire) when we don’t want them to be our employee any more.

    You’d be surprised what is included in some contracts these days.

I’m not so sure that we in the part of the province north of Hope, the part that has no hope as far as the lower mainland is concerned, will have much to cheer about as far as the NDP Government is concerned!

Horgan and the NDP keep saying that they are not the NDP of the past and what’s the first thing that Horgan does? He hires Meggs, who previously worked as former NDP premier Glen Clark’s director of communications!

Meggs was also executive director of the B.C. Federation of Labour!

He was also a founding member of Vision Vancouver, so we can expect more social this and social that to go along with bike lanes everywhere!

If Meggs doesn’t scream the “NDP of old”, I’m not sure what does!

This is an interesting read for anybody that doesn’t think that those of us north of Hope are soon to be experiencing far less hope!

ht tp://vancouversun.com/news/politics/vancouver-councillor-geoff-meggs-to-become-premiers-chief-of-staff

I noticed in a recent PG Citizen article that Todd Whitcombe called Horgan the Premier-Elect.

This is a UNBC professor saying this? Todd, simple math says that Horgan was the first loser and not the Premier-Elect. The resulting coalition has made him the Premier, not the election.

So what happened then to your heroine Christy and her little lap dog Shirley if they won so convincingly?

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