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October 27, 2017 4:30 pm

Mounties Not Horsing Around!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017 @ 8:03 PM

Williams Lake, B.C. -On Monday, RCMP officers near Highway 97 and Mountain House Road, in Williams Lake, were called to give truth to their “Mounted” Police name.  Although not required to ride them, they were instrumental in rescuing three horses.

Two horses in an enclosure near the checkpoint, where Cst. Jesse Hewitt (Powell River RCMP), Cst. Mihai Ilioi (Nanaimo RCMP) and Cst. Brind’Amour (Nelson RCMP) were manning, jumped their fence and were running freely on the roadway. A third, extremely large horse (not pictured), had  tried to scale the fence and was trapped on the wire, it was whinnying for assistance, which was further exciting the freed horses.

Cst. Brind’Amour stated, The horses were getting very upset” says Cst. Brind’Amour, “They had become separated from their herd, and were very difficult to catch and control. We managed to calm one horse down with an apple from our lunch.

It took some time,  but  officers hoofed it,  and were able to catch two of the horses.  They  then  turned to give the third,d  trapped horse,  their unbridled  attention.   They freed the  large horse by pushing down the fencing allowing it to get out.

After securing all three of the horses, the officers walked approximately 1 Kilometer back to their enclosure, where four other equine friends anxiously awaited.



What a great feel good Mike McCardle-esk news story. Elaine, Greg and all the people involved with 250News have done an amazing job with their timely and informational coverage of the Cariboo ’17 Fires. We are lucky to have them and the immeasurable service they provide, in our community. Thank you to all of them.

Yes indeed! The 250 news team is doing a much better job here than any of the ‘big boys’. We and most certainly all the evacuees who visit this site are very grateful for the timely and frequent news.


Yep, hats off to the 250 crew! The big boys are more into sensationalism rather than getting down to the bone.

I agree with everyone on this page – 250 news has been my go to site for BC Fire news. Excellent coverage. Thank you!

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