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October 27, 2017 4:43 pm

P.G. Expecting to House More Evacuees

Sunday, July 9, 2017 @ 3:02 PM

Prince George, B.C. – The City of Prince George has  already provided group lodging for more than 150 evacuees  and expects to receive more.

Initial indications are that a further 25 to 50 evacuees will be arriving today,  and Chris Duffy of  Emergency Management B.C. says the  number of evacuees heading  to P.G. could be as high as 2700.  “We’re going to be able to handle that,  no question” says Prince George Mayor Lyn Hall  “We have locations that are lined up to be activated.”

As of this morning,  88 people had  stayed in the group lodging set up at CNC,  another 67 had been billeted, and  14  were staying in RVs in the CNC  parking lot.

In addition to those who are heading to P.G.  from the Cariboo,  there are a number  of  folks who had been in town for a major convention, who are not able to head  south to get home.  Those  who came  to the convention in RV’s,   have been  allowed to set up in Exhibition Park.  Those  convention  attendees  who  are not able to head home, and are in need of assistance,  are asked to visit the emergency reception centre at CNC to request service.

So far,  150 beds have been  set up at CNC,   a further 190  have been set up at the Northern Sport Centre.   The City has already  distributed $17,752  dollars worth of grocery vouchers in addition to the  food being provided at both CNC and the Northern Sport Centre.

Mayor Hall has been talking with  some of the evacuees, “It is absolutely heart wrenching” says Mayor Hall “They talk about the evacuation process and having to leave behind homes and  family in various parts of the Cariboo,   I was with a family yesterday I just happened to see  them registering and poor mom was absolutely devastated.”

Mayor Hall  says  helping  evacuees deal with the emotional impact  of the  circumstances is part of the  emergency planning  “Our emergency operations team includes a vast array of people.  We reach out and we are going to be  able to provide  medical services,  pharmaceutical services, social  services   that whole realm of need is going to  be met.  The other piece of this is that the people who  doing the registering have been trained  to handle these kinds of situations and they do a remarkable  job.”

While  people in Prince George want to  help out,  offers of food, clothing and other items can’t be accepted right now,  that is why the City is  encouraging those who want to make a donation to do so by  giving  to the British Columbia Fires Appeal with the Canadian Red Cross.

Residents wishing to provide accommodation for a person or family often do so via social media, including by posting on the City’s Facebook page, www.facebook.com/cityofpg.


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