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October 27, 2017 4:21 pm

Deputy BC Green Leader Visits P.G.

Friday, July 28, 2017 @ 6:00 AM

Sonia Furstenau, deputy leader of the BC Greens, made a pit stop in Prince George Thursday – photo 250News

Prince George, B.C. – Sonia Furstenau, deputy leader of the BC Greens, says her party will be pushing to ensure communities affected by wildfires in British Columbia get the economic assistance they need.

She made the comments at the tail end of a visit of northern communities in Prince George Thursday.

“Absolutely. These communities are suffering enormously right now and I’ve heard all these stories of incredible generosity and hospitality – particularly in Prince George,” Furstenau said. “People are going to need a lot of support to get through this crisis.”

And once this crisis passes, she said a lot of long-term thinking will also be necessary.

“So, what do we need to learn from these wildfire seasons and how are we going to start mitigating this?” said Furstenau.

“In the big, big picture, we have to recognize the role that climate change plays in this, but in the more medium range picture there are things we can be doing in the forest that can mitigate the wildfire risk.”

She said government must implement those policies “as quickly as possible so that other communities don’t suffering the way that these communities have suffered this summer.”

250News also asked Furstenau if she felt the four-year agreement her party signed with NDP will last.

“It’s up to the people who are involved in it and it’s up to all of us to do our very best,” she said. “And the agreement is based on good faith and no surprises. So, that’s the start. It’s like a good relationship, you don’t want to be caught off guard or blind-sided by the person you’re in a relationship with.”

With that in mind, didn’t her party – vehemently opposed to the Trans Mountain pipeline – feel blind-sides when B.C. Attorney General David Eby suggested this week his government won’t stall Kinder Morgan’s permits out of fear of being sued?

“No, once you’re in government, there are constraints and they have to be mindful of those legal responsibilities that they have,” Furstenau said.

“I would be disappointed if they weren’t being mindful of that. Our position remains the same and we will work with them as we said in the agreement, on any possible way, legal way, of stopping that pipeline.

“But, we wouldn’t expect the government to do anything that would create the circumstances for them being sued which would cost taxpayers a lot of money.”


For this NDP/Green coalition to work there will have to be a lot of give and take.

The long term goal of this coalition is to form the Government for the next four years. In order to do this they need to ensure that they get along. Naturally the Liberals would like to see it fall apart, however that (at this point in time) is wishful thinking.

The Greens have never been in a better position to influence legislation, and the NDP has been out of power for 16 years, so they both are fully aware of how important it is to keep this coalition going.

The Liberals on the other hand need to sit back and try to determine what got them into this position. One reason of course is that they have been in power for to long, and it was time to change them out,. Another was that they were devoid of any new ideas (hence the stealing of the NDP/Green platform) and much to cozy and friendly with their corporate buddies, with little concern for the average citizen /taxpayer.

Is pretty hard to support a Government that does not support you, and thats the position the Liberals were in. It was all about kissing up to big business.

So they need take a long rest and make some changes, not the least of which will be to change out their leader, and a few long term MLA’s.

Spending some time in opposition will be good for them.

    The cracks in the NDP/Green foundation are already starting. Weaver has been pretty much tossed aside. If you read the latest articles about the trans mountain pipeline at the very bottom of them Weaver is already taking an opposition stance to the NPD. Now with Cristy resigning as the liberal leader we might see some more confidence brought back to the liberals.

    Interesting times no doubt..The popcorn tastes good from my perspective..

    It’s not a coalition.

There’s another version of the same old problem with politics. “But, we wouldn’t expect the government to do anything that would create the circumstances for them being sued which would cost taxpayers a lot of money.”

So, in other words, ‘money’ rules. And while NOT having the pipeline is what the Greens are so certain is best for the environment that they’re all so hep on protecting, that only holds true as long as not having it costs someone else money. As soon as it looks like not having it would cost THEM money, too, well….the story changes.

I voted green for one reason and one reason only, they seemed to be the only party willing to accept man’s contribution to Climate Change. Time to see if Weaver can walk the walk instead of just talking.

Let’s start small. I’d like to see a complete ban on non-commercial traffic in downtown Victoria and Vancouver. Then we can work from there.

    Wait for it…..

    They’re as phoney as three dollar bills. If the entire population of Canada committed mass suicide tomorrow, the effect on the temperature of planet Earth would be zilch. If the Greens were truly serious about making an effect on man’s supposed contribution to detrimental climate change they’d be looking at why we have a financial system that doesn’t properly do what it’s supposed to do ~ fully REFLECT physical reality. The ACTUAL ‘cost’ of the production of anything is fully met as that production occurs. It has to be, or production couldn’t occur. There is no such thing as a ‘debt’ in nature. But under the current financial set-up the only way people can lay claim to that which they’ve already done, is to do MORE. Whether that MORE is needed or not. And more often than not, as we continually go forward, it isn’t. Our problem today isn’t a scarcity of the products of industry, it’s how to limit and dispose of the glut that occurs that can’t otherwise currently be sold financially. It’s a ‘money’ problem. But the Greens don’t want to look at that. Because that would mean biting the hand that (really) feeds them.

