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October 27, 2017 3:39 pm

Premier Offers Labour Day Message

Monday, September 4, 2017 @ 7:00 AM

Prince George, B.C. – It is Labour  Day, and Premier John Horgan is sending out a special  message to mark  the occasion.He  has issued the following  statement:

“On Labour Day we recognize the hard-working people of British Columbia, who built this province from the ground up.

“Labour Day is a day of rest, and an opportunity to reflect on the progress made by working people. The hard-fought victories of the labour movement over generations made life better for everyone.

“People who work hard deserve a government that works hard for them. Our government will increase the minimum wage, open the doors to apprenticeships and skills training, strengthen employment standards and create safer workplaces for all. Because building up our province starts by building up our people.

“I join you in celebrating this special day.”


Oh how inspiring to have a former Keg waiter with a history degree from Australia, to offer us powerful messages.

    And your thoughts on Clark then? Give us her resume please.

      Why do NDP followers keep deflecting instead of accepting the truth? Your unelected leader couldn’t get into a BC University?

      The unelected premier (he is actually the elected leader of the party) received a BA from Trent University in Peterborough.

      He worked at many jobs to earn money to go to university, as do most students. One of his jobs at that time was at the pulp mill in Ocean Falls.

      After graduating, he worked as a waiter in Victoria, then went to the University of Sydney where he received a Masters Degree.

      Christy, on the other hand, attended SFU, then saw Europe by attending 2 Universities the Sorbonne and the University of Edinburgh.

      She did not get a degree.

      Horgan is 6 years older than Clark. He is 58.

      Clark, on the other hand, was 46 when she became premier.

      Some people are slower than others. …. ;-)


      So he has a masters, just what does that prove? Maybe a masters in antfa dogma.

    What would your credentials be then? How many people have voted for you to lead them? Please tell us what’s on your resume, that affords you vast amounts of time to do little else than make unintelligent and poisonous comments on this blog?

      “How many people have voted for you to lead them?”

      And this is to mean what?

      Some people do not have an interest in becoming a political leader.

      There are thousands of “leaders” in BC both in the work force and in volunteer situations.

      One “leader” cannot do everything.

      Political “leaders” should be inspiring….. something for which Horgan has no affinity.

      Horgan has all the appeal and personality of a wrinkled brown suit.

    You most certainly sound like PHd material???

Fake premier ! Never got elected !!

    Clark wasn’t elected in her first run for premier. She had to buy the riding in kelowna to remain as an unelected premier for four years. That’s what you can truly call unelected.

      I think buying a riding is illegal in BC.

      By law, the leader of the party that won the election is the premier, whether the person has a seat in in the Legislature or not.

      Unlike the USA, the Prime Minister as well as premiers are not elected directly by the people.

      By law, John Horgan is the elected Premier of British Columbia. If he wasn’t elected under our law he wouldn’t be where he is.

      BTW, Cabinet Ministers also do not have to have a seat in the Legislature.

      Typically, a seat is vacated so that the individual can run for election.

      Clark is not the first person to run in a by election to get a seat and likely won’t be the last. I believe that a former ndp premier had to do the same thing.

      As party leaders campaign all through the province and cannot strictly concentrate on a riding then a more equitable solution would be to have an “at large” seat reserved for the party leader who forms government.

I support the skills training and apprenticeships! I hope they can get good paying jobs in BC when they are complete.

    I support not only skills training, but also knowledge as well as attitude education.

    If one has skills through training, it will not help if one does not have the attitude and knowledge required for continual improvement in the skills as they change over time, especially if the skills are no longer required in one industry and one has to move to another industry.

    One must trained beyond the “how” in today’s world of obsolescence of skills.

    One must be educated in the “why”; in the drive to seek continuous learning of knowledge behind the changing skill requirements.

    As one article about the situation in the USA describes it: “The real jobs tragedy in the US, we’ve Lost the skills.”

