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October 27, 2017 4:29 pm

IIO In Prince George

Wednesday, July 19, 2017 @ 3:21 PM

Prince George, B.C. – The independent Investigations Office  has deployed investigators to Prince George to  probe an incident in which   a man under arrest   later died.

The RCMP  say that last evening, around 10:30.  the Prince  George RCMP  received a report of a man  believed to be “casing” vehicles in the 1000 block of Central Street West in Prince George.

A police officer responded to the complaint and located the suspect who attempted to flee on a bicycle.

According to police,  the  officer and suspect  got involved in a struggle.  The officer  called for  assistance  and several other  Mounties arrived on scene.    The  officers  assisted in the  arrest of the  suspect,  and   during the course of their interaction with him,  pepper spray was used  prior to placing the suspect in a police  car.

The suspect is said to have  developed  trouble breathing and immediate medical assistance was  requested.

An ambulance arrived on scene,  and the man was taken  out of the police car  at which time he collapsed.

The 35 year old  was  pronounced dead  in hospital  shortly  after midnight.

The Independent Investigations Office will now investigate  to  see if there is a connection between  the man’s death  and  the actions of police.



I hope other so called would become criminals learn from this.. There’s been a rise in crime the last two weeks and I’m sure the RCMP are stretched to the limits

Sure glad we have an independent investigative office for situations like this. A lot of shady looking people could be seen to be avoiding police for any number of reasons… to end up dead in custody should never be the end result.

The man faced no trial for the acquisition against him and it appears no crime had been committed other than refusing to be arrested. He could have simply been on drugs, had a mental issue, depressed, or paranoid for something unrelated or previous traumatic events involving authorities.

I see two parts to the investigation. One is the scenario around the action of the now dead civilian and the arresting officers. The other should be around the way in which the use of pepper spray was used that resulted in death, so that best practices can be used in the future to avoid this kind of tragedy from ever happening again.

    you make allot of assumptions.

      Can you name one assumption. Or are you the one making assumptions about Assumptions?

      In fact the story above makes assumptions. Why the parenthesis around ‘casing’ and not around ‘believed to be’?

    No resistance, no force required, end of story.

      No I don’t believe it’s the end of story when a man dies if we live in a country that believes in the rule of law.

Well my truck was broken into last week by a guy like this. If this was him…karma!

    Seriously? Your truck (a possession) is worth a man’s life? Thieves may be the scum of the earth but to wish death upon them is rather harsh.

News reports state that back up was called n was present when peppered sprayed.. Really??? Three or four cops couldn’t handle a guy who had no weapons???

    The question is why would they keep him in the back seat of the cop car if he is having trouble breathing? Probably had him face down too, as I seen them do that to the guy that broke into my car many years ago. Face down into the seat with the cop on top, little roughing up, because we all know the courts will have him walking free by morning…. standard practice I ‘assume’.

    I would think if a guy has trouble breathing then you get him some water and fresh air so he can breath. He would be in cuffs after all with how many officers surrounding him.

    We will have to wait for the reports to know for sure. Just lots of unanswered questions at this point. The rule of law is important for everyone.

That is just it, you don’t know if he has a weapon or not. Pepper spray is typically a non-lethal weapon of choice to temporarily disable a person. I have seen many a druggy walk right on through being pepper sprayed and keep coming at you. They are on such an induced high at the time they don’t even notice the pain of the spray.

    I am sure after peppers prayed and hand cuffed they would know about any weapons, so give the man access to fresh air until the criticality of the situation subsides?

While these situations are very troubling, luckily they are few and far between compared to the shoot first, ask later police south of the border. Hopefully improper force was not employed in this case; the RCMP generally do an excellent job screening candidates for the ex-school bully power tripping types.

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