      You really need to read the BCGreen party platform . The Green Party is lead by a mathematics expert . The problems always come down to the lack of money for most . Just the extra $100.00 for welfare and the disabled is going to help our economy as it percolates through locally .

      Hey Mr trump.. what are you doing posting your fake facts on here… shouldn’t you be tweeting something.

      We have to do more of the things that benefit us and less of the things that are harming us.

      The population of the USA is about 5% of the global population, Canada has one tenth of the population of the USA, so we are about 0.5% of the global total. The USA obviously has more effect on the global environment than 5%! Canada has more of an effect than 0.5%! Both countries are industrialized ones. That fact most be considered in any calculation.

      Talking about suicide: If the BCGREENs participate in the planned undoing of the major BC green hydro power project, they will have committed political suicide!

      Nowadays money is seen as a lubricating commodity. If there is not enough, more is created in the form of fiat money. The global trading and money manipulation have not been following the old value based system since the days of Woodrow Wilson and the creation of the Federal Bank.

Like I figured it would; now the interparties squabbling is going to commence and will probably go on until, hopefully, both parties are ousted. the Greenies are feeling their oats and will play a minor opposition party. I am not well versed in politics and do not want to be, but I can see these two playing political chess and the people of BC will be of the lesser priorities.

Oh the lightening strikes are climate change now, because thats what started the big fire in WL. Sounds like a smoker started the other one, so lets blame climate change on that too… its convenient.

Did she arrive in PG using an environmentally friendly method , or did she fly?

    Probably a Nissan Armada, the biggest boat they have? 2 gallons to the mile. Wonder if she is wearing environmental friendly clothing?

    A 1 degree change in global temperatures is estimated to increase lightning strikes by 12%. The tinder dry conditions are another result of climate change. But, there is no point arguing with the deniers. They’ll just stick their heads in the sand and let someone else do the work to ensure our survival.

    PS. Looks like a glass bottle in her hand. She’s probably wearing hemp clothes that she sewed herself and is munching on granola that she grew and harvested herself. I’m sure she pedalled to PG and Jillian met her at the City’s edge. LOL.

      another crazy climate change post.. wow.

More plastic bottles in our landfill I see.

Won’t even drink PG water. Wonder if she even thought of the carbon trail shes so worried about with that bottle of water. Just amazing.

So I guess there where no fires before man, no climate change before man. Mann bad.

So in escense she just said she lied to her constituents. They are against Kinder Morgan but they will go along with it to prevent the government from being sued. If the Greens had stated that in their platform how would that affect the voter? Totally laughable as a party sorry to say

    The NDP is dragging it’s heels on legislation banning union and corporate political donations, something they promised was on top of their to-do list. Surely you’re not naive enough to believe anything a politician says to get elected?

    She never lied to anyone . It was never intended that anyone were to break the law . That’s what “by legal means ” means . If they were to break the law , one could call them stupid and they are anything but stupid .

      Whatever, all through the election they vowed to kill Site C and Kinder Morgan at all costs, now a possible lawsuit is grounds to drop their opposition? Now the “costs” are too high? Way to suck in your core supporter. Hey if they determine that Site C will open the possibility of a lawsuit from the contracts already doled out will they step back and say – oooh, we may get sued…

Ataloss, How much is the least intelligent nobel laureate in world history paying you to shill for him??
From all of your posts about this man over the last year, it is hard to decipher where his A$$ ends and your head starts!
What a ride we are in for with Beavis and Butthead at the controls. Especially now that it seems more and more obvious that they are going to be pulling in somewhat opposite directions!

    He’s not paying me anything . I’m actually paying him . His next payment from me comes after he follows through with at least asking for Broadband Redundancy for our region . Other than Pat Bell he’s the only one with any ideas to grow PG et al . So far Bond is disappointed that Christy is doing the right thing . That’s not throwing anything on the table . What have you got ? Cartoon visions don’t pay the bills . I’m actually sad that Christy is leaving . If she leaves as an MLA it would diminish Andrews tentative power . I’m hoping a couple of captainless Nocreds with intellect cross the floor to the Greens . You’re a checkers player , right ?

A new report from NASA says the global oceans dropped in volume over the last two years…. wait a minute hold the press… how can that be if we have global warming? Think about it the ocean levels gave dropped over the last two years… the carbon tax must be working. It just proves that the green policy works, or does it?

So what makes the ocean level drop? More ice formation? A cooler ocean temperature as a whole? The wonders of linear global warming induced by constant CO2 emissions? Makes one really wonder about human induced climate change anyways….

    Link? I channelled my inner gus and could find nothing.

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