    If Horgan is still premier when the new trades training building currently under construction at CNC has it’s ribbon cutting I wonder if he will give proper credit to the government who laid the foundations for the project.

    Odds are that he will say it is proof of HIS government’s commitment to training the young people of BC in a ever changing world. Anyone interested in covering the odds?

forgot about this guy he’s been laying so low … scared to rock the boat … just gonna enjoy his free ride til the last stop I guess … probably for the best

    Are you referring to Ben Stewart the guy who gave his riding to Clark? It was just a coincidence he ended up with a $150,000.00 a year job with her government. By the way she just gave the riding back to him when she retired.

forgot about this guy he’s been laying so low … scared to rock the boat … just gonna enjoy his free ride til the last stop I guess … probably for the best

NOT MY premier

“Because building up our province starts by building up our people.”

Pretty hard to disagree with that.

They decided to befriend Weaver again and drop the 2021 from the 15 dollar an hour promise

    So what is the proposed date now?

    Alberta’s is Oct 01, 2018
    Ontario’s is January 01, 2019

      I was a bit confused because in an interview with CBC last night Bains was adamant that 2021 would stand and the commission would decide how to get there and refused to budge on the issue when asked repeatedly. Must have been taped last week as today I read that Bains apparently told reporters Saturday that the NDP caucus changed its mind to appease Weaver. The deal they made on paper was to set up the commission and let the commission decide and apparently this was more of a deal breaker than removing the tolls. Weaver had made a scathing press release on the matter

      Bains also mentioned in passing that changes are in the works to allow employees to join a union if they so choose and not to be encumbered by a non union workplace – maybe a slip of the tongue and the wrong wording but not entirely sure.

      He was also asked if Labour Relations Board would receive more personnel and to that he reiterated that the NDP would allow a more timely and expedited way for employees to file grievances against their employers but wouldn’t say he will hire more staff

    In the USA
    New York City – $15/hr by end of 2018
    Washington DC – by July 1, 2020
    California – by July 1, 2022

Not to be missed, the message from the Prime Minister of the country.

Ottawa, Ontario
September 5, 2016
The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today issued the following statement on Labour Day:

“Today, we commemorate Labour Day – an occasion to celebrate the many accomplishments of Canada’s labour movement.

“For more than a century, the labour movement has played an integral role in improving the lives of Canadian workers, and protecting Canada’s middle class and those working hard to join it. In the face of great adversity, the labour movement has fought to ensure fair living wages, safe working conditions, an inclusive workplace, and equitable relations with employers.

“The Government of Canada is committed to collaborating with the labour movement to ensure that working people are protected and supported during their entire careers and retirement. That is why we worked hard with the provinces and territories and achieved an agreement in principle to expand the Canada Pension Plan, invested more than $85 million in union-based apprenticeship training, and temporarily increased Employment Insurance benefits for workers hit hardest by the commodities downturn. We have also committed to repair and build roads and bridges, and other infrastructure across Canada, which will create better, well-paying jobs for union members and more livable communities for Canadian families.

“We are working to restore fair and balanced labour laws that acknowledge the important role of unions in promoting and protecting Canada’s middle class and those working hard to join it, and improve workers’ access to good quality skills training.

“Moving forward, we will amend the Canada Labour Code to allow federally regulated workers the right to formally request flexible work arrangements from their employers.

“On behalf of the Government of Canada, Sophie and I wish all Canadians a safe and happy Labour Day.”

    Yep and what is he going to do with the thousands of illegals he invited in and are now set up in tent cities with a winter coming on.

from the premier of Ontario

Premier’s Statement on Labour Day
September 4, 2017 9:00 A.M.Office of the Premier
Premier Kathleen Wynne released the following statement today:

“For over 120 years, Labour Day has been an opportunity to celebrate hard-working people in every corner of our province and reaffirm our commitment to building an Ontario where everyone can have good opportunities and be treated fairly at work. This year, Labour Day feels especially meaningful and relevant. I have spent the summer traveling around our province, and what I am hearing is that people are worried. They don’t know what the future holds, only that it is uncertain.

