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October 27, 2017 4:28 pm

Military Personnel Stay the Night in P.G.

Friday, July 21, 2017 @ 8:44 AM

Photo courtesy City of Prince George

Prince George, B.C. – The Ritchie Brothers site on Highway 16 west of Prince George hosted some very special guests last night.

About 225 Canadian soldiers (with over 60 vehicles) spent the night here on route to helping with the wildfire effort in Williams Lake.

The soldiers are based in Edmonton and are mostly from the 3rd Canadian Division and Joint Task Force West.

They will be assisting the RCMP with very specific duties in Williams Lake such as the ground evacuation of persons in distress, delivery of essential aid such as food and supplies by land and by air and will be maintaining road checkpoints.


I hope they get to shoot looters.

    Yes, shoot first and ask questions later! Looters are very close to the bottom of being real scum, no loss to society far as I am concerned. Might offend some sensitive wall flowerers here, tough!

      They are unarmed military personnel. Deployed to man roadblocks while the police do patrols throughout affected neighborhoods.

      im pretty sure they are trained for physical interaction not just with weopons… just sayin

    Gotta have a tag for that.
    Yuh can’t just shoot ’em. Gotta bag ’em and cuff ’em for court.
    And hope they get slammed hard, hope Crown and Judge read this.
    My understanding are that very few of the soldiers are armed, but they will be active in assisting Mounties.
    Wish them all well.

      Don’t need to worry about crown counsel and our system, incompetent is their main objective and they excel at it. Bulldog with rubber teeth and the bottom feeding criminal lawyers seem to keep the scum out of jail. Sad to say the least!

P.S. Thank you to the military big time, evacuees will sure appreciate the extra protection to their residences.

    Exactly. But I have to wonder why they weren’t deployed when the state of emergency was declared.

      The province has to request the federal government for their assistance and are not generally asked until all other options have been exhausted this is standard practice

This morning I saw this amazing convoy of Army Vehicles on the Old Cariboo Hwy….I was in awe…I almost had to pull over to watch the impressive mile of Army assistance…Thank You for helping in the aide to fight our wild fires, looters and other unimaginable incidents that are taking place. Thank you to all the amazing people that are assisting with these and many other challenges all across our province!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!

Good to hear! Should be no reason for the residence to be packing side arms and conducting
vigilante justice, threatening people now that the RCMP are freed up to patrol the neighborhoods.

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