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October 27, 2017 4:29 pm

Crash Tangles Traffic on Hart

Wednesday, July 19, 2017 @ 2:20 PM

Emergency personnel  on scene of crash- photo  250News

Prince George, B.C. –  Traffic on the Hart Highway, through the Shady Lane area   has been  reduced to a crawl because of a vehicle incident.

A motorcyclist  has dropped  their bike,  and while early indications are there are no serious injuries,  traffic  both north and southbound  has been hampered.

The incident should be cleared away  by 3 this afternoon.


Must be more to this, I ride a motorcycle and I do not just drop my bike and shut down the Hwy. Must have skidded and slid the way I look at it. Maybe just a terminology foofaw.

Everyone, please be paitent. Our population just grew by 20%. So be calm, take your time.

    And Kamloops is around 18,000!!! Insane!

    20%? Maybe closers to 10% if all the evacuees stayed in PG after registering, which I highly doubt. Lots of them have family throughout the north.

    I have noticed the parks are more busy at times, but the roads don’t seem any busier than they were three weeks ago.

I’m the motorcyclist from this accident. The facts are I was in the slow low going the speed of traffic. A white minivan pulled out of shady lane crossed 4 lanes of traffic. Cutting off both south bound lanes of traffic squeezing me into the curb. Once my bike contacted the curb I was unable to stay on it. My bike went down and slid down the highway. I tumbled in the ditch about 4 times.

I’m lucky to walk away. My neck and shoulder are sore. I have a carpet burn on my head from my helmet.

I was wearing full body armer and sustained minimal bumps and bruises.

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