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October 27, 2017 3:51 pm

P.G. Praised for Handling of Wildfire Emergency

Wednesday, August 23, 2017 @ 5:58 AM

Prince George, B.C. – During the peak of the  evacuations  from the  Cariboo,  Prince George welcomed and provided services to more than 10 thousand people,  it was  a herculean effort  which is gaining praise for  the City,  the volunteers and Mayor Lyn Hall.

Prince George City Council   has received  two letters of  thank you  from  evacuees.  One from  four Chiefs of the NStQ Treaty Group  in Wiliams Lake,  the other from the   Chair of the Jehovah’s Witnesses  Disaster Relief Committee.

.A number of  people who had travelled to Prince George for a Jehovah’s Witnesses  convention, were stranded here  when their communities were evacuated .  DRC Chair Dale Johnson wrote  “Thank you for the care and concern you showed  when visiting our evacuee site.”

The NStQ Chiefs  wrote “The wildfire situation has been and still remains a very challenging time for our members.  Welcoming our people into your community and looking after them made their stay away from home much easier to deal with.   While it is impossible to know every person who has provided care to our NStQ community members, we would like to extend our appreciation to them and ask that you widely share this letter with those who have helped.
We greatly appreciate all the help that you have provided and continue to provide in this time of uncertainty.”

Mayor Lyn Hall has received praise  from his Council colleagues  for  his tireless efforts during the crisis “You were one of the faces of support in our community” said Councillor Brian Skakun “There were so many people who saw you at different venues, you took the  time to talk to people in parking lots,   the mall, it didn’t matter where it was.”

Mayor Hall   says  Prince George’s efforts have  set a new bar for emergency operations ” It was a tremendous  amount of work.”   He  said  the Emergency Operations team  deserves credit  “That entire group and  many in administration staff, really did an unbelievable  job for the evacuees during the entire process.”

The services provided to the  evacuees  amounted to running a city within  a city.   The effort  so effective, Prince George was visited by  other emergency  operations  ” We had Red Cross  from  across the country, people from Dawson Creek and Terrace and people from all  over the Cariboo  and the southern part of the province (came here) to take a  look at what we were doing, and I  think we  really set the mark and set the template for  what can be used  in , God forbid,  future disasters and that was really important.”


..and the back rubbing begins…

Meanwhile it was the community, not the council, who did the job. The money and time donated by the residents is the real story here, not elected officials.

So lets prop up the people in the community for a change, they are the only thing that made a difference here.

    Yes the volunteers were a huge part of the process but the city was just as involved they were the ones to get emergency spaces set up, getting cots and emergency plans in place, making sure that the forms required for sign in and having funds available for incoming evacuees ready and in place, having city staff available 24/7 for any need or situation that arose. The volunteers were the front line and the faces that evacuees saw most but the city made sure things happened they did a huge amount of work behind the scenes so imo both the volunteers and city staff deserve equal pats on the back on how the situation was handled and made bearable.

    There were hiccups and there were missteps but by and far everything was handled well and in a timely manner by all parties for such an unprecedented event and because of the way it was handled many other cities across Canada and even from other countries took notice and wanted to see what PG did that set it apart it’s something to be proud of on so many levels

    isthisreal, there always has to be a leader and in my opinion our mayor stepped up and did an amazing job. I don’t know why you try to find fault with this.

Can’t wait to see the overtime bill.

Also now that the emergency is lessened all the whiners, naysayers and moaners and groaner are coming out of the woodwork to complain about was it nessecary to spend xx dollars on this was it nessecary to close this or that, did the city really need to do that

It’s always the same thing after any major event people come together then after all is said and done the whining, bitching, moaning and groaning begins because people want to find fault with something that they want to hold on to

Might be still premature to say this but I think Northern BC as a whole should really be proud of the fact that we haven’t had a single fatality (that im aware of anyway). This just goes to show that we know what we are doing in emergencies like this and there is an extreme duty of care during these emergencies. Just imagine what would happen if something like this happened in the lower mainland..

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