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October 27, 2017 4:48 pm

Friday Free for All – July 7th, 2017

Friday, July 7, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

It is time for the Friday Free for All.

This is your opportunity to speak up on issues that matter to  you.

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There is something wrong in this country when we have to pay 10.5 million to a guy for something the Americans did to him while he was involved in a war that was none of his or his daddy’s business as Canadian citizens.

There was very little Con government policy that I agreed with, but stripping citizenship from Canadians who get involved in foreign wars as private citizens wasn’t one of them. Once Kahdr’s father decided that Afghanistan was more important to him than Canada, he and his entire family should have lost their Canadian citizenship rights.

Wow, good morning everyone! Summer is finally here. A little long in the waiting but tis here now so enjoy it! Have a good weekend everybody.

Seems as though we have to insure alot of things now a days. Atv’s, cars, trucks, etc… fair enough. How about the peddle bikes that we have to share the road with? They have thier own lanes, and use the turning lanes jus like a car…they don’t have insurance. Alot of these folks don’t use hand signals or even have lights on thier bikes… jus my opinion, but I think peddle bike riders should have to insure thier bikes as well, if they are going to use the roads and travel like other vehicles.

    So when your jogging on the side of the road you think a person should hang a licence plate on their back? Many vehicle drivers don’t know how to stay out of the bike lanes. They wander in and out like a drunk duck.

      HEY drunk duck youmean to say these peddlers dont weave in and out of traffic?? Just try driving down some of the peddlers favorite routes when they are riding 3..4..6 abreast, with some even straddling the center line when there are signs CLEARLY indicating single file!!

    Well with that logic, we should be making sure everyone who walks on a sidewalk should hang a plate around their neck. Look at the money that is spent on sidewalks and walk lights. We can call it a sidewalk tax. SMH

So we gave Khdar 10.5 million because his rights were violated. Next time we should hug the terrorists into giving up their information I suppose. Hopefully that money goes straight to his victims and their families as part of the 104 million dollars awarded them by a US judge.

Anyhow, my question. Have any of the government officials who oversaw this fiasco been charged with anything?

    You can thank Harper and his Supreme Court appointees for this fiasco..

      Or the Federal Liberals of the time for allowing this to occur on their watch.

      This is a hang over from both previous liberal and conservative governments. The shocking thing about this is the money was handed over without due process through the courts or any kind of public consultation. It was settled out of court. At least if this did go to trial there would be a lot things put on the public record through the trial process. The liberal government went against fundamental liberal principals here. I even voted for Truedueau but I know when to raise the flag. For a government that ran on a campaign of transparency they are doing everything in their power bury things.

      Have you read Harper’s statement on this issue? You should!

    its the LIBERAL way. Unbelievable, pays to be a terrorist. I wonder if this is what Sunnyboy meant by his Sunnydays phrase?? I have totally lost a lot of respect for this guy…not that i had much in the first place.Some of the worlds leaders must be scratching their heads over this one. When the rest of the world is getting tough on terrorism this clown is getting softer on terrorism.

      Actually it is Canadian laws that were interpreted, nothing to do with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau! You want him to flaunt or break the law?

      It was (believe it or not) our obligation to get Khader, who was a child soldier, released from the USA owned prison facility Guantanamo Bay. Of course the USA had no intention to let him out, no matter what Canada would have tried! It is the failure of our government to act on his behalf, him being a child (by legal definition) and a Canadian citizen!

      Personally I think it is a travesty to award a person any compensation at all! He and his father left Canada voluntarily to fight in another country! They were not sent there by our government! People like this should have their Canadian passports revoked the minute we find out what they are doing! At least that way we are not guaranteeing them the protection of our laws, just as if they were just harmless law abiding Canadian tourists!

      The USA wanted him gone, which is why the Canadian government finally took him back, promising that he would serve the remainder of his sentence in a Canadian prison. But we all knew he wouldn’t. And we all knew he would be treated as a returning hero by the CBC. And we also knew as soon as the Trudeau Libs were elected that they would apologise and give him a big payout.

      10 million bucks, that one million per year. I know a lot of people who would gladly sit around for 10 years for that kind of reward.


      But do you know anyone who wouldn’t mind being tortured for it? I don’t.

      @ imback,

      He wasn’t.

    So, if a foreign army invades your town killing those around you and you try to protect yourself and your family by throwing a grenade or shooting at the invaders killing one, does that make you a terrorist or someone defending themselves?

      His town? I didn’t know Toronto had been invaded.

      And there was no-one he needed to be protected or defended from. It was medics who were treating the wounded fighters from Khadr’s side that he threw the grenade at.

      Now I am truly dumbfounded.

    I think this is one of those situations that angers most people to some degree.

    When I look at it, I have all sorts of conflicted emotions. I see a young kid that was almost certainly indoctrinated into a repugnant lifestyle from before he could even understand what it was. I see a teenager that actively engaged in combat. I see a teenager that was detained for almost 10 years without being given due process. I see a man now that I don’t really trust and I see our government giving 10 million dollars to him despite what he did in the past.

    As a father, I get angry when I think about what he was put through as a boy. As a Canadian, I get angry when I think about our own government deciding that due process should not apply to one of our citizens. As a taxpayer, I get angry that we’re giving 10 million dollars to someone who was involved in the acts he was involved with.

    I’ve tried, and I can’t reconcile it. I do know that the situation is far more complicated than what can be covered off in a few sound bites or in a news article with word count limitations.

Had the opportunity to go to the Big Hardware store at the mall. What a disaster. They are short on staff, short on training and most important short on product. We needed 2 items out of the flyer one they did not have and one someone have opened and took parts. Yes only had one. The person in charge of the department was out running the forklift and the Poor girl trying to help was an under 20 cashier told to go help in that department because they were short of customers. Should be called LOWS. Why do you think there was very few customers? Another customer trying to get service advised us to go West as he was doing.

    One can always order on line.

