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October 27, 2017 4:40 pm

Police Imposters in Quesnel Area

Tuesday, July 11, 2017 @ 5:21 PM

Quesnel, B.C.- RCMP  in Quesnel are investigating after receiving a report of two men posing as police officers knocking on doors.

At least two men two men attended rural residences off Barkerville Highway (Hwy 26) near Quesnel saying they were fire officials and that people have to get out immediately.

These men were dressed in police type clothing and were wearing high visibility vests. The men did not provide identification and left the area in what is described as a black SUV type vehicle. The occupants of the residence found this disturbing and alerted the authorities.

The Quesnel RCMP can confirm that at this time the police are ONLY attending homes in the Fire Evacuation zone. Police conducting the Evacuation Orders are dressed in full police uniform and have police identification as well as the official Evacuation Order to provide to evacuated residents.

Police are still conducting core policing functions in the Quesnel area. Police remind the public to remain vigilant and to ensure they call the police at 250-992-9211 about anyone posing as a police officer or other official.


Get a rope.

Pure scum. People in that area are already on the edge and these scumbags take advantage of the situation

Shoot first ask questions later. Unfortunately, yet again, if they are caught the worse that can happen is a whipping with an el dente noodle!

Reminds me of that guy faking being disabled in a wheelchair on Twitch and he got a little too comfortable and walked off camera instead of wheeling himself, didn’t stop him from apparently getting 50k in donations though…crazy world.

More looting after people their homes………Where is the RCMP? What a safe society we live in.

Looters should be shot on sight.


Remember this is Canada, can’t hurt a criminals feelings…..

    They have to catch you first.

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