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October 27, 2017 4:36 pm

Tolko To Look After Families of Workers

Friday, July 14, 2017 @ 8:18 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Tolko,  which has  shut down operations  at its Lakeview and Soda Creek Divisions  w because of the  wildfires,   will make a cash contribution to   all active hourly employees  to help them through this crisis.

The company has announced  each hourly employee (regular and spareboard), from the Lakeview and  Soda Creek operations,  will receive  a  one-time $1000 lump sum payment to aid them during this challenging time. This payment will be distributed to all 326 hourly employees from both mills and represents an overall contribution of $326,000.

Salaried employees will continue to receive their regular wages as those who were unable to attend work due to evacuation have been provided with alternate or remote working opportunities.

“At our core, Tolko is about family,” said Brad Thorlakson, President and CEO. “And in tough times, families come together and help each other. It has been very difficult to watch this story unfold in Williams Lake; to know that families have been forced to leave their homes and communities to ensure their personal safety. We knew we wanted to help, and we had to determine the best way to do that. Today, I think we’ve come to a solution that will support families as they navigate the uncertainty of the coming days.”

Funds will be deposited into employee’s bank accounts on Friday, July 21. Employees who have questions about the lump sum payment can email WL.HR@tolko.com.

Thorlakson also offered recognition to employees at Williams Lake who have continued to work to protect the mill and to Woodlands staff fighting active fires in the area.

“Staff and employees in Williams Lake not only give their all to Tolko, they devote endless hours to making the community of Williams Lake a great place to live,” said Thorlakson. “As fire threatens their community, many have stayed. They have worked tirelessly to protect their community, to battle blazes and to protect our mills so people have homes and jobs to come home to. They are an extraordinary group of people and are to be commended. To say thank-you seems small in light of their heart and dedication.”


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