      Exactly! I always compare prices (of bigger ticket items) and specials online before I order or go to the store – if they have it! So far I have always ended up at the store were I used to shop before the competition arrived, since in my experience the competition is higher priced for the same or similar items.

    Ya, went in there the other day and asked at the front counter where they kept their paneling, I found they sent me to the very opposite end of the store than where I needed to go. Spent a long time trying to find what I wanted to look for and finally left out of frustration. That was the second and probably last time I will bother to go there. I have issues with what is deemed equal opportunity employers as well, I don’t begrudge anyone having an equal opportunity to work, but being we are a predominately English speaking province, I would think that would be one of the main criteria when applying for a job, to be able to give and understand direction with the buying public. Lowes is not the only store in this town that has that problem. Spent a long time waiting on a price for something I purchased at Home Depot that wasn’t tagged just because the cashier couldn’t relay to the floor person what they should be looking for calling a 3/4 coupler a 3 by 4 coupler. Even after I tried explaining to her she was describing it wrong she kept giving the same wrong description. Finally the floor guy came to the till to ask me what it was. PC gone wrong.

    That surprises me, I’ve always had excellent service there from a very helpful and knowledgeable staff.

I’ve seen this in movie theatres. I’ve seen it in Vanier Hall. I’ve seen it at hockey games, and now I’ve seen in on BC Ferries.

I’d like to know what the hell possesses people, that they feel they are justified to hang their dirty shoes over the seat in front of them, like it’s their personal recliner?

I still find it interesting that people have bought in to the narrative that Khadr was a terrorist. The event happened in Afganistan, not in the USA, and the American soldier that was killed was part of an invading army. We may not like the Taliban but they were the government of the day in that country. Tell me how a 15 year old boy fighting alongside his father to defend his homeland from an invading army be considered a terrorist?
The true terrorists were the US Government and its Army.

    I believe the group he was part of flew a couple of planes into a couple of buildings.

      I am not so sure he was part of that group but he was definitely on the wrong side of a war.

      Proof? Or just a belief?

      I believe the children are the future.

      Children that have no regard for human life aren’t going to give us much of a future.

    His father was a high ranking alquida member. This kid was 15 years old, so tell me a 15 year old doesnt know right from wrong?? He threw a hand grenade into a medical tent thats clearly marked as a medical tent!! He killed a surgeon left his wife and two sons fatherless because of some cowardly act. He also blinded a soldier in this attack. Then dough head gives him 10.5 million dollars TAX FREE???

    AGREE, totally agree! He was 15 at the time.

    NyteHawk I think the only way to respond is that you are completely out to lunch.
    Call he and his terroists or don’t, it doesn’t really matter. He was fighting for the enemy.
    You do remember 911 don’t you? As well, don’t you think a 15 year old boy would know that if he throws a grenade at someone it’s got a good chance of killing them?
    In WW2 I had an uncle that tried to enlist at 16, and many kids enlisted under that age. Maybe fraudulently but they still did it. You know why? Because they knew they would be fighting to stop the enemy. That’s what this kid did and make no mistake about it, he knew..
    He’s guilty of being an enemy at the very least. He left our country to support a country fighting us (Yes Canada fought in Afghanistan)and our bleeding heart pacifying government caved somehow believes that was ok.
    I honestly feel ashamed that the world stage saw what our government just did by rewarding an enemy like that. Pathetic.

    It wasn’t his homeland. He was born in Canada.

you mean the only two buildings to ever be brought down by fire in free fall speed that denied the laws of physics collapsing in a heap one tenth of their mass?


      In a sense.

    Ever seen the demolition of a large building? Man did not land on the moon also I suppose.

    What is the penalty for breaking a law of physics?

    Which of Newton’s laws was broken?

    The first law states that a body remains at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless acted upon by a force. The second law states that a body’s rate of change of momentum is proportional to the force causing it. The third law states that when a force acts on a body due to another body, then an equal and opposite force acts simultaneously on that body.

    3000 engineers and architects from around the world have created a documentary outlining that the “official” narrative can’t be true. You should watch it. Even the families of the 911 victims want an impartial investigation

      Got that on my to do list right after I watch the one about how the clouds are going to kill me.

      I call BS on that one.

      For sure.

    “free fall speed that denied the laws of physics collapsing in a heap one tenth of their mass?”

    The only explanation of that would be the supernatural. Act of God?

Still the US were the invaders and he was defending his homeland. Just because the USA won that war they have written the narrative to suit themselves. Just consider if roles were reversed and it was an afghan army invading the US. Woukd a US soldier that killed an Afghan ever be charged with murder or called a terrorist?

    You’ve got to be kidding! If the roles were reversed, they’d kill that US soldier without a moment’s thought the minute they got their hands on him.

    The US were responding to an attack on them from that country. Remember WWII when the US responded to an attack from Japan? Are you suggesting that any country should be allowed to attack the US but they’re not supposed to hit back??

      I am not condoning 911 in any form or way, but you have to admit the US is not innocent of trying to ram their values and beliefs down other nations throats. Sometimes those you think are friends come back to bite you. Their foreign policies are what caused 911, they were warned by the Israelies and ignored it thinking they were invincible, so their reaction to 3000 people dead is to invade an entire country who may or may not have had anything to do with it under the lie that they had WMD. You reap what you sow.

      Huge difference between declaring war on Japan and declaring war on ISIS.. you think all muslims are a member of ISIS.. trump loves you. Japan is a country…


      That is ridiculous. Ram their values and beliefs down other nations throats? Osama bin Laden was Saudi. What values and beliefs were being rammed down Saudi Arabia’s throat? Islamic values and beliefs dominate every facet of life in that country and Americans as well as other foreigners are very cautious not to offend them in any way.

      The Taliban ruled Afghanistan with even more extreme Islamic values than the Saudis and were respected to the same degree by foreign nationals.

