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Friday Free For All – Aug. 11, 2017

Friday, August 11, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

This is your opportunity to speak up on issues that struck a chord  with you  over the past week. It is time for the Friday Free For All.

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Everybody that’s ready for a few days of rain, raise your hand!

    Looks like there is some in the forecast. I’m looking forward to cooler temperatures.

    Yes, a good ten or twelve hour rain would be good.

    It is sure sad that another car has run into a logging truck. When, oh when, are people going to start taking driving seriously? Its not like a video game, it is real life and unfortunately, sometimes death too.

    Its a truck driver’s worst nightmare, to have another oncoming vehicle enter his lane at highway speeds. Very little he can do and usually very tragic for the car.

    Be careful out there this weekend people and remember a lot of other people out there depend on you.

      More often than not, in my experience it’s the fully loaded logging truck or chip truck coming at me at warp speed, straddling the centre line!

      We all need to “share” the road and we all need to come home safely to our families at the end of the day!

So I think that the ambush job by CBC Andrew Kurjata yesterday on Trump Jr when he was in PG was in poor taste.

PG has always been known as a place where stars can come and nobody notices them… a place of open hospitality and upfront honorable intentions when dealing with visitors.

So the son of the American President, and as such one of the most influential people in our world, visits PG… and we got our local reporter rushing the restaurant with his cell phone recording like a short flick smut film sticking it in an obviously uncomfortable Trump Jr’s face… Jr says he has nothing to say and the recording continues on as Trump fishes for his phone to hit the panic button for security. Then it gets published nationally as a front page disgrace piece?

That’s garbage journalism folks. Its not a welcoming way to put our city in good light, but more like one would expect from the National Inquirer paparazzi.

What if Trump Jr was in town to plan opening up a new Trump Tower… or doing some ground research for his father relating to our regions dependence on the forest industry in the north. Makes me think maybe approaching without the cameras rolling, asking for a selfie, and possibly handing him some local contacts on the softwood lumber front would have made a better more positive story for our region?

    Trump Jr was in Prince George? What did that cost Canada for security? Is Trump, jr looking for asylum in Canada? Thanks, but NO THANKS!

      One would think he had the secret service with him being the son of the president, but he didn’t appear to have any security with him when the CBC reporter ambushed him. His dad likely told him to go where reporters cant find him for a few weeks due to the investigation into the Democrat led Russian meeting set up at Trump Tower. Turns out the Russians he meet were on the Democrats payroll, so I think he just had to lay low until Trumps rope-a-dope with special counsel Muller is complete.

    I actually did not think that the interview was in bad taste! People like him are used to this kind of media thing. So he/they were here to go north to hunt Canadian stone sheep rams, just to add another stuffed head trophy to the walls of the great hunter’s big game trophies room! This revealed to me a lot about the character of the person. Google Stone Sheep images, look at the pictures: Only a person with little or no feelings or respect for life – would pump a bullet into such a majestic animal to bolster his own ego! Thanks for the interview!

      All trophy hunting should be banned . This creature from the USA is beyond discusting . Google an image of scumbag JR. After killing an elephant matriarch cutting off her tail for his trophy room . He should have been forced to eat her whole carcass , bones and all .

      Have you ever eaten Stones Sheep? If not, why are you flapping your lips about trophy hunting? There are a lot of Stones Sheep in our northern moumtains and people I know hunt them for their meat 1st and the cape and horns 2nd. You antis should buzz off.

      Perhaps you should learn to read with comprehension, Dumbfounded. Ataloss said that all “TROPHY HUNTING” should be banned not all hunting. He did not suggest that hunting for food should be banned, so your comments are completely off base.

    Eagle your over the top. Tell us what celebrities have visited PG over the years? The 30 years that I lived in PG I cant recall of celebrities visiting the City. maybe like trumpy they were passing through. Just hope his dady visits the city and its open season.

      Retired how many have visited smelly gunsmoke deadwood, oops Abby.

Of huge political note this last week… Trump showed he is smart enough to outsmart a deep state inspired congressional coup and it will likely be a turning point in his presidency as he switches to offense against RINO’s and the deep state leadership in the American congress.

The fake MSM does not report this, as they are owned and in collusion with the deep state actors… but the American congress passed an illegal bill to implement sanctions on Russia that usurps presidential powers that are delegated by the constitution, as well as penalize European corporations that do business with Russia… thus infringing on their national sovereignty.

If Trump veto’d the Russian sanctions bill, then this was going to be the pretext to impeachment hearings in congress related to his Russian collusion allegations.

Instead Trump signed the bill, but noting that he does not agree with it and it will never be implemented without a Supreme Court constitutional challenge. To usurp the powers of the presidency it requires a change to the constitution, which requires the consent of the states as well as congress.

Thus he retains his powers congress tried to usurp, even though he signed their bill, and he out’ed their coup attempt to the light of day taking away their ability to use this to impeach him in congress shifting the potential for any arguments to the Supreme Court where he enjoys majority support.

Say what one wants about Trump, but he played all the career politicians like they were school children on this coup attempt and left them all badly exposed.

    Congrats …someone who doesn’t get their political info/opinion from memes ….

Also this last week was a huge event that will be for East Asia what 9/11 was to the Middle East.

The whole escalation of the North Korea situation reached a huge new critical juncture. China is calling the shots using their puppet to disrupt regional peace and provoke an American response. I think Trump knows what they are up to and is generally one step ahead of them… but China pulled their own Trump card and its now high-noon with North Korea going full on nuclear crazy with their threats.

North Korea threatened to send four nuclear tipped missiles simultaneously toward Guam, set to explode in the region of Guam territory, which is American territory. They have declared the paths they will fly, the speed they will travel, and the seconds they will be in flight… and only that it will be coming in the next few weeks (my guess is the 27th).

