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October 27, 2017 4:46 pm

Premier-Designate Responds to Wildfires

Friday, July 7, 2017 @ 9:01 PM

Victoria, B.C. – Premier-Designate John Horgan has issued a statement about today’s wildfire situation in the Interior.

It reads:

“With serious wildfires threatening several important communities in the B.C. Interior, my thoughts are with those in the affected communities, and the brave firefighters and emergency responders who are working hard to contain the fires and protect homes and lives.

“To those who have lost their homes and to those who are under evacuation order, I want to send my comfort at this difficult time. Emergency response teams are doing everything possible to meet your needs and I am being updated on the efforts to fight the fire and assure your safety.

“I urge everyone to follow the instructions of local emergency response officials and to do their utmost to avoid interfering with firefighting efforts. People are putting their lives on the line to save our neighbours and our communities, we have to do our part to make their jobs easier.

“I know British Columbians across the province stand ready to lend a helping hand. Whatever these wildfires throw at us, we will overcome it.”


This bush is tinder dry in the Prince George area, maybe time for a complete fire ban…campfires included. Maybe even a bush closure.

I don,t think he was smiling when he said this.
So why would you show a pic like that unless you are leaning toward the Libs.
There is enough pics of him out there looking series.

    Wow doneright, “leaning towards the Libs”? Touchy, touchy!

    For your information, Horgan doesn’t smile! Horgan grins, just like a Cheshire Cat!

      No no H.G. you have that confused with the grinning witch of the west sweet Christy

I agree ice close the bush down before its to late.
I remember them kicking ever one out of the bush in the late 80s.

    I thought they already did that, but maybe the announcement will be tomorrow? Two weeks or less supply of logs at most area mills will present another problem for this region if this weather persists.

Forestry does not want the bush void of logging traffic. Loggers are usually the first responders to local fires and are trained and required to have fire fighting equipment on hand. It is law that they have to drop everything and respond to a fire if one flares up in the area they are at.

Once the fire rating has hit extreme for 5 days in an area all metal tracked equipment must stop work.

WOW….people could lose everything and you idiots are still talking about the liberals…get a life and get to hell over it this is people’s whole lives at stake

    Maybe it is you who needs to get a life. This is a thread about a politician’s response to the fires. Therefor a political response is expected.

    There are plenty of stories about the fires themselves, maybe you should go patrol them.

A lot of lip service, no indication that he has any intentions of helping out in the aftermath.

Once again “Fake News” at it’s best. A smiling premier and a story about the province on fire. Great job.

Tempest in a tea pot! Now that the election is over and done with one would think that his supporters move on and enjoy the victory instead of seeing liberal plots in every little thing that is happening!

I can picture Horgan scratching his head (or stroking his creative facial hair) and saying, “What’s this ‘Interior’ you’re talking about?”

Hey John, here’s a pregnant idea. Hire more firefighters, get more equipment up and running, buy a few more water bombers, hit these fires hard and fast BEFORE we have to have evacuations. This ain’t the last fire season we’re gonna have, because, you know, Global Warming? Changing weather patterns in B.C.? C’mon man, show up the Libs, show us you can MAN UP!

I wonder where all the Liberals are now…oh wait there at Christys house in Kelowna having a weeny roasting fire over an open fire!!

    If you look at the electoral district map and compare it to the wild fire map , you’ll see that you are not far off base with your comment .

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