      They invaded Afghanistan because that’s where the attack was planned, that’s where the Taliban had protected Bin Laden for years while he directed other terrorist attacks. The US demanded that the Taliban hand Bin Laden over and warned that they would attack if they didn’t. Taliban refused, so they attacked a country that most definitely was involved in the 911 attack.

      Afghanistan reaped what it sowed.

      P Val,

      I can tell you don’t really believe what you posted because you’re making up nonsense to support your claims.

      ISIS was not involved in the fighting that Khadr was involved in. ISIS didn’t even exist at that time.

      I think all muslims are a member of ISIS? Where did you get that idea? That’s a straw-man ad hominem. I didn’t even mention them. Neither did I mention Muslims. My comment was about attacks on the US. Any attack must be responded to or a country will not long exist. Use your brain.

      Trump doesn’t know I exist. Again you spout nonsense.

      Yes, Japan is a country! Wow, you figured that out! Or did you have to look it up?

      “They invaded Afghanistan” .. actually they invaded Iraq first so Bush Jr could finish what daddy started in 1991. That’s the country I am talking about, not Bin Laden or Al Quieda or ISIS. They didn’t agree with Saddam regime when it was convenient, but looked the other way for years when he was mass killing his own citizens. Along comes 911 and all of a sudden it must be Iraq that needs invading. That is the beginning of ISIL when after the war the Iraqis were prisoners in their own land.

      “The problem with being a neutral country is you have to be strong enough to defend yourself against all comers.” .. you think Switzerland is strong enough to defend themselves from all comers? I doubt it and they were not invaded during WWII because I am sure there is more to it that the cut and dried scenario you see. It is in the western worlds best interests to have Switzerland free and the case would be the same for Canada.


      No they did not invade Iraq first. Look it up.

      You can talk about Iraq if you want, but that has nothing to do with Khadr. ISIS (ISIL) was formed much later out of dissident Al Quaida members after the US pulled out of Iraq without securing it.

      You think Switzerland declared themselves to be neutral and so Hitler said, well in that case I’ll respect your sovereignty and leave you alone? That’s all it took? Dream on.

      Switzerland decided to become neutral and form no alliances long ago after participating in a disastrous war. But they knew they would be on their own and they knew they would have to be strong. All men are required to do their term in the army and are part of the reserve for decades thereafter and are required to keep military weapons in their homes. They had a very strong military, still do. The only reason Hitler left them alone is because they were so strong. Look it up.

    It wasn’t his Homeland. Maybe his Father’s but he’s a Canadian.
    Understand what actually happened here before you defend the guilty little F##k.

Well Omar is a Canadian, he suppose to be fighting for Canada. Not out killing Canadians and Americans. This is about as bad a killer as you can get. I think Trudeau should apologize to speer’s wife. The world has gone mad.

    The world has gone mad, partially at least! Some of our laws need to be examined and re-interpreted as to their validity in this changed world!

    However, vested interests of all kinds keep the tracks lubricated so the poor train is just simply spinning its wheels in place!

    Canada should become a neutral country and get out of all other arrangements which keep dragging us against our better judgment into conflicts which are none of our doing and are beyond solving by any well-intended means in this world gone mad!

      The problem with being a neutral country is you have to be strong enough to defend yourself against all comers. Canada isn’t even close to that capability. While we may not be interested in fighting other countries or organizations, if they are interested in fighting us, then we will either fight or surrender to conquest.

Khadr was a Canadian fighting against allies and should be locked up for treason. This is a perfect example of a liberal left progressive world. hopefully Trump will bring some sanity back to the world.

    Trump is currently being spanked by Putin in their first face to face….please sir can I have some more. Orange face with red cheeks…the lower cheeks that is.

      Actually tRump has admitted he met Putin twice in the past. After deciding to run for President he flip-flopped and denied it. But it’s on film.

      No seamutt. The point is the man lies and lies and nobody cares (well, some). Now, carry on with your Hillary rant.

      Digitus, what lies, you talking about ODUMBER and scary.

      seamutt, who are Odumber and scary ? And who cares ! It’s 2017 man, it’s all about the guy that bathes in Kraft Dinner cheese powder.

      So Digitus as usual you got nothing.

      And what have you got ? A sore head from taking Alex Jones pills ?


      So its bad for Trump to meet Putin but its okay for Scary Hillary to sell 30% of US uranium to the Russians then get 150 million in her slush fund from the Russians. You people got to quit watching SNL for your fake news. Hey speaking of fake news did ya how CNN got beat down for their fake lying news.

      ooooops Look up.

      Uranium One is a Canadian company with some holding in the states. A Russian company has controlling interest in the company but that does not prevent a government on either side of the border from stopping exports of uranium if it is decided it is against the national interest.

      A side note- I wonder if Drumpf has allowed the Ruskies to re-open the two spy compounds in NY and Maryland yet as he puckers up on Putin’s butt.


      You nailed it. LOL

    You gotta make some concession to the fact that he was a 15 yr. old kid who was brought into the fight by his radical father, Seamutt. So I would say the 10 years in prison should be enough, let him out on parole. But pay him a million per year for doing his time? Not a chance.

    Trump is a wing nut.. he lies and blames everyone but himself.. the amount of abuse and ridicule he did against Obama.. and now when the same thing happens to him he calls foul… he is such a little kid.

    How’s his promise of cheap,healthcare for everyone working out?

    Last thing we want is trump doing anything but golfing….which again he slammed Obama for.. Obama golfed 6 times in one year… trump has golfed 7 times already…but that’s okay I guess in your eyes?

      Trump was just mad about Obama golfing, because he still doesn’t understand how America got to the point whers a Black man is able to swing the club and not just carry the bag. His virulent attempts to erase any evidence that a Black man could have any influence on American politics is proof that he is nothing but a racist. Trump believes it is called the White House for a reason.

      Typical. When a lefty has no rational or logical reason for his politics, the first thing he resorts to is the race card.

      You’ve just said, in so many words, that you have nothing real against Trump.


