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October 27, 2017 4:43 pm

New Fires on Border of Northwest and P.G. Fire Centres

Sunday, July 9, 2017 @ 3:19 PM

Prince George, B.C. – The BC Wildfire Service is responding to five new wildfires about 32 kilometres northeast of Granisle and 125 kilometres northwest of Fort St. James.

Four of these wildfires cover less than one hectare each and all of them are suspected to be caused by lightning.

The largest of the five wildfires covers about 100 hectares and does not pose a threat to communities or structures at this time. The fires are located west of Takla Lake, with some of them burning on the border between the Prince George Fire Centre and the Northwest Fire Centre.

Smoke from these fires may be visible from the west side of Babine Lake, including the community of Granisle. Forecasted wind conditions this afternoon could lead to an increase in smoke and fire activity.

The Northwest Fire Centre is supporting the Prince George Fire Centre’s response to these five wildfires, allowing the Prince George Fire Centre to concentrate its resources on wildfires where life and property may be at risk.

The fire danger rating in most of the Northwest Fire Centre is currently moderate to high with some areas of extreme fire danger around Morice Lake and the Nechako Reservoir.

* Within the boundaries of the Northwest Fire Centre, nine new wildfires have started since July 7 and all of these fires are suspected to been caused by lightning. There are currently seven active wildfires in the Northwest Fire Centre, the largest of which covers six hectares about 41 kilometres south of Burns Lake. Thirty-one firefighters are working on this fire and crews have reported good progress over the weekend. There are no structures threatened by these fires at this time.

* One abandoned campfire has been reported in the Northwest Fire Centre so far this weekend, adding to the eight abandoned campfires discovered last weekend. The BC Wildfire Service reminds the public that unattended or abandoned campfires can easily start a wildfire. This type of human-caused wildfire is completely preventable and diverts crucial resources away from naturally occurring wildfires.

There are currently no open burning prohibitions in place in the Northwest Fire Centre. However, people wishing to light an open fire must watch for changing weather conditions and follow all burning regulations to reduce the number of preventable wildfires.


Time to Shut ‘er down and ban all campfires! Some campers will continue to be stupid and not tend to them or just leave. If at all possible they should be charged or vehicles confiscated if they are found! No more public warnings as common sense should prevail!! Enough talking and more action!

    Probably transplants from the lower mainland..

      Bwahahahaha! Very good possibility! Know the concrete jungle but are lost in the bush!

      Hanging out by Burns Lake or Takla Lake? The odds would be better finding a person from PG who knows how to merge, LOL :)

      You heard about the boater on Pitt Lake and needed a tow? Everyone wanted money to tow him in. Typical mindset of LMD.
      Don’t think you see that up here.

      There are rude, ignorant and inconsiderate people everyone. Just the same as there are polite, helpful and caring people everywhere.

      Which ones you see is often contingent on your own outlook and attitude.

      NMG that is so true.

    I agree some campers are ignorant and not very responsible. But it does state in this article that all four of the new fires are believed to be caused by lightning… Im made sure my campfire was out before i came back to town this morning.

love a campfire when out in the bush but i dont think i would light one tthe way the way conditions are now.

I still see morons throw burning cigarettes out of their vehicle window now and then.

    Although I’d love to see them ticketed, that’s a tough one to catch.

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