This is China behind the scenes calling a bluff on the American much touted THAD system of missile defense.

The North Koreans are launching these missiles from Chinese made mobile missile launchers which are very hard to detect prior to launch. The idea is to send four missiles simultaneously toward an American target that forces them to respond with their anti missile defense capabilities.

If the Americans can not hit and take down the swarm of missiles then the American missile defense is nothing more than Hollywood theatrics… this will be a signal to China that they have the upper hand in any regional conflict and will embolden them for war.

If the American missile defense shoots the North Korean swarm down, then this will be a huge miss calculation by North Korea and Trump will have that country leveled and the regime extinct. China will face stiff sanctions and would still be a wild card for war.

In any event if North Korea does not back down from their threats of a nuclear missile swarm for Guam in the coming weeks then this will be the biggest geo-political event in a generation IMO. Scary times for that part of the world.

Time Will Tell

    It is my understanding that North Korea did not threaten to use nuclear missiles on Guam, they have no need to use anything but conventional warheads. The world does not need two over-inflated leaders threatening war of any kind. The whole world will be effected if it happens. It’s not going to affect just ‘that part of the world’.

      That the thing no one really knows for sure, so they have to assume if he sends a swarm of missiles at Guam that they are nuclear and that they will reach Guam… thus the serious nature of putting the American missile defense system to a real world test (for China really). It will be an act of war if it happens and American senators are on record saying they will fight that war on their soil before the NK military can threaten America… the next day the North Korean military announced its plans to bomb Guam with nuclear missiles in the coming days….

      the next day the North Korean military announced its plans to bomb Guam with nuclear missiles in the coming days….


      Yes, because that’s exactly how military operations are conducted, by laying out the plans for such operations in a public forum weeks in advance.

      There is no planned launch, it’s propaganda. And now Trump is spewing his own propaganda, much like kids on a school yard do with “my dad could beat up your dad”. The thing about school yard arguments, is eventually someone will throw a punch if they keep escalating.

      In this situation, we’re dealing with two buffoons, neither of which is intelligent enough to recognize what is hapenning and stand down. It’s all ago and it has the potential to get hundreds of thousands of people killed. That’s not leadership, it’s disgraceful.

      The best way to proceed is to ignore the nutbar in North Korea and keep pushing the sanctions and diplomatic solutions. If that doesn’t work and he does something incredible stupid (like launch missles at Guam), then you unleash on him. You don’t act like a child in a playground and escalate an already volatile situation.

      The political aspects of the divided Korea are one thing. The human tragedy is the other. After the country was cut in two by an arbitrarily drawn border the Korean ordinary people began their suffering. Every once in a while a few families from the north are allowed to meet with their relatives from the south, but only for a couple of hours, then they have to go back north again!

      The same thing happened in Germany and in Vietnam. Fortunately both these countries are no longer divided now. A quantum leap in peace making efforts, give and take, negotiations and international co-operation are necessary to find solutions which satisfy all Koreans and will gradually result in their re-unification. Sabre rattling on both sides solves nothing and may cause the Unthinkable.

      NK announced they are going to test a missile to splash down near Guam, it will fly over Japan on its trajectory, sweet. Yeah that will go over well

    Eagle get a real job.

      Senility must be a real bugger eh Retired. Just can’t keep up with reality anymore can you….

      It is you who cannot keep up with reality. No different from Trump. The same childish view of the political realities we live with.

Weird weather, presently in Kalispell, Montana on my way back from Sturgis. The weather in PG was warmer than Sturgis, go figure??. On the way down we went through an area that had 5 fires! Road was smokey and I thought for sure road closures. Seems like this fire phenomena is all over. Looking forward to getting back in Canada thoughmight get bombed where I am at by N. Korea!:)

    Safe ride home.

Eagleone, you and I seem to have a totally different mind set with regards to US current politics. Have a good day.

    Eagleone has the same child-like mindset as Trump.


      IM not so sure North Korea and China are bluffing.

      If a chip truck driver claims he has post secondary education yet still drives a truck would that make him a Roads Scholar?

      Inquiring minds want to know:D

      Oh and E1-condolences on the passing of Ernst Z. sure it affected you deeply.

      Nice one Gopg2015. Coming from an obsessive compulsive liberal that doesn’t really mean much.

      Sparrow I guess you and Ernest must go back far, you know with your ultra zionist zealotry and all. He was probably a regular on your reading list, not mine.

      How many posts can we find on your anti Zionist diatribe on this web site. You are well known for them. You denial is fake news.

      I don’t deny that I oppose zionism. I think it is just as bad as nazism for its racism and spread of hate. Anyone that supports that is inhuman IMO.

I think a big part of Trump’s sabre rattling is to deflect attention away from the Russian probe. Hopefully there are enough adults in the room if he desides to try a first strike against NK.

    So Kims threats and vile dictatorship is Trumps fault, ya okay Eye Spy. You have totally missed what Trump is doing and how its getting the UN and many countries together against the vile dictatorship in NK.

Welll I think it’s good that Trump Jr was exposed. No telling what he may have been up, considering his family ties… We really want Trump’s investments in PG ??? Also, surprising he wasn’t on a private plane

    Lay off facebook memes and read some real news …

    What was Trump Jr exposed for? If anything he exposed the whole Democrats colluding with the Russians scandal.

    Turns out the Russian agents who requested the meeting with Trump Jr promising juicy details on the Clinton’s, and then switching to Russian children adoption issues… were really paid Democrat Party agents that even got their visa’s personally guaranteed by the AG Lynch… who then used this so called Russian collusion meeting to initiate spy activities on the Democrats political opponents in the Trump campaign, unmaksing their whereabouts in ways to discredit the Trump campaign after the election, and in doing so committing high treason against an elected president and the democratic process.

