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October 27, 2017 4:16 pm

Premier Horgan Pays P.G. Quick Visit

Tuesday, August 1, 2017 @ 10:49 AM

Prince George, B.C. – He was here and gone in a flash, but B.C. Premier John Horgan says he was able to quickly meet with people who’ve been evacuated, with City of Prince George officials, and emergency responders during his brief visit to Prince George last night.

The trip followed a tour of the devastating effects wildfires have had in the Williams Lake area and a meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau earlier in the day.

Horgan told 250News this morning his trip to Prince George began with a visit to UNBC.

“Yes, we went up to the Northern Sport Centre. Had a meeting with Mayor Hall and a group of representatives from Northern Health, from fire departments, the emergency response crew of course,” he said.

“We stopped in at the provincial Emergency Response Centre and talked to the staff there. That was really exciting that people from across the province, from Vancouver Police, Vancouver Fire (were there).

“There were people from every corner of British Columbia in Prince George working to make sure that we can get people in the Cariboo back in their homes safely and with comfort that they’re going to be good going forward.”

However, one group of people who didn’t have the chance to meet the Premier and his team of ministers in Prince George yesterday, was the media.

“We were just briefly in and out,” he explained. “We had a full day – leaving the Lower Mainland, getting into Williams Lake. We toured the wildfire sites on both the east and west of the Fraser. We went into the Chilcotin. By the time we got to Prince George it was a quick visit with the mayor.

“I wanted to hear how the city was dealing with the challenges and then back in the airplane because we had to leave before dark.”

Once all is said and done with the wildfire season, Horgan promised getting affected communities the help they need will be a top priority of both his government and the federal government.

“I’m going to be holding the federal government to that (support for affected communities) and I’m expecting that the representatives from the Cariboo will hold the provincial government to that. We’re going to be there for people, we’re going to be able to rebuild and just the dynamism and the courage of the people in the Cariboo always shines through.

“They’ve had a terrible 28 days but I know the resilience of the people in the region and I’m confident they’ll get back on track as soon as possible.”


“We stopped in at the provincial Emergency Response Centre and talked to the staff there. That was really exciting that people from across the province, from Vancouver Police, Vancouver Fire (were there).”

Good grief. The Province is burning but my god, it was damn exciting to see the police and fire people. Did they let him turn the lights on?

    Maybe he was proud the way BCrs came together…

    What was Horgan or any politician going to do but visit, shake hands and give money ..

      The whining election losers just can’t get over the loss. Any time the winners show up and aren’t dressed in superman or batman outfits with a backpack full of fire fighting gear on their backs, they are going to cry their eyes out claiming the winners aren’t doing enough.

      Dumbfounded, you really need to get out more!

      When you do, take a look at comments that were made while the Harper Conservatives were in power, perhaps some of your own comments!

      I respectfully submit to you that the whining election losers, perhaps including yourself” were out in full force in whining mode during the Federal Harper Conservative era and the BC Liberal Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark eras!

      Tell me I’m wrong, haha! Oops, you can’t!!!

      “What was Horgan or any politician going to do but visit, shake hands and give money ..”

      Talk to the media. As it stands, it just looks like someone made him come up here, he didn’t really want to leave Victoria. “Ok, I’ll go to Prince George, but you can’t make me talk.”

      Did he really need to come all the way up here to pat Lyn Hall on the back? I know they’re both lifer civil servants but this entire trip seemed rather pointless.

      Shoe is on the other foot now dudes

      Hart, very well said!

News flash ….. Horgan lost the election

    That’s why he is the Premier, because he lost. Too funny.

      no he is premiere because he bought out the green party, not sure exactly what he used as bait, but it is done…now we pay.

      Musta used greens, not meat, LOL!

Dishonest shenanigans and presto the prefect leader for those who want something for nothing.

    What was dishonest?

Don’t you have to be voted in to be Premier?

    You mean like CC wasn’t voted in, in her own riding during the previous election and took over a Kelowna riding just so she could become premier? That kind of voted in?

      She was voted in, unlike Premiers like Dosjanjh and Johnson who weren’t.

      She lost in her riding, but as leader of the liberal party she was allowed to bump a liberal candidate out of his riding to trigger a by election where she actually won. Since when do you get two chances to get elected? In effect axman she wasn’t elected she bought a victory.

      Leaders of the party don’t have to sit in the house. It is advantageous that they do for reasons like the throne speech so they have to run in a byelection from one of their parties seats. They do not get in automatically, they still have to run.

      Hoagy didn’t win the election so to sit in the big chair he had to get the 3rd party to vote against their own party beliefs and vote for non-confidence on the throne speech. Hoagy won’t give his throne speech until September dragging his heels a bit but that is politics after screaming that the 3 days he had to wait to vote against the throne speech was an eternity.

    No, you don’t have to be voted in to be Premier.

Islandbound, perhaps it’s time to put the revisionist glasses away.
Horgan did not in any way shape or form win an election. Without the little lap dog Weaver there is zero chance he forms the government so it might be an idea to quit spouting that line of BS.
So Horgan is now head of an illegitimate government that has ZERO mandate from the people of BC to govern.
All it will take for this to be turned totally on its head is for Hoagy to have one of his usual temper tantrums and Weaver will abandon him like a rat on a sinking ship.
Oh, BTW, Clark didn’t just take over the West Kelowna riding, she actually won a by-election to secure it, and in the next by-election to replace her a liberal will win with in excess of 60% of the votes cast.

    “So Horgan is now head of an illegitimate government”

    If that is so, why not get some donations from liberal bag men and companies and start a court case to have him removed from office? Put your money where your ignorance emanates from.

Our parliamentary system the party that get’s the most seats get’s first chance to form government. The Liberals were unable to. It was totally up to the Lt. Gov to decide whether she wanted to give someone else a shot, or call another election. She chose the former – and fact is, as the Queen’s representative, by accepting Horgan’s coalition, it became the legitimate government of the province.

This is a bit of a high stakes gamble for the Lt. Gov. If for some reason, Horgan loses his first confidence vote – only takes 2 NDP/Green MLAS to be sick or change their mind, then he will in fact have governed the province, fired civil servants, made changes to laws, without ever having had the confidence of the legislature. In that sense, it could be considered an illegitimate government. But if he get’s the vote, all’s okay.

I think the fact that the Greens and NDP ran on a platform of non alliance was deceiving to their voters, and it’s up to those voters to decide how they want to respond next election.

Some call in a coalition, others call it a Coup. In either case it takes someone with low scruples and morals to feel good about this. The perfect person in todays day and age.

I see the NDP got rid of some more dead wood today. They fired Gordon Wilson being used as an LNG advocate. They can’t find any reports from him but as CCs friend was he making 150 thousand a year.

    You can take out the he.

    Yup he collected over 500K so far.

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