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October 27, 2017 3:45 pm

Advance Voting Dates Set for Referendum

Tuesday, August 29, 2017 @ 10:53 AM

Prince George, B.C.  -The general voting day  on  the referendum on  borrowing money to  build a new  pool and  a new fire hall in Prince George is  just two months away, but there will be three advance polls on the matter.

General Voting Day is October 28,   and advanced voting  will be held on October 18 at City Hall and UNBC, October 19 at the College of New Caledonia, and again at City Hall on October 24.

Leading up to those  events,  the City is now  looking to share information about the projects  and answer any questions  community organizations, groups and clubs may have.

As 250News reported  previously ( see previous story) Mayor Lyn  Hall  will be  available,  along with City Manager  Kathleen Soltis and  members of Council, to  present  information about the reasons behind the  projects, how  people can  get involved,  when and where to vote  and on the referendum itself.

Community feedback  on major  initiatives has been  a  hallmark of the current Council,  and  the  referendum and  the reasons behind the  desire to  move forward with the projects are expected to be the main  topic of discussion at the  annual ‘TalkTober’  events throughout the City.  But the City  wants to do more  says Mayor Hall ” A major reason we are proposing to keep a rebuilt pool downtown is because during the Aquatics Needs Assessment we heard through extensive consultation with users of the Four Seasons and residents of Prince George that they greatly favour a downtown location. Council and Administration are eager to get out into the community to communicate our rationale, and respond directly to the questions of residents.”

A number of  organizations have already invited  Mayor Hall and the  City Manager to make presentations,  other interested group organizers can fill out a form on the City’s website or contact Dyra Pridham at dyra.pridham@princegeorge.ca 250-561-7691 to arrange a presentation.



Are they going to allow us to vote for one OR the other and not both ?

    Yes..you can vote for one or the other (or neither) as the ballot will have two questions

      Thank you

Please inform us about any presentations the city is providing.

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