    Trump Jr is guilty of nothing but going on a non-politically correct hunt.

+ Wind energy prices remain low. Lower installed project costs, along with improvements in capacity factors, are enabling aggressive wind power pricing. After topping out at nearly 7 cents /kWh in 2009, the average levelized long-term price from wind power sales agreements has dropped to around 2 cents /kWh – though this nationwide average is dominated by projects that hail from the lowest-priced region, in the central United States.

Recently signed wind energy contracts compare favorably to projections of the fuel costs of gas-fired generation. These low prices have spurred demand for wind energy, both from traditional electric utilities and also from non-utility purchasers like corporations, universities, and municipalities.

+ Manufacturing supply chains continued to adjust to swings in domestic demand for wind equipment. Wind sector employment reached a new high of more than 101,000 full-time workers at the end of 2016, and the profitability of turbine suppliers has generally rebounded over the last four years . ……For the rest of The Anual wind report see . Winddaily.com

    Have you found any of those diesel electric hybrids yet?

    Winddaily.com yep I bet no bias there.

    If wind is so great how come the BC government keeps wind generation output a secret? You would think they would be ringing the joy of wind and I am not talking about their perpetual flatulence. Now there is an unlimited energy source.

      Competes with all of us here, on 250NEWS!

    BCs wind power capacity and output is only a “secret ” for those without the capacity to find it . But I guess conspiracy is more fun than digging for the truth .

      Okay show me where to access the wind generation output? I can see Alberta. Australia, Ontario, Great Briton by the showing the poor output of wind compared to name plate. But for some reason wind output in BC is a secret. What is the government trying to hide. Whats the secret.

      So Ataloss show me your capacity to find the wind generation output for BC.

      This opinion piece by Mark Jaccard is rather interesting. Mark Jaccard is an energy sustainability economist at Simon Fraser University. From 1992-1997 he chaired the B.C. Utilities Commission. This opinion piece was published in the Vancouver Sun on August 03/17

      Opinion: BCUC must consider ‘dispatchability’ in Site C review

      From the Opinion piece:

      Renewable electricity generated by wind or solar or run-of-river hydro (no reservoir) is non-dispatchable. It is produced only when there is wind or sunshine or high runoff in the spring. On a winter afternoon, when Hydro’s electricity demand peaks, these non-dispatchable sources may produce nothing. This is akin to ambulances and fire trucks that respond to emergency dispatch calls only if enough paramedics and firefighters happened to show up for work.

      In contrast, renewable electricity generated by hydropower with a reservoir, like Site C, or by wood-waste and geothermal plants, is dispatchable. The full capacity of these facilities can reliably generate power when it is of greatest need, and therefore greatest value, because of available-on-demand stored energy in the form of a hydro reservoir, a pile of wood-waste or extremely hot rocks beneath a geothermal plant. Similarly, we design our ambulance and firefighting services to be reliably dispatchable for all emergency calls.”

      ht tp://vancouversun.com/opinion/op-ed/opinion-bcuc-must-consider-dispatchability-in-site-c-review

      No reply from Ataloss, must be out cricket hunting again.

      seamutt, I’ve noticed that when presented with a reasonable and logical argument, ataloss tends to disappear for a while, usually until after comments have closed.

      I thought for sure he would take issue with Todd Whitcombe’s recent column in the local newspaper, but again the arguments were too logical and reasonable!

    Winddaily.com is about business in high tech . They along with the rest of the daily.com family of sites are about the money .

    What a blessing is cheap, reliable wind power to humanity. So much cheaper than those nasty fossils…..and yet, for some reason, wherever there has been a massive conversion to wind and/or solar, electricity costs have skyrocketed, despite massive subsidies. And supply is unreliable.

    I wonder, do those cheap costings include the cost of base load backup capacity? Which often comes from fossils?


    The fairy plan looks so bad even the wonder-hero, Elon Musk, is getting nervous that electricity bills will stay painfully high (making his battery power solution not look so attractive to the rest of the world). SA is going to be held up as the global text book example of how not to run a state. It’s the impossible bind for Tesla — the only politicians crazy enough to buy their biggest battery are too crazy to run an efficient, productive polity:

    Battery giant Tesla has joined power generators, retailers, major energy users and experts in voicing concerns about a central component of the South Australian Government’s $550 million energy plan.

    The SA scheme operates in a similar way to the Federal Government’s Renewable Energy Target (RET). But instead of incentivising new renewable projects, it would require retailers to source 36 per cent of the state’s electricity needs from gas generators and other synchronous power sources.

    Join the dots: There are no other serious synchronous sources in SA outside coal, nukes or gas. Coal and Nukes are forbidden on religious grounds, but gas prices are at record highs. So the SA govt chooses gas, gas and more gas, plus some diesel in the interim.

    Everyone –Elon Musk, industry, the AEMO, even, fergoodnesssake the owners of the gas power plants themselves, can all see what’s coming — pocket-busting power bills.

    ht tp://joannenova.com.au/2017/08/south-australia-generating-electricity-from-rubbish-if-they-could-only-burn-government-regulations-instead/

    How important is reliable power? Australia seems to be suffering more blackouts recently, as coal plants are decommissioned and shiny renewable installations fail to deliver. Trendy urbanites are starting to notice.

    When the power goes out, so does civil society.

    ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/08/06/aussie-liberal-press-notices-the-importance-of-reliable-electricity/

    Tesla Solar Roof: ‘Deal or Dud’?

    Well, I entered my address into the Telsa solar roof calculator and never found a way to generate a positive return. At 40% solar, it said I needed 4 Powerwall batteries (big house) and yielded a 30-yr net cost of $24,400, including a $42,800 tax credit. The only way I got to break-even was to go 70% solar ($250k worth of solar roof & batteries).