      Because you say so? Trump provides plenty real against him every time he opens his mouth. The thing is, you havs to take the cotton out of your ears and actually listen to what he says. I know that is almost impossible for right wingers to do.

      Trump haters continually say he’s racist but never back it up with evidence.

      Try listening to what he says, rather than what his detractors say.

And how is he going to do that? By trying to dictate to the world how they all should live life like the “good ole amarican” way? He can’t bring sanity to his own country, what makes you think he can bring sanity to the world?

Trump is probably thanksing putin for making him president.

    Hey P Val even the intelligence community say there is no connection, only fake news like failing CNN keep pushing the BS. YOu should get your facts straight.

      Check out WSJ story on Peter Smith- Mike Flynn connection. WSJ is owned by Drumpf supporter Rupert Murdoch.

      Drip Drip Drip…collusion story has legs that will reach very high up in Drumpf campaign by might not reach the traffic cone colored buffoon himself as he is an idiot plain and simple.

      Russian/trump sycophant pushing a trump/Russia narative to the detriment of our society . Truly discusting at every level .

      Having had no luck fishing for any direct evidence of Trump, the Trump family, the campaign team, anyone in Congress, the second cousin thrice removed or anyone else who met Trump in the last ten years having colluded with the Russians, the witch hunters are now looking at “pro-Trump” websites. They’re getting really desperate to find something, anything to keep that narrative going.

      ht tp://thehill.com/homenews/administration/340647-investigators-looking-into-possible-russia-collusion-with-pro-trump

      Here’s a video showing how CNN has manufactured that lie:

      ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FW0sy8w23rU

      The White House response when asked about Flynn meeting with Smith who was in contact with Russian hackers in an attempt to get Clinton’s emails was that he was doing that “on his own time” The guy was head national security advisor to the freaking campaign there would be no such thing as his own time when trying to dig up dirt on their opponent.

      Then there are meetings that Erik Prince set up with the Russians in the Seychelles to establish back channel communications making an end run around US security.

      And meetings between Russians and the Trump campaign that happened in various European cities were confirmed by multiple European agencies.

      And a bunch of meetings between the Russians and Flynn, Kushner, Sessions that they did not report on their applications for security clearance.

      And the meeting between Kushner and head of VEB bank who is exKGB and close friend of Putin again unreported by Kushner. Days after meeting Kushner got a $$160 million loan from Deutsche Bank(backed by VEB?)

      And shady deals involving millions of dollars between Flynn/Manafort and people with strong Russian ties again not reported as required by law.

      And with the excepting the Russian prostitutes peeing on the bed most of the things in the Christopher Steele dossier have been confirmed as fact.

      These are just a few of the things that have come to light- I sure would like to see what Mueller is finding out.

      No, all 12 intelligent agencies in the states says the Russians where involved in the election…

      Only Fox News says there wasn’t any …

      Time for you to watch something other than Fox News

      Btw.. trump is now saying that Obama knew about the Russians tampering with the election..even though trump still says there wasn’t any… he is now blaming Obama for it…lol

      Wrong, sparrow and P Val, you’re swallowing BS because you want it to be true. Comey admitted there was no connection or collusion between Trump or the Trump campaign and the Russians. Mainstream media has been working overtime trying to find or invent such a connection and have had to backtrack. Some pundits are saying that CNN’s malfeasance in the matter might result in the end of that network.

      P Val and Sparrow you got to stop watching SNL for your news.

      So as you cannot come up with a single counterpoint for the things that I posted and attempt to deflect with mention of SNL who by the way did one of the best things they have done in years with Melissa McCarthy’s Spicy bully pulpit skits.

      Offer a word of advice this is an occasion where you should have followed the old axiom….better to keep quiet and be thought a fool than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt.

      You”re welcome:P

      Remember how excited lefties got at the prospect of James Comey testifying about the Trump/Republican/Russia connection? And it was live on TV!

      Some of them even set up parties in bars to watch it so they could celebrate the downfall of Trump. This would be the end of his presidency. One toast heard begins: “To new friends and new presidents.”

      Except he testified there’s no connection.

      Take a look at the glum faces of all those disappointed partiers. LOL!

      ht tp://ijr.com/the-declaration/2017/06/894646-accounts-brooklyn-hipsters-bar-watching-comey-hearing-hilarious/

    Tinkle , tinkle little czar . Putin put you where you are . George Takai .

      If Putin hacked the election, why did Hillary win the popular vote? Seems to me that if he had, he’d have been working to get her elected.

      Dirtguy… i can’t believe you don’t know how the USA election works.

      The fact that Trump won was somewhat of a bonus to the Russians. I’m sure they expected Clinton to win but wanted to do everything they could to weaken the presidency in every possible way.

      Had Trump lost he would have squealed like an orange pig about rigged elections. That cry would have been picked up by all the little Trumpettes.

      Planting even a seed of doubt about the validity election results would have seen a huge round of vodka shots in Moscow.

      Sparrow its the dems and people like your self who are squealing like an orange pig and threatening a sitting president. Why are you progressives such a violent lot. Cathy Griffiths, DeNiro, Maddona just a few threatening violence against a sitting president. Are you part of that violent group?

      You seem to forget that Drumpf himself threatened Clinton in debate saying that the second amendment people would have their say against her.


      Gun nut Sarah Palin having posters having campaign posters with opponents in a gun sight.


      Ted Nugent threatening Obama saying he can suck on barrel of his m15


      Nutcase shoots up a pizza joint….pizzagate

      Those off the top of my head I’m sure I could come up with a bunch more if I took the time.

      You know what they say about pointing fingers.

      P Val, I do know how the USA election works. I also know that the only thing the Russians did was hack into the DNC. Not only that, I know that the Russians liked Obama, remember the little deal he was caught making – wait till after the election and I’ll have more ability to act. Remember that he removed the missiles from Poland at Russia’s request? And that Hillary’s campaign consisted of a pledge to carry on Obama’s legacy? And Trump was talking about putting them back? Yeah, they preferred Hillary, so if there was any rigging of the vote, it would have been for her.

      sparrow, you gotta be kidding!

