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October 27, 2017 3:51 pm

IIO Seeks Witnesses to Police Incident

Tuesday, August 22, 2017 @ 4:05 PM

Prince George, B.C. – The Independent Investigations Office in B.C. is  hoping to hear from some witnesses to an incident last month  that  involved Prince George RCMP and  a man .

Initially,  police were called to the area  of the  10th Avenue Liquor store  on the night of July 18th, to investigate  a report of a man “casing vehicles”. along West Central Street.

According to police,  when they tried to take the man into custody,  there was a struggle  and  officers used pepper spray to subdue him.  The man went into medical distress, and died in hospital  a couple of hours later.

The Independent Investigations Office  deployed investigators to Prince George to  examine this  incident which  was now,  an in custody death.

The IIO has identified the following potential witnesses, who may be able to provide valuable information to the investigation.

  • Driver and or occupants of a possibly white tractor trailer unit (tractor only) which was parked in the lot between the 10th Ave liquor store and the Triple O’s restaurant at the time of the incident and left shortly after 11 p.m.
  • Driver and or occupants (three women) of a dark coloured vehicle similar to a PT Cruiser who were initially stopped in front of the 10th Ave liquor store at the time of the incident and left shortly after speaking to a lone man who had a cell phone in his hand.
  • Driver and or occupants of a light coloured sedan style vehicle which stopped on 10th Ave between the liquor store and the MLA office for several minutes during the time of the incident.

The IIO is asking for these witnesses and any others who may have seen, heard or recorded the incident to contact the IIO at 1-855-446-8477



“Police activity – nothing to see here – please move along folks”

Pro-tip. Don’t break into stuff. Don’t disobey police. Karma caught up with this guy.

    Not one report yet has said that anything was broken into. At 10pm in mid-July it’s more likely to be walking home from the store, restaurant, a buddy’s than it is to be “casing vehicles” in daylight. Never good when people jump to conclusions.

I would think the video is self explanatory, multiple people pile onto another person with suffocating weight then spray him with pepper spray that takes your breath away I really dont think your chance of survival would be high

“According to police, when they tried to take the man into custody, there was a struggle and officers used pepper spray to subdue him.”

A struggle usually indicates that there was physical resistance to being taken into custody and handcuffed. Why would a person who was just strolling harmlessly along and minding his own business resist police orders?

Too bad though the struggle led to the persons death. Sad outcome.

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