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October 27, 2017 4:08 pm

100 Mile Crash Details Released

Tuesday, August 8, 2017 @ 9:38 AM

Prince George, B.C. – North District RCMP  have released more information on the crash  on Highway 97 North, north of 100 Mile House.  which claimed a life yesterday.

The crash occurred  around 9:30  yesterday

A south bound Volkswagen Jetta had stopped in the travel portion of the highway to avoid a potential collision with two bears that were in the south bound lane. A south bound dodge pickup collided with the Jetta.

There were three occupants in the Jetta, and the person in the rear passenger seat of the Jetta was pronounced deceased at the scene.

The remaining occupants of the Jetta and the occupants of the pickup were transported to hospital. The extent of injuries range from minor to serious however exact injuries are not known.

The RCMP continue to investigate, however do not believe that speed or alcohol are factors in the collision.


That is very sad :(

    Yes indeed. People need to pay attention while behind the wheel.

      No kidding, eh? We concentrate on our jobs at work, and some haven’t a clue that they have to pay attention to the task of driving.

    I’m not saying that they are all bad, but here’s a little exercise while you are out in your vehicle.
    As the vehicle passes you or runs the red light, look to see if the license has red letters or is there a green N on the vehicle.
    You might be surprised.

It is very sad to hear this. With many road closures, the highways have become very congested. 16 east to McBride is the busiest I have seen. Drivers need to use care and be alert at all times. Condolences to the families in both incidents over the weekend.

Stopping in the travel lane of a highway is a foolish move. It was probably smokey too so the other driver could not see a stopped vehicle in the travel lane. Moving off to the side is still dangerous but at least it’s a better option.

    Why do people spin their wheels on assumptions?

I AM WONDERING about the tail lights on the JETTA.
The DRIVER of the Dodge obviously was driving AWAY too fast for road conditions or it would have ended differently
I was on the roads too yesterday Drivers were passing on BLIND curves with double line, I was nearly killed myself. I blame the DODGE truck, No doubt about it.

Just watch some utube crash videos. Amazing how many just drive right in to th back of stopped bus, trucks, cars. Any time you’re stoping ALWAYS look to see if those behind are stopping.

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