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October 27, 2017 4:15 pm

Horgan ‘Hopeful’ Softwood Lumber Deal Imminent

Wednesday, August 2, 2017 @ 6:00 AM

Prince George, B.C. – British Columbia Premier John Horgan says he’s “hopeful” a softwood lumber deal between Canada and the United States isn’t far off.

He made the comments this week – just days after a visit to Washington DC with high level officials there.

NDP Leader John Horgan -photo 250 News

“I met with U.S. officials, I met with the Canadian ambassador to the U.S., I’ve spoken several times with the Prime Minister on this,” Horgan tells 250News.

“He knows the importance, the foundational importance of our forest industry and how softwood – a deal with our largest trading partner – is critically important to jobs, to families and to communities.”

He says the challenge is the protectionist – “America first” attitude – emanating out of the Trump administration.

Despite that challenge though Horgan is still optimistic a deal can be reached following his meeting with both Republican and Democratic congressman last week.

“Well, the secretary of commerce has put some deadlines down for U.S. interests. The so-called lumber coalition in the southern states. And NAFTA discussions begin I think in the middle of August. The trade people want softwood gone by them and I’m hopeful that’ll happen.”



From his recent comments only a few days ago, I thought that the Horganator was on the cusp of personally resolving the Softwood Lumber Agreement!

Instead it looks like Johnny had little, if any, impact on this FEDERAL issue. It’s extremely unlikely that none of what he did or said had any more impact than the efforts that have taken place in the past by other BC politicians.

With that in mind, when the issue is finally once again resolved, I wonder how many of John’s groupies will be loudly proclaiming Johnny’s efforts in solving this issue? I’m sure they will be lining up to bestow praise upon the Horganator, even though the Horganator will have had nothing to do with any Softwood Lumber Agreement resolution!

We’ll be watching! ;-)


    Fair enough. As you know, I am no NDP supporter, but, in the same token, if we’re going to blame Horgan for everything that goes wrong since he took power, – such as LNG getting cancelled, we’d be compelled to give him credit for everything that’s gone right since he took power.

    The reality is we can only judge his performance based on what he actually had influence on. For example, he rose welfare rates 16.3% for those who arguably are employable but only 9.6% for those who are disabled – that seems mean to me.

    He promised to end corporate and union donations as one of the first order of business – now it’s under review.

    Was going to use every means possible to kill Kinder Morgan – now, he’s just going to make sure they live up to their obligations under the environmental certificate – a position I agree with.

    He’s doing what all politicians do when they accidentally get elected. Find some way to not do what they promised to do because it can’t be done without a lot of pain. Unfortunately the people who voted for him didn’t realize he was just saying stuff to get elected – just like Christy Clark was doing.

      Ski, good one. I really don’t get the raise for disabled that should have been reversed. Think we all know where single men and women on welfare spend their cheques.

    Horganator, I like that.

      Great name! Hulk Horgan sounds good too!

      Bollea might be a little upset with you, LOL

After his visit I’m sure he will be inking the deal shortly.

    Horgan is “hopeful” that a deal is imminent just like I am “hopeful” that I will win the Super 7 this week. In both cases the hope will have equal bearing on the outcome.

    Is the smoke in the valley overpowering the normal manure smell in Odoursford or are they combining for a dual pronged assault on the nose?😂

Horgan doesn’t have the authority to sign or negotiate an agreement with the USA…that is a federal issue. but nice try Horgan.

    Politicians try to make hay with anything! When something goes awry they vanish from public view until grass has grown over the blunder!

Well at least hes trying to get somethings accomplished unlike the libs who promised prosperity lower taxeswith the pink elephant in the sky called LNG!! WOW we all know how that worked out didnt we.

    ice, when it comes to the LNG issue, if you go back and look at all of Horgan’s comments even before our Provincial election was called, and then if you look at all of his comments during the election campaign, you will see that he has consistently had issues with anything related to an LNG industry!

