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October 27, 2017 4:28 pm

RVs Moving to Centralized Location

Friday, July 21, 2017 @ 8:30 AM

Prince George, B.C. – In a bid to make service delivery more efficient, about 40 RVs owned by wildfire evacuees will be on the move today.

The City of Prince George says the RV owners currently parked at the Northern Sport Centre, the College of New Caledonia and CN Centre will be moved to the parking lot between the Aquatic Centre and the Exhibition Park soccer fields along George Paul Lane.

“Consolidating the RVs in one location will better enable the City to provide services to the evacuees,” says the City.

It’s estimated that close to 1,000 of the evacuees in Prince George are in RVs – the majority of which are in campgrounds and other locations around the city.

Meanwhile the total number of evacuees fleeing wildfires in the Cariboo is estimated at just over 9,300 in Prince George – 7,559 adults and 1,748 children.


Too bad the city shut down the sani-dump station at the 22nd ave yards, then again also bad they shut down the transfer station as well. Just seems we pay more for less services all the time.

    stand by it will get worse

    18th ave, 22nd ave is residential

    if i remember correctly the sani dump is still functional, they could open it to the evacuees

So how are the evacuees in RVs getting their sani tanks dumped now???

    Their tanks are being serviced on site with a mobile truck.

Excellent question !! Let us ask the brain surgeon that made the incredibly wise, insightful, shockingly awesome and impressively thoughtful decision to close the sani-dump station at 22nd and Quinn.



I work next door to one of the private sani stations here in town and they are always busy. Not sure why the city closed theirs. I haul my fifth wheel trailer a lot and in most towns, there is a city run dumping site. Should be one here too.

I have been posting on this site for yrs to get some attention for the city to install a sani- station. I don’t think they realize how important it is for tourists and the local rv owners. Of course you will always get the same people saying it will take away business from the locals and we don’t want our tax dollars spent on this.

You’ve got my vote for the city providing a sani-station. We spent all that money on winter games promoting PG. Something as minor as a sani-station and fresh water shouldn’t be that big of hit to the budget and its definitely appreciated as a tourist.

I’m not a genius ,but maybe the casino or Walmart could use one.

Canadian Tire used to have a free one but it kept being vandalized.

If the city wants tourists to stop in this town, a sani dump or even a couple of them sure wouldn’t hurt.

People on the move, want to keep moving. However, when they have to stop for fuel, fresh water or something else, they want to do as many things as they can at that time before heading out again. A sani dump could be just the ticket.

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