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October 27, 2017 3:39 pm

Controlled Burn on Elephant Hill Blaze

Monday, September 4, 2017 @ 4:49 PM

Williams Lake ,BC -The Elephant Hill fire  is now 192,725 hectares, and  did come very close to some assets on Sheridan Lake over the weekend.

The BC Wildfire Service  is conducting a controlled burn  this afternoon on the south side of the Green Lake  to create a clear and safer perimeter where ground crews can work.

This controlled burn will cover about 650 hectares north of Tin Cup Lake and south of Jim Mountain, and will increase the amount of smoke in the area. A significant smoke column is expected to be visible for the duration of the burn this afternoon.

Crews, heavy equipment, and structural protection specialists are working with 24 hour coverage in critical places along the fire’s north flank to best protect life, property, and infrastructure.

A boat provided by the Conservation Officer Service is working with structural firefighters to reach properties on Sheridan Lake to assess and secure homes.

The western and southern containment lines are not being challenged at this time.


seems that that last time they tried a controlled burn it got away from them and make the situation many times worse than it was before they started.
hope things work out better this time….

by the way thank you all to the fire fighters who are on the firelines

like all situations there are multiple perspectives .. my understanding is that the fire officials seemed to think that the recent controversial controlled burn was within reasonable parameters even if a few locals didn’t … like all perspectives, we need to consider the source … something we should have learned by now from the Trumpian creation of ‘fake news’ issues

    The ministry acknowledged it got away from them due to a severe wind shift. Is that perspective enough?

      Nope, ib, not enough perspective at all … just because it burned more than planned due to the wind shift, it did not cause ‘more damage many times worse’ … worse than what … doing nothing … sure, it got nerve wracking and I empathize with those in the immediate path f the controlled burn who suffered damages from the jump … however, all decisions involve a calculated risk and the burn was still within parameters of the risk calculations

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