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October 27, 2017 4:44 pm

Premier Designate Heading to Kamloops

Sunday, July 9, 2017 @ 8:17 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Premier designate John Horgan is heading to Kamloops today to  visit with  those  who have been affected by the wildfires  raging through the province.Horgan is slated to visit  evacuees at Thompson Rivers University and to meet  with  emergency operations and social service workers.

There are  300   fire fighting personnel from  outside  B.C.  preparing to  arrive  in B.C. to  assist the more than 1000 firefighters and crew already battling the blazes. Yesterday, Minister of Forests John Rustad said the military could be called in as well  if need be.

While  many of the fires in the Cariboo region   have not been  accurately mapped because of  heavy smoke,  the Dragon Mountain fire  southeast of Quesnel  is  an estimated 1,500 hectares.    The 150Mile House  fire  is an estimated 2,500 hectares.

The Gustafsen fire is  estimated to be 3,200 hectares,   Soda creek blaze  is 100 hectares,   Spokin Lake fire is  estimated to be  100  hectares.  The Wildwood fire near the Williams Lake airport is   estimated to be 2,000 hectares.




I know he could not find Prince George.

I hope they don’t ask the African firefighters back again

The USA, Russia, Germany and Mexico have offered thousands of people and equipment to help.. lets see if he has the brains to accept the offer, because we know Trudeau won’t.

    WHO are you referring to as “”he”” ??? Clark still in charge here in BC

      Yes , where the heck is Cristy , her big grin and hardhat ? She must still be smokin as well .

      She toured the Emergency Operations Centre this morning and made a funding announcement at the Regional District offices. Where is Horgy? Did he sleep in and miss the flight or is he more of an afternoon flyer? Will see what he has to say after 2 when he arrives at the Operations Centre.

Absolutely amazing. Doesn’t go to Cache Creek, 100 Mile, Williams Lake, no reason he can’t.

    You mean SHE ! She’s still in charge . So where is she ? Still collecting corperate money ?

      She is already at the Kamloops fire centre, Horgy is waiting for his flight

    A) It’s still Clark in charge.

    B) Other than the fact they should probably not crowd areas that are already dealing with this chaos for political brownie points. They’re closing Provincial Parks to keep people out of the woods, keep the politicians where they’re useful too, not in the dirt getting in the way of the crews and their supply vehicles.

    you really think it would be wise to be driving on these roads right now??? With all the closures im not so sure one could get through anyways. Besides its still your LIEBRALS at the helm. So before you go spouting off get your facts straight!!

Check the ridings where these fires are happening and where the people are being evacuated. You will likely find that over 75% are represented by BCLiberal MLAs.

They still have the duty to represent those individuals whether they sit on the site of government or opposition.

Until Horgan is sworn in, I believe the BCLiberals are still in charge which would include the Minister of Forest. At least I hope that is the way it works in emergency situations.

Then again, the those in charge in the Forest Service really do not care. The people sitting on their asses in the Legislature just set direction. I think the direction is obvious and they are not left rudderless.

They do not need any more hot air on site, no matter who is in charge in Victoria.

Just heard John Rustad on Global news. He is the Minister in charge until Horgan’s government is sworn in with his crutch, Weaver, by his side …. LOL

    That’s right . The new government won’t be in charge till after being sworn in July 18th . Most fires are in Nocred ridings . The last fire season was photo op season . What’s different this time ? Noshow Nocreds .

Christy letting the two Dodo’s hang themselves with their coup.

Christy has her head under a pillow balling her crocodile tears out.

    Nope . She’s making a race out of getting to Kamloops first . Hot on the heels of Horgan on her high heels .

      Christy is already in Kamloops and made the announcement. Horgy baby won’t be there until 2pm, looks like he tripped on her heels

The only thing a politician can do now is get in the way, they’ll be more helpful staying far away.

I heard both Rustad and Morris on the radio yesterday, they are still doing the job they were elected to.

Doing their job? You mean underfunding the firefighters for so many years now and
even cut their pay. Good thing their job is about to end now maybe they will get a cut in pay.

Christy announced a $100 donation to the Red Cross- as shown in the McMurray fire the quickest and most efficient way to get help to those people forced out of their homes.

Horgan will bring a bunch of “I’m so sorry for you” and a pocket full of IOUs.

Now out of the two which one has a valid reason to be there?

    The one who can still “sign checks”. Horgan is not the one at the moment. Weaver is sitting at home since there are no wildfires in his riding. He probably has never seen one.

    How big of a cut does the Red Cross keep for itself ? It will be in the millions of our dollars .

      Just looked it up . The Red Cross keeps 17% . So we’ve just given them $ 17 ,000,000.00 .

      Can’t be bothered to check that fact even though you have a habit of posting drivel but will pose a question or two.

      What would it cost in people and resources for the province to set up a system to register, catalog, cut checks etc those people forced out of their homes. Then there is the biggest question- what is the timeline for this to be done as time is of the essence when people are in evacuation shelters a lot of times without a toothbrush or a comb to their name.

      One more.

      How does that compare with the provincial government overhead given that BCGEU members move at a glacial pace?

      Yes , once again Christy has done an end run around the BCGEU by giving an inefficient private company/charity a 100 million dollars that could be more efficiently distributed by our existing Human Resources Department . keeping ALL of the dollars here at home . Yes , well done Christy .

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