    However, Tesla’s solar roof calculator, does not factor in the “time value of money.” Spending $250k now to get $250k back over 30 years is a really stupid thing to do.

    ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/08/08/tesla-solar-roof-deal-or-dud/

      So it now looks like Tesla plans to raise money selling junk bonds!

      I wonder if Ataloss will be jumping at the bit to buy some of those! Should be a nice addition to the his wonderful investment portfolio, the one that he keeps bragging about!

      ht tp://www.motortrend.com/news/tesla-needs-tesla-seeks-another-1-5-billion-to-fund-model-3-production-1-5-billion-build-model-3/?sm_id=organic_fb_social_MT_170808_sf104640144#sf104640144

      I guess the Tesla Giga factory is opening next month and will be the largest building in the world by footprint. More of a technology play than a car company IMO.

      Ataloss still looking for crickets.

For all those underestimating Trump you are sure slow to catch on. The rhetoric he is using is the only thing that bat sh.. crazy NK leader will understand. Using that rhetoric may finally result in regime in NK as I am sure there are those in NK that understand Trump does not bluff. Look at what he did with Syria.

The UN, Russia, China and many other countries have jumped into the fray condeming NK, that is almost unprecedented.

Hey fake news ignores Clinton crime family, Billy giving a 20 min. speech in Russia for $ 500,000 then not long after 1/4 of the US uranium production is sold off to Russia and 150 million shows up in the Clinton pay to play fund. About that fund our dear leader deposits millions of our money into it. What is the connection, fake news ignores that.

    Well said.

    Here here! Well said!

    That should be regime change.

    About Trumps rhetoric that the snowflakes are aghast at, well seems to be working. Nutcase Kim has gone from nuking the states, to dropping conventional weapons around a small island in the pacific. Even China has backed off saying if NK strikes first they will not act.

      How is it working if there was never going to be an attack in the first place? Why is the US the only country in the world being suckered into North Korea’s ridiculous cat and mouse game? Why didn’t they threaten to nuke the other countries who agreed with the sanctions? Do you think that perhaps it’s because nobody else goes through the effort to entertain their nonsense?

      Don’t you find it a bit interesting that many people in positions of power in Trump’s administration are completely off script with what he’s projecting? 6 months in and they’re already tuning him out? Why do you think that is? Perhaps because he’s tweeting about engaging in nuclear war during a break in one of his many golf vacations?

      How can you say that NMG? Clearly the North Korean military is working towards a capability to deliver nuclear weapons. This can never be allowed to happen even if it means a first strike against them. We can never allow a regime like that to hold the world hostage under threat of nuclear attack.

      That is almost the sole reason why Trump was elected… can anyone imagine the danger we would all be under if Hillary of the Libya and Syrian fiasco’s was the Commander in Chief in a war with North Korea and China. Good luck with that.

      Hillary wold be listening to the NSF and make her decision based on that counsel.

      Trump is better than the most senior military and any other advisor. He has stated that over and over.

      He is a classic sociopath, listening only to himself.

To the driver of the pg driving school car… do you really think doing over 80 km an hour down central is good advertising? How strange to see this car speeding..scarey maybe .

For some of you here is some information that you will not get watching Colbert and SNL for your news. As usual dont like this post refute it

There has been enthusiastic collusion by the leadership of the Democratic Party with the Russian disinformation campaign to destroy President Donald Trump.

Read more: ht tp://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2017/08/russian_collusion_in_democrat_inner_circle.html#ixzz4pSzFFxqw
Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

I really miss the days when a person could have an option or Idea without offending somebody. But I guess those days are gone forever.

    Welcome to the world of Russian , rightwingnuts , Chinese , North Korean , fossil fuel , Bots and those that repeat their narratives . I hope one day that a fool proof Bot filter to stop their scanning will be created .

      Ataloss, hardly a day goes by when you are not repeating your own narrative, which is immediately ridiculed by seamutt who has an opposing narrative! It has become as predictable as indestructible crab grass!

Trump is a dufus.

The Korean War ended in 1953, 64 years ago, with the Americans losing 50,000 soldiers. North Korea has been under some kind of sanctions since then.

President Eisenhower contemplated using the nuclear option on North Korea in the early fifties, so nothing new here, same threats different leader.

The Americans always need some sort of enemy ie: Korea, North Vietnam, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, etc; etc;.

The Americans are now friends with their arch enemies, Russia, China, Japan, Vietnam, Germany, Italy, etc; etc; but still consider North Korea, to be an arch enemy. Why??

    Because technically they are still at war having only signed an armistice . Let’s hope we don’t get sucked into it this time around . Last time they faced mostly Chinese troops .

    Palopu how is Trump a dufus? Seems he is getting the results and cooperation around the world that no one else has been capable of.

    The US basically ignored NK until they started popping off nukes and firing off missiles. I take it you are okay with NK having nukes. I take it you also this irrational development of nukes is having a devastating effect on the NK population.

    Palopu why does NK have such a large army? Why is NK always threatening SK?

    The North Korean army has declared invalid the armistice agreement that ended the Korean War in 1953, the official newspaper of the country’s ruling Workers’ Party said Monday. This is basically a declaration of war.

    Russia and Japan where once enemies, hey Japan and China where and technically are still enemies. Russia and Germany where enemies. So your point is????

      How is Trump going to stop NK from having nukes? If the reports are true, don’t they already have a small one? What’s Trump going to do about that? Launch a pre-emotive strike? Or just tweet something about it and pretend he’s actually doing something?

      NMG because of Trump notice how the UN and other countries including Russia and China are finally starting to take notice and come down on NK. The end game here might be China finally doing something about regime change in NK. China has so far played NK as a puppet, a buffer between them and the west but NK is getting too far out of hand even for them.

