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October 27, 2017 4:26 pm

Watermain Project Ready to Roll

Sunday, July 23, 2017 @ 6:59 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Drivers can expect delays along Foothills Boulevard  between North Nechako Road and Vallencher  for the next few months as a new  water main  is installed.

The project calls for a  new water supply transmission main between the water booster station west of Foothills Boulevard and north of North Nechako Road to the water reservoir  that serves about 15,000 residents in the  Hart region.  The existing  water main was installed  prior to 1975, when the Hart was outside the City limits.

The old line crosses undeveloped private lands within a City  right of way,  making it  difficult to access,  especially during the winter.

The project calls for the new line to  be installed along the edge of Foothills Boulevard.  Originally, the installation was  expected to cost $3.2 million dollars.  A decision to  install the line along Foothills, making the line  960 meters longer than  originally planned, plus road rehab once the work has done, meant the project  needed a new budget.   Council recently approved adding another $2.8 million  to the project.

The funds will come from the water reserve  fund.  The work  is expected to  improve  flow to fire hydrants,  residents and Hart Highlands School.

The work is expected to be complete  late this fall.


They definitely need more water pressure in the Hart. My place up there couldn’t get enough water pressure to run the sprayer in the kitchen sink or shower, and the sprinkler for the lawn would only go 10 feet at a time. I complained a few times, but they would say it meets the minimum standard. I always figured if I had a fire I was done… hydrant or no hydrant. This is a good infrastructure investment by the city.

    Maybe you had a faulty shut off valve or a pinched line.

      No the whole neighborhood was like that. My neighbor had a booster for his, which basically sucks the water up the line, but those were a lot of money just to water the lawn and what not.

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