      Saying that the second amendment people would have their say against her? Like they would vote against her? What’s the problem with that?

      Sarah Palin did not have posters have posters with in a gun sight, she had crosshairs on cities. Using that kind of illustration is common, the Democrats did it too. But of course, it’s only bad when a Republican does it, right?

      Ted Nugent threatening? Threatening the prez is an indictable offence, if it was a real threat he’d be in jail.

      Nutcase shoots up a pizza joint….pizzagate reflects on Trump how?

      Darn. Should have proof-read.

      Sarah Palin did not have posters with opponents within a gun sight

    Comey actually told Drumpf that he was not currently under investigation but that could change as the investigation was far from complete and that he would not issue a statement that Trumplestiltskin was not under investigation because if things changed he would have to correct the public record.

    Because the man is a simpleton he told Lester Holt and the Russian foreign minister that he fired Comey because of the investigation so now the dummy actually the target of an investigation by FBI and Robert Mueller. The original investigation concerning his campaign and Russia continues.

    The fool behaves like someone in the 8th grade….”if Putin likes me I consider that an asset” likes me? likes me??something a preteen would say about the girl sitting in class a few rows over.

    In diplomatic circles one would expect to hear words like trust, honesty or respect in how one would speak about expectations when meeting what most people would see as an adversary. “like” has nothing to do with it, one does not have to like someone to have trust or respect for their position in order to moves things forward. One could think the guy sitting across the table is a complete a-hole but if you know that he will follow through on what has been agreed then you can shake hands and move on.

    Likes me pffftt…is he going to invite Vlad to the prom ffs?

    Word is that he brought up election hacking in meeting with Putin but quickly rolled over when Vlad said he had nothing to do with it-yea right! I wonder if the fact that the rights to TrumpTowerRussia.com were renewed has anything to do with it—–putting family bank account above nations interests.

      How come Hillary and the DNC resisted any help in catching who ever hacked the emails, something they didn’t want seen? Hey how come scary Hillary eraced emails when she was not to. What was she hiding. What about that 150 million into her slush fund by the Russians?


      You are so hung up on Hillary that I’m beginning to think you secretly have a crush on her, and that all your negative posting about her is just a beard.

      Trump fired Comey because the man was incompetent. He obviously was in the tank for Hillary and only reluctantly investigated her illegal servers. When he found multiple instances of criminal activity he said he was letting her off because of no criminal intent. He didn’t have the authority to do that! He was supposed to forward the evidence to the justice department and they were supposed to recommend or not that she be charged.

      Then he said the investigation is closed. And then 30,000 more emails showed up and he had to re-open the investigation. And then somehow they scrutinized them all in 3 days (yeah, right) and found no wrong doing.

      Trump has a massive ego that can’t handle criticism well. He knew there was no collusion with the Ruskies, and he knew Comey knew that, but Comey wouldn’t tell that to the public. So Trump finally had enough and tied a can to his butt. It was long overdue.

      Oh, and sparrow, let’s not forget that during the election when Hillary was under criminal investigation, all her supporter and the media wanted Comey fired too.

The pancake theory proposed by the commission is what broke Newtons law

    Actually there are pictures of the floors on top of each other. Each floor weighed 2000 tons. When the fittings softened from the heat and failed on one floor there was a chain reaction.

      Where? The buildings were reduced to piles of rubble. There was nothing recognizable as floors piled one on top of the other.

What a great week! The Heatwave concert series has been a welcome venue to go and see some great live music. I hope we can continue this in future summers. Even a $5 entry fee each night would be doable. And add in a few more food vendors, we would be in a great spot.

Enjoy the weekend all!

Musk is going to start building four more Gigafactorys this year . One in Australia and in China . The two others have not been announced . Big change coming soon in aus . Tesla Powerpack will charge using renewable energy from the Hornsdale Wind Farm and then deliver electricity during peak hours to help maintain the reliable operation of South Australia’s electrical infrastructure. The Tesla Powerpack system will further transform the state’s movement towards renewable energy and see an advancement of a resilient and modern grid.

Upon completion by December 2017, this system will be the largest lithium-ion battery storage project in the world and will provide enough power for more than 30,000 homes, approximately equal to the amount of homes that lost power during the blackout period.

    Uh huh. All financed by unwilling taxpayers.

    More money-losing propositions.

    Like his cars:

    “Tesla Story Becoming Increasingly Fantastic As Business Model Falls Apart

    •Tesla delivery numbers continue to tell a story of misery – the missing in-transit numbers is a story by itself.

    •Model 3 narrative is even less credible – expect huge losses ahead.

    •Underutilization of manufacturing facilities and ongoing opex and capex continue to push the company toward bankruptcy.


    Firstly, we note that the Company has NOT announced “in-transit” vehicles this quarter. This is the first time the Company has deviated from its practice of disclosing in-transit deliveries in the recent past. Note also that we have already noted Tesla is dipping in to the in-transit well to make it appear that its deliveries are meeting guidance when in actuality they do not appear to be.

    Given the Company’s arguably ongoing history of misleading investors, not announcing vehicles-in-transit likely means that Tesla missed the guidance once again. The demand problem and the inventory build-out are worse than they appears to be.


    What is also undeniable is that, with Tesla’s production exceeding sales, Tesla’s inventory continues to rise. The cumulative number of cars produced but not sold has now crossed a staggering 16,000. That is more than 2 months of inventory for a Company that built its reputation as a build-to-order company”

    ht tps://seekingalpha.com/article/4085784-tesla-story-becoming-increasingly-fantastic-business-model-falls-apart?auth_param=ggqr:1clpqbq:b2a34200dd21b672b8a9da0d7c0370c2&utoken=4a0b5967942496ee88318eac9420c822

      Yup, the balance sheet doesn’t lie. I do however commend Musk for his vision but once the competitive automakers re tool their existing paid off infrastructure they will produce EV’s at a fraction of the costs.

