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October 27, 2017 4:49 pm

Pavilion Construction Starts

Thursday, July 6, 2017 @ 5:59 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Construction of the new picnic pavilion at Lheidli T’enneh Memorial Park is  getting underway.

Crews and equipment with Viking Construction of Prince George have been  setting up on the site for a job that will continue through the summer.

The completed pavilion will  be a  venue for family celebrations, performances,  events and  a celebration of  Lheidli T’enneh culture.  The completed pavilion will have a 182 square metre (nearly 2,000 square feet) cover and an expanded patio area.

The pavilion will also feature public art panels.  The City of Prince George issued a call for artists to submit  designs .  Submissions will be accepted until the end of the summer.

In order for the construction work to proceed, the  picnic area is closed,  although some of the picnic tables have  been moved to other areas in the park.  The playground and the spray park  will remain open during the course of construction.

Funding for the  project  has been secured  through the  Federal government’s Canada 150 fund,  the Province of BC, Northern Development Initiative Trust and the  City of Prince George.



Isn’t this the pavilion which will have the Lheidli T’enneh name on it yet are not providing funds to build it? I thought to get a name in a structure you have to provide money contribution for this privaledge.

    Trump does not have to contribute to get his name on it. In fact, he rents out his name.

    So, your thinking is totally off base.

    Perhaps in a park which has the people’s name on it, it should bear the name Quaw.

      there was nothing wrong with South Fort George Park

    Guaranteed they will probably get the credit for it! At least offer some kind of assistance, as there is no doubt in my mind they can contribute something to it with all the tax dollars they receive. Give back to the community why dont you!

      They let the European invaders take over their land. In return, the Europeans created reserves. In the case of PG the mother gave back reserve #1 with 1,366 acres which makes up much of today’s downtown PG.

      The dear mother’s helpers realized they made a mistake when the railway wanted the land for their Atlantic to Pacific railway.

      So they were told to move to a new reserve.

      They sat on prime land, and to this day, still have not been compensated properly for it, unlike some of the bands in the GVRD.

      I would not give a dime. The shelter is part of the reconciliation gesture, as is the renaming of the park.

      Canada is not the only place this is happening. Look at South Africa and other African countries.

      Look at Israel and all the money flowing to them from the US, Germany, and other countries.

    as I have heard it, not a dime are they providing

    I work in the industry that connects first nations money with projects, etc. If people knew how much money they got, for roads to nowhere, bridges to zippo, money for schools that are never built…services that are never ever completed, there would be a revolt in the streets. I’m amazed there has never been an investigation into the millions upon millions of dollars that flow to the natives, that is never ever ever spent on the projects, or spent on useless expenditures.

    Sure, the same applies to all forms of gov’t, don’t get me wrong. However when your people are living in Mogadishu like conditions, and none of the money flows your way, and it isn’t because of the white man… it’s like the mafia.

    They pay for nothing, the receive massive amounts of money.. and it never ends.

      Sure you do. LOL

No matter who pays for it, it’s a travesty that this oversized carport will cost over $700k. Enough to pay for one of Prince George’s finest homes, complete with land and furnishings.

    It is a ridiculous design and thus attracts a ridiculously high price. Sort of like the RCMP building. The City does not have anyone who can program the function of a space/building and determine whether the Architect has met the criteria set by the functional design program.

      All that money for a fancy police station that is now hidden behind trees.


      Most of the poplars are planted much too close to the building, especially the ones on fourth.

      Sour grapes?. You mad because the city didn’t choose the design submitted by you or the firm you work for?

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