      The big difference is… NK nuclear weapons are evil… but the USA middle are full of hugs.

      Two idiots, who are bully’s have access to nuclear weapons.. we should all be worried.

      Just think how bad it would be if trump didn’t spend half his time golfing and actually did more crazy stuff.

      If Trump was a dufus, he would have been impeached by now.
      I’d be extremely surprised if the Demoncrats were NOT behind a conspiracy to dump Trump.

      NMG because of Trump notice how the UN and other countries including Russia and China are finally starting to take notice and come down on NK. The end game here might be China finally doing something about regime change in NK. China has so far played NK as a puppet, a buffer between them and the west but NK is getting too far out of hand even for them.


      Finally starting to take notice and come down on North Korea? They’ve been under sanction by the UN, EU and other countries for years. Or does “coming down on them” only count if it’s done via Twitter?

    The Americans would be fine with leaving N. Korea to its folly, but N. Korea insists on sabre rattling and making threats against them. Seems it’s more like N. Korea who needs some sort of enemy, as is typical for monstrous dictatorships.

The Dalai Lama is perfect Chinese Bot bait . Like anything renewable is perfect fossil fuel Bot bait .

Horgan and Weaver speak for B.C. taxpayers — not all of us agree with them , they need to be asking what we want — I hope their policies and beliefs don’t throw us under the bus.

    No they speak for metro Vancouver and the Island, their vote base, not BC taxpayers as a whole.

    When speaking of BC better to define south and north. The media always mess that up.

    Well of course they do. The majority of us do not want more ships in our harbours. So you will just have to get used to living in a democracy. And why should we be exporting our pollution to other countries but I guess climate change is not important to some.

      What pollution?

      Pollution, breath deep retired you are downwind.

      Retired 02, just recently I asked you what non-polluting, non-energy consuming business you had worked for before retiring, but you didn’t answer!

      How come?

      I also asked about your pension plan’s assets being invested in energy stocks and how your plan has undoubtedly benefited from the ROI provided by the energy industry! Again, you didn’t answer!

      Again, how come?

    Exporting our pollution to other Countries ? But its ok to export our raw logs?? Horgan needs to look into that.

Trump is a moron in every sense of the word! A thin skinned narcissist* who has absolutely no knowledge of history and no desire to learn. In the election campaign he actually said that if the US has nuclear weapons why don’t they use them….too stupid to realize that the fact that you have the weapons is exactly why you do not have to use them. Further he did not even know what the American nuclear triad was and this simpleton is now the freaking president. doG help us!

The putz has an attention span so short that he cannot even get through the daily briefing unless it is boiled down to a half page of bullet points with his staff going so far as to put his name in here and there to try to keep his attention. Meanwhile gets a folder twice a day with news articles and tv screenshots that show him in a positive light.

The tard sees himself as a tough counter puncher but thanked Putin when he booted 755 diplomats and staff out of Russia….rolled over so Vlad could scratch his belly. He actually thought that Putin had fired these people and thanked him for saving money…hey DUMMY Putin can’t fire them they are employed by the State Department. He has rained tweet storms down on war heroes like John McCain, Gold star Kahn family and even Meryl Streep but never a peep about Putin, who must have more on him than just a pee tape.

The Mueller investigation will lead to the downfall of Trump…collusion on the part of his campaign will be proven though might not get right to him as he is to scatterbrained to effectively plan and carry it out. The FBI is squeezing Flynn and Manafort pretty hard one of them will start singing soon if the haven’t already. What will get Trump is his shady business dealings/money laundering/tax scams. Future roomie for Bernie Madoff?

BTW “deep state” is rule of law under a normal president.

*google short-fingered vulgarian

    What collusion? Months and months of deep state sedition and nothing. I guess you missed the Odumber and Clinton crime family collusion.

      Trump said he wouldn’t have any time to golf because he would be running the country… he has already golfed more than Obama did in his time in office.

      Another blatant lie…

      Just because it is not public knowledge yet does not mean collusion did not happen. There are lots of indicators that point in that direction that I’m sure are being followed by Mueller and congress:

      -Trump tower meetings with Russians
      -All the meetings with various Trump associates and the Russian Ambassador
      -Trump associates meeting with Russians in Europe as reported by a bunch of European intelligence agencies.
      -Meetings in the Seychelles with Trump flunkies and Russians
      -Roger Stone coordinating document release with Russia/wikileaks
      -multiple attempts to set up back door communications that would sidestep American Intelligence.
      and those are just off the top of my head I’m sure there are lots more.

      Tick tock Trump- your time is running out.

      Sparrow, nothing months and months the irrational left have whining and crying, nothing.

      But for some reason you ignore all the clinton, Obama organization and documented Russian contacts. Obama saying to Putin “After the election I will have more flexibility” Flexibility for what?

      Clinton pay to play Russian funds, the whole email fiasco. The Bengasi lies. Invasion of Libya. It goes on and on. Tick Tock, Clintons Obama the clock is running out.

      Why do you ignore the obvious? Please answer.

      Nothing? I gave a list of instances where collusion is not only possible but probable.Cat got your tongue on them? Sure would like to know what was discovered in the closed congressional sessions and even more so in what the Special Council has found so far. It is very interesting to see the background of some of the lawyers that Mueller has hired, people with a long history of prosecuting everything from money laundering , fraud, and tax evasion.

      Congress had something like 7 hearing on Benghazi and found squat. Same story with the FBI investigations into Clinton email.

      Obama is no longer president and cannot run again so no real point to dwell on it but will note that he is not the only president to seek a reset with the Russians early in his term-Dubbya did the same thing. When Russia invaded Ukraine and annexed Crimea Obama was quick to impose heavy sanctions on Putin and his minions piling on more when it became clear that they were meddling in the election. Trump’s CIA director, NSA director, Acting FBI director and DNI director testified before congress that there was absolutely no doubt that this had happened.