      Don’t know about that, they get subsidies for electrics too.

      Sort of like site C is financed by unwilling taxpayers?

      Loki like the 65 billion in contracts to IPPs that you seem to ignore. Oh site c is needed to back up those contracts for when the rivers don’t flow and the wind don’t blow.

      Site C is financed by Hydro borrowing, and will be paid for by consumers.

    Hey Ataloss the other day there was only 25 mws of power from Austalia’s 4000 nameplate of wind energy.

    Unstable wind generation has contributed to two blackouts in SA and generators are just flying off the shelfs for backup. Oh by the way Australia has now beaten Denmark for the highest cost electrical energy in the world. Peaple there have to decide whether to eat or heat/cool their homes.

    Hey Ataloss tell about your pixie dust solar system?

I live 20.16kms from work. I try to bicycle 50 to 100 percent of the time. I ride down Foothills in the morning and up Foothills in the evening. I have a headlight and a taillight. I try my best to follow the rules of the road but sometimes the road conditions dictate that I keep my hands on the handlebars. I stay in the bike lanes as much as I can but sometimes they are not safe to ride in. I ride alone. I don’t ride in a group because I don’t want to be associated with the 2, 3, 4, abreast people. I don’t ride on the sidewalk. I’ve been yelled at. I’ve been sideswiped. I’ve been driven off to the side of the road. I’ve had liquids thrown at me out of vehicle windows. I’ve been left in a cloud of low level pollutants from diesel pickup trucks. I have a good job and I pay income tax. I have a truck that I insure and fill up when required. I pay property taxes. I paid tax when I bought my bike and every time I buy what I require from the bike shop. I’m not riding to save the world. I’m riding for me. I feel better at the start of the day and at the end of the day.

Why can’t I just ride my bike?

    You have every right to stay out of the bike lane when it is not safe.Many bike lanes have gravel on them making not safe to ride. Why are you not treated like a vehicle? It appears that some people are just to selfish to share the road.

    You have every right to ride your bike! No one should be abusing you because of your decision to ride a bike to work or wherever. I realize bikes can sometimes make a driver feel tense because of fear of hurting someone or causing a squeeze in tight areas but that is no reason to physically or verbally abuse the bike driver. Bike drivers have rights too!! Drivers need to simply slow down when coming up behind a bike. No big deal right? The people throwing bottles and side swiping you need to be reported. They need to be reminded to share the road.

Anybody else’s Water Pressure in PG not what it used to be before the City Connected the 2 Wells together ?
I know Mine in the Spruceland area is Lower than it used to be.

Last November, Japan’s Environment Ministry issued a stark warning: the amount of solar panel waste Japan produces every year will rise from 10,000 to 800,000 tons by 2040, and the nation has no plan for safely disposing of it.

Neither does California, a world leader in deploying solar panels. Only Europe requires solar panel makers to collect and dispose of solar waste at the end of their lives.

All of which begs the question: just how big of a problem is solar waste?

Environmental Progress investigated the problem to see how the problem compared to the much more high-profile issue of nuclear waste.

We found:

•Solar panels create 300 times more toxic waste per unit of energy than do nuclear power plants.

•If solar and nuclear produce the same amount of electricity over the next 25 years that nuclear produced in 2016, and the wastes are stacked on football fields, the nuclear waste would reach the height of the Leaning Tower of Pisa (52 meters), while the solar waste would reach the height of two Mt. Everests (16 km).

•In countries like China, India, and Ghana, communities living near e-waste dumps often burn the waste in order to salvage the valuable copper wires for resale. Since this process requires burning off the plastic, the resulting smoke contains toxic fumes that are carcinogenic and teratogenic (birth defect-causing) when inhaled.

ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/06/29/toxic-waste-from-solar-panels-300-times-that-of-nuclear-power/

    The dirty little (actually big) secret the “green” movement is ether blind to or unwilling to admit to.

    To bad you didn’t compare the toxic wastes… from solar panels it’s toxic chemicals that can be neutralized.. radio active material with a half life of 24,000 years..

    Yeah exactly the same..

    Also they are looking for cleaner ways to make and dispose of solar panels etc.. once they have that then the numbers will change making solar better.

    No matter what you do with nuclear you have it around for ever… with constant worry of a leak etc..earthquakes..war ..failure of containment…etc etc..

    I will take a neutralized waste over radiation every time…

    As long as it is neutralized… there is a new product out that should really help with this neutralization process.

      Like thorium salt reactors which need that waste and neutralize it in the process of producing electricity.

      I’ll take nuclear over solar any day. They’re safe, they’re reliable, they don’t need base load back-up and they only need a fraction of the amount of space required for solar.

      JApan is loving their reactors..still pumping radioactive cooling water into the ocean…150 tonnes a DAY… expected to do that for at least 3 more years…
      Ruining the ocean is what’s happening…

      How many people have died from solar ?

      P VAl here you go

      ht tps://asiancorrespondent.com/2011/05/green-deaths-the-forgotten-dangers-of-solar-panels/#BMBfxu7dqR0UscS6.97

      How many have died from nuclear?

      Japan has restarted it’ Fukushima reactor, putting out electricity again.

unbelievable im wondering where i can buy a grenade

Who’s the sicko that killed one of the foxes on Connaught Hill?

Was walking around there few days back and saw fox dismembered…

    Should happen to the dirtbag that did this, at least some broken arms, that is disgusting!

    Was it somebody or something?

So here is a scenario, by virtue of my parents being German citizens when I was born here in Canada, I was able to acquire German citizenship as well. So I am a dual citizen.
The USA decides they don’t like the political leaders in Germany and decide to declare war on Germany thus sending an invading army to take control of my Father’s homeland.
My Father and I decide to go to Germany to fight alongside other Germans against the invading Americans. In the course of battle, I shoot and kill an American soldier that is for all intents and purposes also trying to kill me or other German soldiers.
Am I a terrorist, a murderer, or just a soldier? If the Americans win the war they will call their soldiers heroes and will call me a murderer.
Kind of a double standard don’t you think?
Now make me a 15 year old kid, and also lock me up and torture me for 10 years.
I would think that changes the perspective at least a little bit.

