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October 27, 2017 4:45 pm

Shaw Outage Affecting Interior Residents

Saturday, July 8, 2017 @ 12:46 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Shaw customers in Prince George, Quesnel and Williams Lake are experiencing an internet and cable TV outage today.

The disruption began just before noon. It was caused by today’s wildfires.

The company says “a fix is in progress.” It’s Shaw’s second outage this week.


Likely due to the forest fires

Shaw was warned years ago about the issue of fiber cables run overhead on poles. They have been converting some of it to underground with fiber optic cables in the Fraser canyon.
This is B.S. Enough !!!

I have lost tv from Shaw as well, would guess it’s the forest fires..

I am not complaining about not having Shaw. I am worried about the people downsouth who have lost or may lose everything.. I bet they would rather be whining about Shaw services being down.

17 years i have been with shaw and i will be calling Telus on monday, Not only is this the 2nd outage in less then a week, Even when the service is up and running i lose connection on my wifi 10 times a day, I cant even play online xbox cause the speeds so slow, They told me for 2 years i lived in a “bad area” I moved and the same bs keeps happening, There service used to be top notch not its a joke $115 a month and i gotta hot spot my cell phone just to use the internet, Its pathetic

My Telus is working fine

Yup everyone i know that has Telus always tells me there service is working fine hence why i will be calling them monday and returning this garbage shaw pawns off on people at a over priced rate these days.

    Never put all your eggs in one basket. I got TV with Shaw and internet with Telus. If one is out I still have the other. Shaw is very reliable. I don’t blame the outages on Shaw but some idiot who crashes his car into a power pole or torches our four forests. And don’t forget Telus gets the TV signal from Shaw.

    My father couldn’t wait to get rid of telus.. always freezing, skipping etc.. he loves Shaw but he also understands things break and fires burn stuff.

I feel sorry for anyone not watching Bell TV. Rest of the providers arent even on the same level. Shaw is the worst TV on earth. There internet used to be the best now its shit to.

What real service get Telus. I been a ADSL customer since I was one of the first 5 beta testers in the bowl in 1997. Almost 100% time and great service.

Count me in as another guy ditching shaw next week. If I can’t rely on my internet whenever there’s a fire , an accident , it’s windy …what’s the point ? See ya shaw.

Were you on IRC at the time aswell?

LEEROYYYYYYYYYYYY JENKINSSSSSSS See ya there sir, Telus for life

I am not saying I will switch to Shaw next week, but if a great offer with an introductory discount with no locked in contract was available… then I would switch for sure. What good is Shaw if they are not available during emergencies?

Nobody now a days knows what a radio is when there is an emergency?

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