      If you want to see what kind of crazies inhabit the west wing take a look at Bannon’s twitter feed or do a google search for Rich Higgins memo.

      Now the goof has threatened military action in Venezuela. Add upped the ante on NK that KJU will regret it if he even makes overt threats against the US or it’s allies. Two bloviated blowhards with wacky hair putting the whole world on edge.

      read what trumps kid tweeted about the meeting.. the one with only one other person…oops he meant 3 other people..ooops he meant 8 other people… lol. Yeah. Nothing to see here…if you are blind and ignorant of the facts…

      Sparrow has all the memes to back up this theory. …

      Awww isn’t that cute twospeed100 learned a new word today- meme -and uses it in all his posts. Now go play and come back when your vocabulary increases a bit more and you can offer something of substance.

      sparrow – “Congress had something like 7 hearing on Benghazi and found squat. Same story with the FBI investigations into Clinton email.”

      On Thursday the House Judiciary Committee wrote to AG Jeff Sessions and the Deputy AG requesting they provide a special counsel to investigate the activities of most of the notables in the previous administration; Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Loretta Lynch and Susan Rice among others.

      The ground to be covered includes; the Clinton email server scandal, her deletion of 30,000 emails, her mishandling of classified information, her Clinton Foundation pay to play abuse while being in the office of Secretary of State, Comey’s decision not to prosecute her never mind even mildly censure, Lynch misleading the public about the emails investigation, her meeting at a remote airport with the husband of someone currently under FBI investigation, the DOJ’s and FBI’s mishandling of the email investigation, the illegal surveillance of political enemies, Comey leaking confidential conversations with the president to the press, the unmasking, the immunity deals handed out to senior members of the administration and a lot more. A comprehensive list of areas to be investigated can be found on the committee’s letter to AG Sessions.

      ht tps://thepointman.wordpress.com/2017/08/05/when-you-attack-you-hit-them-with-everything-youve-got-and-all-of-it-at-the-same-time/#comments

      Tucker Carlson And Mark Steyn Laughs At CNN On Their Trump Jr. Russia Hysteria

      ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmkVEzwe8dw

    What a load from Sparrow. Typical zionist disinformation from a guy that hates western values.

    “Deep State” is not rule of law, but rather subversion of the elected rule of law through political appointments from prior administrations acting as agents outside the democratic command structures of government.

    No prior president has ever dared go to the extend of using deep state assets to undermine an elected president as has Obama and his deep state assets.

    The only moronic thin skinned narcissist putz here is Sparrow that clouds all judgements under his zionist lens of hate and misdirection through lies and innuendo to satisfy his own delusions.

    The Muller investigation will lead to nothing on Trump, but a lifetime of jail for Clinton, Obama, Jarret, Lynch and all the other seditious traitors to their nation that fabricated the Russian collusion story.


      You can go off on your little tirade yet offer nothing to counter the facts that I posted, all that can be backed up by multiple news sources. I won’t waste my time doing it because judging by some of the sites you frequent and things that you have posted over the years there are single celled organisms that are better at deductive reasoning than you seem to show.

      Despite what it says on all your alt-right sites Mueller is investigating the current president not the one that left office over 200 days ago. A lot of the leaks are coming from the various factions in the Trump white house as they battle for power within the oval office. There are not a lot of political holdovers in the west wing but hundreds of vacancies with few stepping forward to apply.

      Saw today that team Trump has the knives out for Manafort…..the first fish to start flipping?

      *a man of letters…ctd….chip truck driver

      Your rants are just delusional Sparrow. Full of self deluding fantasy. You have provided no facts, just hyperbole and innuendo on your part.

      Mueller is a political tool used by the deep state globalists to undermine the president. The more he digs the more he will find the only collusion was by the Democrats to undermine the elected president and then he will have two distinct paths to take… the path of treason, or the path of admitting failure to prove a case against Trump on Russian collusion. In either case Trump has enough to prove Mueller is a bad actor to end his reputation anytime if his choosing.

      Anyone that still believes Trump colluded with the Russians to win the election must either have an IQ of 70, or get so blinded by ideology that they can no longer think for themself. Either way it’s a mental illness at this point….

      Judge ordered a new search for Hilarie emails today… Obama appointed judge at that. Says in light of the new evidence that the Obama administration used aliases to avoid freedom of information requests and that they provided no emails from the State Department last time around a new search has been ordered.

      The Attorney General Lynch was using her mother’s name for all her emails with Bill Clinton it turns out. Says it was common practice for the Obama administration when using government email accounts. Wait the real emails come out then it’s all over for the Clinton crime family and the Obama partisans.

Seamutt. Japan occupied Korea from 1910 until they lost the war in 1945.

Korea was then split up between Russia and the USA at the 38th parallel. This was a deal cooked up between Stalin and Truman who at that point in time were still allies.

There was an election in Korea, around that time but North Korea refused to participate because they wanted a free Korea without the influence of the Russians, or Americans.

Once North Korea got the OK from Stalin and China to invade South Korea they did,.
The Americans along with Countries from the UN fought to stop this invasion, and after 3 years of war they signed an agreement and once again divided the Country at the 38th parallel.

So who is to decide when and how Korea can become an independent country???

Remember that Vietnam was initially occupied by the Japanese, then the British, then the French, then the Americans, and finally after 75 years of fighting it became the independent Country of Vietnam.

Korea, much like Vietnam is all about politics and power.

    Actually the UN finalized the dealCheers

    North Korea is the Poland of 80 years ago. A belligerent with a war guarantee from a major power in one hand and and nationalist flag in the other itching to start a war it has no ability to finish.