    Those that don’t get it . Should go to un.org and read the IV Geneva Convention . Then realize that Canada , the U.S. Are signatory’s to it and are both in violation of many of the articles in it . Real classy , attack a small army , then pin the casualties on the kid . The kid was the only guy that fought back while being shot in the back with his eye blown out . Who dreamt that up , Bruce Willis ? Or Bruce Lee ?

    That isn’t a valid comparison in the least.

    To make it similar, you would first have to have an attack on the US from Germany.

    The Americans would not be sending an army to take control of Germany, they would be allied with the opposition with the intent of putting them in power.

    You would not shoot an American in the course of battle, you would grenade a medic who was tending to your wounded companions.

    I’m not sure of this, but it seems to me that attacks on medical personnel are illegal under the rules of war, so that would make you a murderer.

    Not a double standard at all.

    And then you would be locked up for 10 years but not tortured.

    So now we have a valid comparison. Kind of a big change of perspective from your inaccurate scenario.

    By the way, German Canadians who went to Europe to fight against Canada in WWII were called traitors.

Dirtman, when did Afghanistan attack the USA? From everything I read, and have seen on Television the perpetrators of 911 were, in fact, Saudi Arabian, and the head of Al Queda was, in fact, Saudi as well. Bin Laden was never found in Afganistan but was hunted down and killed in Pakistan.
Tell me what actually justified the US invading and destroying Afghanistan other than ideology and their constant need to impose their way of life on the world, and to always be seen as policing the entire globe.
As has been shown the US had no justification for attacking Afghanistan and or Iraq for that matter. They launched 2 illegal unjustified wars, and the deaths of any of their soldiers should be laid at the feet of George W Bush, not a child soldier who was simply trying to defend his homeland. There is no way to call the soldiers on one side heroes and the ones on the other side murderers when they are involved in the same battle.

    The attack from Afghanistan came on Sept. 11, 2001. Duh.

    The perps were indeed Saudis, but were based in Afghanistan, supported and protected by the Taliban.

    Bin Laden was indeed found in Afghanistan but for some reason I can’t remember, the US held back, and seeing the opportunity to escape, he did. He made his way to Pakistan where he was eventually caught.

    The US was justified in invading Afghanistan by the fact that the 911 attack came from there and the Taliban refused to hand over Bin Laden. They did not destroy Afghanistan, nor did they attempt to impose their way of life on it. I have a relative who served in the Canadian army there. The restrictions on them while in that country were so severe that even married couples were not permitted to sleep together.

    There always needs to be some major power that polices the globe to an extent. Before the US it was Britain. We enjoy our way of life only because we’re right next door and they patrol the seaways.

    The US had every justification for attacking Afghanistan, even the UN sanctioned it.

    The second attack on Iraq probably was unjustified, although Saddam was working to get weapons of mass destruction, in fact, he thought he had them. When the attack from the US came, he ordered them deployed. Captured Iraqi officers, when questioned about them said no, they didn’t have any but the other divisions did. The weird truth of the matter is, while he was trying to build them, his people were having difficulties doing it, but were afraid to tell him they failed, so he thought he had them.

    Omar Khadr was not a child soldier who was simply trying to defend his homeland, his homeland is Canada. And when he tossed the grenade, the battle was over and his target was the US medic who was helping his wounded companions.

    You’re avoiding the facts.

      “There always needs to be some major power that polices the globe to an extent.”


      I think that idea is fraught with pŕoblems. What if the “major power” itself is just self-appointing itself to policing orhers for the wrong reasons? What if there are more than one “major power”, each thinking that it is more entitled to police others, others who usually resent being policed by outsiders?

      It is better when countries mind their own business!

      It would be great if countries minded their own business. But so often they don’t. And what about pirates? These days, with shipping lanes protected by the US navy, there’s no problem getting products from overseas, and pirates are something from the distant past that we only see in movies. But Somali pirates showed us that they will still ply their trade if protection isn’t there.

      What if China decided they wanted to invade and take over Canada? Could we stop them? Not a chance. But the USA could, and would. You should be grateful that they are policing the world for us.

Love the timing… Dirtman… guess what…the super safe nuclear power plants in the states ..Hackers breach a dozen nuclear plants in the USA in may and June.. check do out BBC news for the story..

Hackers in control of a nuclear plant…. guess your are feeling super duper safe right now

Hope,they don’t hack into a solar panel… unless they need to charge their cell phones…lol

And your statement that solar panels take up more space…why yes they do..but that space is usually unused space on roofs etc… etc for the real cool solar panel in the shape of a panda in china.. solar panels can be placed in desert where no one lives etc… but nuclear is always near a water source…so easy to contaminate….

    So if they hack solar generation and shut it down that is fine in your world PVAl.

    Can you link to your story of hacking into a Nuclear Plant. By the way the direct operation of a Nuclear plant is not tied to the internet. Main grid control of BC Hydro is also not connected to the internet.

    Yeah, I heard the news about that. Hackers took control of nuclear power plants and shut down the cooling and there was a meltdown that reached the water table and then exploded, and as a result there’s a radioactive cloud drifting over…..oh wait, no they can’t do that, there’s too many fail-safe back-ups in place. The most they can do is turn off the power…for a bit. Just like they can for solar, or wind, or hydro, or….

    Yeah, I feel perfectly safe.

    I bet you do too.

Seamutt your love for trump is interesting.

A few questions about trump.

Did he not promise that he would bring cheap healthcare to all Americans during his run for president ?
Is he doing what he said about the healthcare ?
Did he not slam Obama for golfing so much yet he had?
You find it okay for trump to play twice as many rounds after complaining about Obama?
He in live tv threatened to punch a man in the face. And that’s okay to you that he incites violence towards his own people ?
Do you actually think Mexico will pay for the wall?

