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October 27, 2017 4:07 pm

CNC Ready to Provide Tuition-free ABE, ESL Programming

Tuesday, August 8, 2017 @ 5:00 PM

Prince George, B.C. – The College of New Caledonia has reacted to the provincial government’s decision to scrap tuition fees for Adult Basic Education and English Language Learning programs.

The decision was made earlier today by NDP Premier John Horgan at Victoria’s Camosun College.

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer Adult Basic Education and English Learning programs tuition-free starting Sept.1, 2017,” says executive vice president academic, applied research and students Jay Notay.

“We’re aware that about three quarters of CNC students go on to complete another program at the College after completing ABE courses, and this doesn’t account for those programs they enroll in at other institutions, so we’re pleased to be able to support their learning and success.”

“CNC is prepared to accommodate any increase in applicants as a result of this announcement,” added Chad Thompson, dean, school of university studies and career access. “And for those who have registered and already paid the tuition, the College will refund those eligible.”

The College says close to 40 per cent of ABE applicants are Aboriginal learners and notes the decision will help further their strategic plan that supports Aboriginal students participate and succeed at CNC.

Horgan announced his government would be reversing the BC Liberal policy announced in 2015.

The government says under that policy, ABE and ESL fees were set by each institution up to a maximum of $1,600 per semester for full-time studies.

As a result, the NDP says enrolment dropped almost 35 per cent from 10,244 full-time equivalent students in 2013-14 to 6,692 in 2016-17.

Horgan said the cost to accommodate the change will be included in the government’s budget update in September.


Of course they’re thrilled….more free money ,(to them, not taxpayers) Which program are they going to cut now to free up classroom space for increased attendance? Should probably provide (free) daycare too Horgan, CNC can scoop more money for that!

    Just another anti-NDP troll working from under his bridge!

      ammonra, pray tell, are you most upset by fuceneh’s comment or by the fact that there is far more truth to it than you are comfortable admitting?

      Or, are you just an NDP troll crawling out of your cave?

      Well, Hart Guy, you don’t have to pray to me. I am a person, just like you. My comment was because the instant anything positive is announced, you can absolutely guarantee that a right winger will make some stupid comment about the NDP, or Horgan, or something else to denigrate those things he doesn’t agree with. You are an example of that yourself, aren’t you? I have no idea who Fuceneh is, since I haven’t read anything he ahs posted before. Is he new? Is he a disgruntled Liberal who can’t stand the fact that his idol is gone and a new approach to provincial affairs is being introduced? I do not believe for one instant that CNC is at all motivated by the desire to get more money, except inasmuch as it enables them to provide more educational opportunities. Still, I shouldn’t be surprised when a mighty tighty righty spouts off in a denigrating fashion about education, should I. After all, anto educated appears to be a pre-eminent force among SOME mighty righties. Now tell me I have insulted everyone on the right by using the word “SOME”.

Free tuition, free bus rides, free drug kits, free this, free that!

Sure wish that I could get something for free! After paying for free things for others, for so long, it sure would be nice to get something for free myself!

Hmmmm, I wonder who might be willing to step up to the plate to cover the costs of something free for me?

ammonra, are you in a generous mood these days? I could use a new washer and dryer, perhaps just a new hi-def tv instead! ;-)


P.S. – when I say “I”, I think that I’m probably speaking for many others who feel the same way that I do!

    Free bus rides? Where do i sign up?

    not for me pal

    See my previous psot where I said, “you can absolutely guarantee that a right winger will make some stupid comment about the NDP, or Horgan, or something else to denigrate those things he doesn’t agree with.” Your comment is the proof, I think!

Those taking these “free” classes should have some skin in the game if they drop out part way through or fail the course. They should be required to post a deposit that is equal to the tuition that would be returned on successful completion.

ammonra- Your comment is classic trolling as it has nothing to do with the topic at hand but merely trolls the comment of someone who you disagree with.

    Is that so you can rip off the public with your good intentions. Birdy we do no longer have a big business government their now going to provide services that we should of had long before now.
    Cheers biirdy

      Should of been “they are”

    It is not “classic” trolling, whatever you think that is. The trolling was Fuceneh’s original post which was snide and uncalled for. That was the basis of my response to whatever a Fuceneh is. Denigrating the motives of an educational institution that has provided educational opportunities to literally thousands in BC, particularly the north, is not justified just because the institution is pleased to be able to offer something else to likely students. CNC has educated very many of our hospital workers in many professions for many years, yet now we are supposed to believe that their motivation is self serving and pecuniary. What a bunch of ignorant claptrap. CNC has been a major institution for positivity in PG over the years, and there is no call to insult it just because a commenter feels nasty.

Yes many of those who want everything free do drop out of courses, many are a waste of skin. 50% is not a pass but 70%. Those who are willing to pay for courses have the drive to complete courses and get good grades. In the end someone has to pay for this, it is not FREE. Before spouting off try working at CNC admin and see what is really happening.

Adult Dogwood (GED) has always been free, it is those who have graduated and are upgrading their K-12 courses that they missed the first time around or forgot the content of, that had a cost to it. Those wanting to take College or University course that had a prerequisite from grade 11,12 they missed the first time they went to school had a cost. K to 12 education has always been free no matter your age

This does not affect the GED – ABE dogwood program as some people seem to think

In the discussion, the commentators are forgetting that at most public post-secondary education institutions (CNC,UNBC, etc.) student tuition only forms a small part of the total budget. So, if there is a proven need to have ‘skin’ in the game, perhaps the token 10-15% of cost would be comparable to the other programs.

As both ABE and ESL are both fundamental skills to employment, daily functioning in Canadian society, etc.; perhaps the discussion should focus on the increased cost to the taxpayers of not providing ‘tuition free’ services at this level.

This issue developed from a previous federal government withdrawing funding for these programs from a previous provincial government. Time to move on.

    They always had a cost to them. The cap was raised on graduated ABE and ESL in 2015

    Adult Dogwood (GDE or Grade 12 diploma) has always been free.

    The ABE that we are talking about is after graduation – say you want to get an electrical apprenticeship but you lack a grade 11 or 12 prerequisite that is the ABE course that used to have a small cost (about 10%) but was changed to full cost to the student – now will be free.

    That is also why enrollment didn’t drop to zero.

To go on with further education 50% marks on a dogwood gets one nowhere and no entrance to any post secondary education. Good education cost money and those who are willing to pay for and work hard these skills allow many to get better employment. The dogwood by itself is useless in todays society……….. I would not want a doctor with 50% from med. school……

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