Today, even with one of Canada’s strongest economies and an unemployment rate that’s consistently below the national average, there are still too many people in Ontario who can’t get ahead, don’t feel secure in their job or can’t get a fair deal from their employer.

At times like this, I believe it is the responsibility of government to take a stand and protect people’s right to a good job and a decent paycheque. We need to do all we can to ensure that people are given every chance to get ahead during this period of change.

That’s why Ontario is stepping up to create more opportunity and fairness for workers with our plan for Fair Workplaces and Better Jobs. We are taking historic action to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, ensure part-time workers are paid the same hourly wage as full-time workers, introduce paid sick days for every worker, improve enforcement of employment laws and modernize the certification process for unions.

The importance of fighting for fairness, security and decency at work is a fight the labour movement has long understood. Labour Day’s roots go all the way back to the time of Confederation, when workers organized to fight for a more reasonable work week. We have made so much progress building a fairer economy since that time, but that work is not finished.

There have always been loud and strong arguments for the rich and the well-connected. The arguments for those struggling to make ends meet or just too busy getting by often go unheard or unheeded. Government exists to seek out and hear those voices. My purpose is to make real a vision of a fairer, better Ontario. If there is anywhere in the world capable of creating that society, it is us right here, right now.”

    Where are all the “ums” and “ehs”?

      Oops, meant for the Trudeau one above.

      I cringe every time I hear him on the radio. Does he take voice coaching yet?

The First Labour Day in Canada


“By law, John Horgan is the elected Premier of British Columbia. If he wasn’t elected under our law he wouldn’t be where he is.”

He is where he is because one person decided in his favour!

The law specified that the Lieutenant Governer would make the decision. Actually the NDP had less MLAs elected than the Liberals. Personally I think it would have been more fair to order another election. The convenience arrangement berween the NDP and the GREENS does not meet the requirement of a real coalition and even the two parties keep saying that they are not a coalition. Convenience arrangements should be against the law, imho.

    He is where he is because the leader of the party with the most seats couldn’t retain the confidence of the Legislature. She, and her Party, lost a motion of non-confidence in her government. Simple as that. Nothing whatsoever dishonest about it, whether you like it or not. WAC Bennett’s first government came about because he was able to secure the support of an independent Labor MLA when the Socreds and CCF (NDP) each had the same number of MLAs.

    Horgan was able to demonstrate to the Lieutenant-Governor that with the support of the Green Party MLA’s he could form a government. If the Lieutenant-Governor had decided otherwise, and acceded to Christy Clark’s request to dissolve the Legislature and call another election, there is no reasonable certainty that the results would have been any different than they were before dissolution. A lot of money could end up being spent for nothing.

    If Horgan loses the confidence or the House, which he could yet do, then another election would probably ensue unless there was some degree of certainty that some other arrangement might be worked out that allows some other combination to form a government. That’s the way the system works. And it is a good system, even if many are not happy with the results it produces sometimes.

In other words, the final decision was indeed made by the Lieutenant Governor!

    Sure, and what’s wrong with that? It’s what we have a Lieutenant Governor for ~ to ensure that there is a government in place that can actually govern, i.e. command the confidence of the House. Horgan demonstrated to her that the likelihood of his being able to do that were pretty good. So he gets a chance. If he loses a non-confidence vote, then it’s probably pretty likely the Lieutenant-Governor would dissolve the Legislature, and we’d go back to the polls. Unless someone else was able to pull together enough MLAs to demonstrate they might be able to form a government. Regardless, it’s still the Lieutenant-Governor’s call ~ she’s impartial, above politics, ( to a far greater degree than she could likely ever be if she were elected).

One thing I know for sure is Christy showed her true colours in her thrown speech.

So far Horgan has cost thousands of jobs from the liquefied gas plant being moth balled… may as well do the same with Site C dam and add several thousand more jobs. Welfare is where it is at…no need for labor day.

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