Actually P VAl if you where paying attention so called Obama care was collapsing, insurers where pulling out, rates and deductibles skyrocketing. Obamacare promised you could keep your present doctor, didn’t happen, promised you could keep your present plan, didn’t happen.

Trump is fought tooth and nail by deep state and the dems on anything he trys to do or are you blind to that. You seem to just pick and choose your information gathering to suit your political views without checking the facts. Oh ya if one did not sign upto Odumber care heavy fines where instilled. Totalitarian state.

    Just like trump…won’t answer any question…lol

    The 24,000,000 are going to lose Heath care thanks to trump.. the ones Obama had covered..

    Lol..deep state.. to much Fox News dude..

      I answered your questions, you seem to have a comprehension problem.

      Um no ODUMBER did not have them covered, they did not sign up even under threat of fines.

      Golfing, why so fixated on that? Golfing!

    Easy one for you seamutt..

    Did trump lie about cheap healthcare for all Americans?

    Yes or No?

      Here’s an easy one for you too, P Val.

      Did Obama lie about cheap health care for all Americans?

      Yes or no?

      Obama is NOT the president, also he wasn’t running for president.

      Nice dodge.

      But he WAS the president, and when he was running for president, did he promise cheap health care for all Americans?

      Pval did he say it was going to be cheap? Pval answer Dirtmans question, oh wait.

      Bam bam care was failing I pointed that out earlier.

Well I never compared golf games but seems to be important to you, wow. So what did you think of Griffiths holding Trumps head, must have been a high mark for you. Why are lefties so violent?

    For the same reasons you righties are. Human nature.

    It was art.. not my kind of art.. but whatever

    That’s my fav… trump says his son Baron has a genius IQ..then the griffin thing happens and he says baron doesn’t what’s happening… a genius who doesn’t understand…but of course…

      Art art oh my so sad on your part.

      Oh give it a rest. That was not art. Art appeals to the sense of esthetics, and that certainly did not.

    When trump is beaking off about Obama golfing then he does the exact same thing but more often..that’s okay with you… so you think a good president is a hypocrite.. so does Putin.

    And yet you have not answered any of my questions… of course not… trump supporters don’t like to answer any questions.

the internet disruptions of late should prove once again why Andrew J. Weavers criticism of the lack broadband redundancy in the North was valid . Specifically for PG . Now that he is in a fragile majority ,he is more approachable to put the province on that promise he made PG before being elected . I’m sure he would be delighted to work on it with the help of Shirley and her riding .

    Hello , is there something on fox ? It’s six million dollars from Victoria building potential in the region .

Not much local comment today….mostly international.

    I thought we were all locals doing the commenting.

    Just try and drive the vertically intigrated grid weakness verses the laterally intigrated grid strength argument , crickets or huh ?

      Actually the crickets are from you in relation to the solar system you supposedly have.

      I’m still waiting with bated breath to hear how solar and wind don’t need base load back-up generation. Crickets for a year now….

Enough of the American politics..

We have fellow BCrs in harms way of the fires..some have already lost everything.. let’s hope the fires are extiguished safely and quickly.. and thank you to all who are involved in the effort.

Three things mark the Khadr announcement. The government didn’t want to be associated with it. They wanted it done swiftly. And they didn’t want Trudeau on the same continent when the news broke.

The bells were still tolling for Canada’s birthday and Trudeau headed off to Ireland when the news was leaked. So he was conveniently across the sea and on another continent by the time people were shaking their heads over the vast cash award, all but immune to having to answer questions about it. The travelling press caravan did get one question to him, and his comment — it’s a magical piece of work — had more blarney in it than the famous stone itself: “There is a judicial process underway that has been underway for a number of years now and we are anticipating, like I think a number of people are, that that judicial process is coming to its conclusion.”

If this be transparency let us have mud. Clams are more open. If there is information in that statement, it is under armed guard and in witness protection. Drop the padding and what we have is this: there is a process, there has been a process, and Trudeau and an unspecified number of people think this process will end. If he had just added, “And a proof is a proof, and when you have a good proof, it’s proven” we could embed this glory right under the Gettysburg address in the quotation books.

ht tp://nationalpost.com/opinion/rex-murphy-i-suspect-mr-trudeau-will-skip-the-theme-socks-for-the-omar-khadr-apology/wcm/05aa6ed9-bbe2-4976-bedc-219efac565df

“Trump, in Poland, Asks if West Has the ‘Will to Survive'”.

That’s the question – the one that matters. Angela Merkel won’t ask it, nor M Macron or Mrs May or M Trudeau. But Donald Trump did – and then answered it:

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Just as Poland could not be broken, I declare today for the world to hear that the West will never, ever be broken. Our values will prevail. Our people will thrive. And our civilization will triumph. (Applause.)

AUDIENCE: Donald Trump! Donald Trump! Donald Trump!

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Thank you. So, together, let us all fight like the Poles — for family, for freedom, for country, and for God.

ht tps://www.steynonline.com/7964/the-will-of-the-west

    That was a great speech.

    “We can have the largest economies and the most lethal weapons anywhere on Earth, but if we do not have strong families and strong values, then we will be weak and we will not survive. If anyone forgets the critical importance of these things, let them come to one country that never has. Let them come to Poland…

    Our own fight for the West does not begin on the battlefield — it begins with our minds, our wills, and our souls. Today, the ties that unite our civilization are no less vital, and demand no less defense, than that bare shred of land on which the hope of Poland once totally rested. Our freedom, our civilization, and our survival depend on these bonds of history, culture, and memory.

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: Just as Poland could not be broken, I declare today for the world to hear that the West will never, ever be broken. Our values will prevail. Our people will thrive. And our civilization will triumph. (Applause.)

    AUDIENCE: Donald Trump! Donald Trump! Donald Trump!

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: Thank you. So, together, let us all fight like the Poles — for family, for freedom, for country, and for God.”

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