    Palopu leaves out of his North Korean account that it was Canada that established the current DMZ line in Korea by holding the hills behind Chinese lines after the Americans were in full retreat. Those hills Canada held later became the DMZ line. The Canadians held off the entire Chinese assault for over two weeks with no equipment only hand grenades and rifles piling them up like firewood as they came in swarm after swarm.

    I would say if Canada had not been in the war China would have run the Americans right into the sea and South Korea would not exist today.

So you call NK a free Korea and that NK with is despot murderous dictator ruling family should have all of Korea? Is that what you are getting at?

No Vietnam was not occupied by the Americans as such. When North Vietnam invaded South Vietnam backed by the Russians and Chinese the US came in because of an agreement with south Vietnam and to stop communist expansion in the rest of that area.

How would an independent Korea look to you?

You proved my point alliances ebb and flow, thanks.

About the independent country of Vietnam, you approve of communist dictatorships then?

It was politics that dragged the war on in Vietnam and when the US pulled out and no longer supported South Vietnam and it fell in that first year of communist occupation more people where killed and disappeared than all the time the US was involved. Yep some independent country.

    So the Americans supported South Vietnam to stop communist expansion. Then they lost the war, were chased out of the Country, and the North Vietnamese took over the whole country. Now the question is, what happened to the communist expansion???

    You should know by now that communist expansion is a phrase that is used through out the world by the Americans, and some others. What do we really know about North Korea, other than what we get from the US secret service.??

    In any event Vietnam’s biggest export country is the USA which imports $38 billion from Vietnam every year. Seems like they like Vietnamese products even though they are communist. How is that possible??

    Seems you are suggesting that the only time countries are allowed self rule, is when they support a Government set up by the Americans.

    Seems you cannot grasp that our enemies in 1945 ie; Germany, Russia, China, Japan, etc; are now our best friends. Some are communist, others have communists running for election. In fact we have communists running for election in Canada.

    So I guess we have **good** communists and **bad** communists, and you determine which is which.

      Ask Malaysia, Philippines etc. who lost the war, and communist expansion did not continue thinks for confirming that. You do realize that that NV was supported by China and Russia. Ya and when NV took over the country they where all friendly and gentle holding out their hands in friendship. Actually SV was doing just fine after the US left against NV until politics in the US dried up the money.

      Again thanks for confirming alliances to change over the years. Oh things are not totally rosy by any means between Japan and China. Must be Trumps fault, everything is Trumps fault.

      Seems to me Palopu needs to do some research and read up on globalism and the actors behind that if he wants to understand global conflict and geopolitics.

This post compares the price and performance of the Mercedes B class all electric and 180d diesel cars. In this summary the subsidies and taxes have been stripped out. The all electric costs 39% more and has only 14% of the range of the diesel. Using these metrics, the diesel is 10 times better than the electric car. The 104 mile range of the electric car really confines its use to a daily commute or city runaround which somewhat devalues the 8 second 0-62 mph acceleration. Stripping out taxes on fuel, the running costs per 100 kms are 249p (electric) and 159p (diesel). Contrary to popular belief, electric vehicles (EVs) are considerably more expensive to run. Zero tail pipe emissions (NOx, PM2.5 and CO2) is the clear advantage that the all electric version has. The question then is zero tail pipe emissions worth the extra cost and reduced performance?

ht tp://euanmearns.com/mercedes-b-class-electric-and-diesel-cars-compared/

    In the future I don’t think we will buy cars anymore… maybe in the next twenty years they will be obsolete.

    Instead we will buy electric power packs and drive motor kits with the range we would like to have… starting out at 1000+miles and up. Everyone will have their own vehicle designs they make at home and get printed out at the local 3D printing shop where the body is made in thermoplastic cellulose.

    The vehicle market will be like the jeepney market in the Philippines… no two will be the same.


      Yeah, right.

      Just watch. It’s already happening. Electric vehicles are simple with few moving parts. So easy to kit car they are a threat to the auto industry as we know it. With 3D printing technology anyone can design the vehicle they want, or just pick it from a prepackaged program… then just bolt on the electric motors and battery and done.

      Mine will be a 40’s style moonshine running truck with the battery and a cooler under the hood where the engine was….

      Dream on.

Very simply;
Trump is a compulsive and pathological liar that cheats people out their hard earned money and in his spare time likes to “grab Kitties”.

For some of you maybe Trump could make “Canada Great Again!” after all we have plenty of beavers up here that might fall into his after hour curricular activities.

    You left out the facts to backup your statement. Where are Scary Hillary emails?

      He promised cheap,healthcare for all Americans…a lie

      He said there was no meetings with Russia… lie

      He said he wouldn’t golf..lie

      He promised seniors and vets he would help,the out … he actually has cut the budget…lie

      He said maexico will pay for the wall.. lie

      He said he couldn’t release his tax forms because he was being audited.. a lie.. being audited doesn’t stop the ability to release them

      Seamutt.. Obama. How many scandals while in office ? Trump is a walking scandal..

      Btw. Clinton did t win.. time to focus on the real issue… Trump.

      He promised cheap,healthcare for all Americans…a lie
      obamacare collapsing do the high costs, Dems and some Rep, keep thwarting plans to fix now Dems are scrambling to fix.

      He said there was no meetings with Russia… lie

      No meetings about election, otherwise there are always meetings with Russia. You ignore Obama and Clinton selling 1\4 of uranium production to Russia then Clintons pay to play fund gets 150 million from the Russians. What no comment, hey look a cricket.
      He said he wouldn’t golf..lie

      Really he owns golf courses. What he is not allowed exercise. Hey dear leader is always jogging for selfies and trying to out chest expose Putin.

      He promised seniors and vets he would help,the out … he actually has cut the budget…lie

      Where did you get that from, SNL.

