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October 27, 2017 4:49 pm

Bring on the Heat

Thursday, July 6, 2017 @ 5:59 AM

Prince George, B.C. –  Although Summer officially arrived a little over two weeks ago,  the weather  that  goes with that season  is just hitting us now.

Matt MacDonald,  a Meteorologist with Environment Canada, says it’s all because of a ridge of  high pressure  “We’re heading into our first real heat of this summer season as a ridge of high pressure is building over the southern part of the province,, a nd it’s going to  hit the Central interior today.”

Temperatures today  could hit  30 degrees says MacDonald “That will be flirting with records because   the record for July 6th is 30.6 set all the way back in 1920.  Friday will be a tad warmer at 31 degrees.”

He says the  temperatures will cool  by a few degrees over the weekend, but  still be in the  mid 20’s “Which is still 3 to four degrees warmer than  normal.”

But for today and tomorrow,  folks are reminded the UV  rating will be high, “The UV index will be 7  which is high on our ten digit scale.  I would encourage people to   stay well hydrated, and perhaps stay out of the sun during those peak  times from 11 am to 3 p.m. if they can.”

Of course sunscreen is a must if you have to be outdoors.

MacDonald says there is no  sign of precipitation  until perhaps Sunday night.




Funny, the forecast says showers on Friday

    then it will be hot and humid.

How can this be? Record temperatures? But, but we have a carbon tax.

    We need more carbon tax, more more more.

      Yes we do! Too little, too late!

    yes and are the government officials using those funds to go on a holiday to a sunny beach or some place cooler as they sure aren’t using them for what it was intended.

    Yes indeed, carbon taxes are just doing so much good towards saving us all from melting, aren’t they now?

    Makes you wonder, if the entire population of Canada committed mass-suicide tomorrow, would the temperature of planet Earth change one iota? Hardly likely.

    Yet here we have some highly educated people professing that we can cool the Earth by making all the things we now need to live MORE expensive, so we’ll have to do MORE of whatever we did to warm the Earth to continue to afford to live on it! I think they’ve been educated beyond their intelligence.

Seriously hope the campfire rambos don’t cause a forest fire out there, it’s been know to happen.

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