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October 27, 2017 4:23 pm

Prince George Crime Severity Index Climbs

Wednesday, July 26, 2017 @ 3:00 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Stats Canada  is reporting the Crime Severity Index for Prince George  climbed  in 2016  to 154.39  up 5.68% over  the previous year. 

It is the highest  crime severity  index  Prince George has seen in 5 years.

The police-reported Crime Severity Index measures the volume and severity of crime using data from police reported  crime,  it indicates whether police-reported crime was relatively more or less serious than in previous years. For ease of interpretation, the index is converted to 100 for the base year of 2006.

Here are some  details of the number of incidents  in 2016  compared to  2015:

Crime 2015 Incidents 2016 Incidents
Homicide 3 4
Sexual Assaults 42 60
Assault (aggravated) 11 15
Assault (causing bodily harm) 264 202
Robbery 78 78
Break and Enter 655 699
Theft Under $5,000 780 887
Theft Over $5,000 851 908
Fraud 268 324
Impaired Driving 165 143


Meanwhile Williams Lake will see a huge improvement from number 1 when the 2017 numbers come out….

Big surprise, NOT! Justice system protects the scuzzballs and it’s the victims that get crapped on! To much mammy pampy, touchy feeley bull from the liberal morons out there who want to save everybody! Time to wake up andclitera
Lay grab the bull by the horns! The scuzzes know this and take full advantage of the system. Take a look at all the programs out there, too many. Some benefit, but a low percentage persevere and better themselves, the others milk it for all its worth!

I see the police picked up another prolific offender in the wildfire area first thing a picture in the paper with the name underneath. By my account the police have arrested a work crew pictures and name in the paper automatic three to five hundred hours of community service. Boston Flats one example lots of burnt out stoves, fridges, sofas, washers, dryers etc need to be picked up thrown in dumpster bins we have the guys and gals for the job. Police are already monitoring the area so instead they guard the work crew shot of salt in the as! if they try to run and back the next day oh well if you can not sit to enjoy your lunch next day. At least two years in prison on top of the community service and Mr Lawyer before you say we are violating their rights stop and think of the victims.

An interesting statistic would be now many people who committed crimes in 2015 were the same people who committed crimes in 2016. If a lot of the 2016 crimes were not committed by 2015 criminals, then we have a serious problem.

How many of the different crimes were committed by the same person. As a example
2015 655 break and enter. 2016 699 break and enter. So, do we have a total of 1354 people doing B&E’s, or are most of them done by the same people.

Lets get some stats that tell us who are committing the crimes. Not necessarily names, but at least the number of crimes committed by individuals in a given year.
This would give us an indication of how many people are actually being incarcerated, and how many are out parole but committing crimes.

Only 2 stats went down, sure glad I live on the outskirts and don’t have to deal with door checkers every night

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