      He said maexico will pay for the wall.. lie

      Another hold up from Government not Trump and actually negotiations are ongoing
      He said he couldn’t release his tax forms because he was being audited.. a lie.. being audited doesn’t stop the ability to release them

      Actually not a lie more SNL news. Besides not a requirement to be released, just a hey look another cricket from the media who are still shocked they were so wrong about the election. Go on youtube and watch them cry election night.

      Seamutt.. Obama. How many scandals while in office ? Trump is a walking scandal..

      obama was a walking scandal, from Libya to Begasi.

      Hey Clinton lost and you should get over it. Be thankful she lost.
      Btw. Clinton did t win.. time to focus on the real issue… Trump.

      Obama scandals that the liberal left progressive sidicous media will hardly touch. Just imagine if Trump had done just one of those things.

      ht tps://www.thoughtco.com/list-of-obama-scandals-and-controversies-3367635

      Care to comment on those scandals P Val?

    Obama’s presidency has been mired with numerous scandals that would be blared on the news 24/7 if he were a Republican. But because he’s a Democrat, too many people buy Obama’s argument that his presidency has been scandal-free. Here are 11 of Obama’s scandals.

    ht tp://www.dailywire.com/news/10982/obama-says-hes-had-scandal-free-administration-aaron-bandler?utm_source=shapironewsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=070516-news-title&utm_campaign=five

      Was Obama administration illegal spying worse than Watergate?

      ht tps://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2017/05/30/obama-admin-illegal-spying-worse-than-watergate-glenn-reynolds-column/102284058/

      Michael Sainato of The Observer has done a superb job of accumulating all the scandals currently roiling the Democrat Party. Well not really roiling, because as we all know, our objective, unbiased, not-at-all-leftwing media is covering up every single one of these jaw-dropping scandals. Smothering them to death. Burying them. In other words, thanks to our media, Democrats, the true Russian colluders (more on this below) are getting away with everything but murder.

      ht tp://www.dailywire.com/news/19146/russia-bribes-sex-19-massive-democrat-scandals-msm-john-nolte

      Sparrow and PVal must be out hunting crickets with Ataloss. Trophy crickets.

It seems that the majority of lower mainland, and Vancouver Island ridings, voted GreeNDP and therefore voted against things like LNG, Site C, and Kinder Morgan.
A lot of the anti site C people were advocating keeping our Natural Gas for use in power generation by burning it here in BC in several thermal power plants.
I would suggest that Alberta turn off the tap on all crude going through the existing Kinder Morgan pipeline to the coast. As this is the feedstock for 78% of all gasoline burned in your region you should do just fine with parking your ICE vehicles and purchasing new EVs immediately. I have no idea how YVR and the Abbotsford Airport are going to cope as 100% of their Aviation / Jet fuel comes from original feed stock sourced through Kinder Morgan. Of course, you are going to need extra Electric Power for all of those EVs, however, without the Hydro dams in the north you will be forced to generate power in different ways! Thermal Generation is an option, however, the Gas is in the North, and we don’t want the emissions from thermal generating plants in our airshed, so the plants need to be located in your region. One more issue arises, your region doesn’t like pipelines. No pipeline, no gas! no gas, no power! As your economy and the entire area grinds to a screeching halt, perhaps there will be one benefit. There will most certainly be an increase in your birth rate with all that darkness, no work, and no real transportation available other than walking or biking people will have lots of idle time on their hands for quiet candle lit dinners!

I see Trump just said he wouldn’t rule out military options in Venezuela. Is he confused between South America and Asia?

Maybe next he won’t rule out military action in NAFTA re-negotiations.

    Drumpf jr was in town to get targeting information and coordinates for local sawmills in the long running softwood lumber dispute. Hunting trip was a just a ruse.

    If you see a B1 Lancer on the horizon-RUN

      Uh, these days isn’t this available from satellite photos as well as things like Google Maps? I doubt that it is necessary to send in agents on the ground to obtain targeting information for sawmills.

      Duh! Do I have to add a footnote that states my tongue was firmly in cheek?

    You’re right NMG, they’re both buffoons. The bat s–t crazy one in NK is down in his bunker (dug by shovels by his oppressed people) ready to give the order and doesn’t give a damn about his people and sure as hell not about any other people. Two nut cases on a collision course because Trump doesn’t know when to quit.

      You Billy Clinton also gave an ultimatum to NK. he was going to throw his cigars at them.

    NMG, are you unaware of what’s happening in Venezuela?

Anybody know why the gas station at the Hart Mall closed?

i wonder what sort of b.s. trumpet would use if it was russia or china and not n.k.
the man is out to lunch.he says millions are agreeing with the wayhe is handling this. i would say it’s the millions that have created the opiod crisis in america.
can’t he see that the more he threatens fat boy the more they (n.k.)
will continue to aggravate him. he has no deplomacy about him at all.

It is much worse than you thought. It is much, much worse.

I can reveal that the president is a serial philanderer who is compulsively unfaithful to his wife. He suffers from severe medical problems, which he and his staff are concealing from the press. One of his mistresses is also romantically involved with a notorious gangster.

Speaking of organized crime, I understand that his campaign, to get elected, called on the Mafia for assistance. They plan to wiretap human rights activists.

In foreign policy, the story is even worse. He is planning an invasion of a hostile country, which is almost certain to fail disastrously. He has established a secret back-channel which he intends to use in times of crisis to communicate secretly with the Kremlin. Yet he is willing to risk nuclear war. And he has no objection to the assassination of political enemies and coups against allied governments.

The president I have just described is not Donald J. Trump but John F. Kennedy.

ht tp://www.jewishworldreview.com/0717/ferguson071817.php3#BlZ0RLRJGYeOWPRc.99

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