    While I am abundantly aware that the price of gas and the demand for it have both had an impact on Petronas recent decision not to proceed with their multi billion dollar LNG project, I am of that the opinion that the prospect of having to deal with an NDP Government, and one lead by “no LNG” Horgan no less, along with the never-ending environmental reviews, First Nations approval, etc. etc. etc gave Petronas second thoughts.

    LNG is prospering elsewhere, in places that WANT business, jobs and the taxes that go with it!

    Perhaps Petronas took all of that into account in their decision not to proceed. Suggesting that their decision is only based on the price of LNG is folly!

      Hart Guy. Give us a break. Petronas made the decision to abandon their LNG project a long time ago. They just did not announce it until after the election because Christy is their buddy.

      If you want something to spend your time on perhaps you could explain the following.

      In 2014 alone, Progress Energy Canada Ltd accomplished the following.

      1. Invested more than $2 Billion in drilling and infrastructure projects in northeast BC.

      2. Provided direct and indirect employment for approx 6000 workers.

      3. Increased proved plus probable reserves for the North Montney Joint Venture to 19 trillion cubic feet equivalent (tcfe) or 3,174 million barrels (mmboe), which will support 2 billion cubic feet per day of LNG natural gas feedstock for 25 years.

      4. Completed more than 180 infrastructure projects, including 10 compressor stations, a gas processing plant and 900 kilometres of pipeline.

      5. Drilled and completed apprx 200 Montney natural gas wells, and continued to build on its North Montney position with a $1.5 billion acquisition of assets in northeast BC.

      So huge expenditures. I presume that you are aware that Progress Energy Cda Ltd is a wholly owned subsiduary of Petronas.

      My guess is that most if not all of this gas will be exported to the USA and be exported through American LNG export plants, already built or building, and that was the plan from the get go.

      In other words Petronas has the gas, and we have nil.

      Palopu, your turn to “give us a break”!

      So Progress Energy Cda Ltd aka Petronas has the gas, and you suggest that they will ship it to the USA for liquefaction and export from USA export plants already built or being built.

      So, here’s the million dollar question, why are the plants not being built here? It wouldn’t have anything to do with our constant need to access, evaluate, consult, protest, re-access, re-evaluate, re-consult only to protest again, over and over and around and around we go when it comes to getting anything built here?

      Petronas proposed an LNG plant and export terminal here in BC, $36 Billion worth of plant and export terminal. So they now shelve the plan instead opting for as you say, shipping to, processing in and exporting it from the USA, from plants that are not built yet?

      Here’s a Billion dollar question for you!

      What changed?

      P.S. – your comment that Petronas did not announce their decision sooner because Christy is their “buddy” is ridiculous, and you know it!

Petronas would have to have rocks in their head to go ahead with that project with an ndp green coalition. They did the right thing getting out when they did.

    Well said, X-it! I too believe that the so-called coalition (it isn’t a REAL coalition, just a fake) was the proverbial straw that broke the LNG camel’s back!

Hart Guy, why don’t you take a trip north on the Hart, turn left in Dawson Creek and it I’ll get you to the Yukon eventually. Maybe you’ll find nothing to bitch about there. Get over it man, gawd you’re a bore.

    Don’t you read the news? Petronas interview. Price was part, new NDP government was the other part. They felt the NDP were going to be very frustrating to deal with.

    Ouch, acrider55, looks like I’ve hurt somebody’s feelings! Hope you recover!

    Nice of you to find time to “bitch” about my bitching! Should I be offended that you called me a bore? Should my feelings be hurt? Nope, I’ve been called much worse by much better people than you, haha!

    As for taking the trip to the Yukon, I recommend that you turn left at Chetwynd instead of Dawson! Much nicer drive with much less traffic! Or, perhaps head west towards Terrace and hang a right at Kitwanga Junction! That will get you to the Yukon as well! Another nice drive!

    acrider, one more thought for you to digest! It’s a free country, if you don’t like my comments, you don’t have to read them! How freaking simple is that?

NDP would be frustrating …Green…. would be impossible. Don’t forget there is no NDP without the green party.

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