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October 27, 2017 3:36 pm

Tax Reform Seems to Have Support

Friday, September 8, 2017 @ 6:00 AM

Prince George, B.C. – As opposition to  proposed changes in the Federal tax regime  increases,   a new poll suggests Canadians  have mixed feelings about  taxation.

A new Mainstreet/Postmedia poll  found  more Canadians believe the middle class is paying too much (55%).

In contrast, more Canadians believe that large corporations and high income earners are paying too little (both at 54%)

The poll  indicates Canadians would  like to see high income earners and large corporations pay more in taxes.

Prime Minister Trudeau has already indicated that while willing to “tweak” the tax reform, his government is not prepared to back down .  He may  well have the  support  from voters  to continue with that position, as the  poll also indicates the Liberals are at 43% among decided and leaning voters, the Conservatives sit at 32% and the NDP continues to struggle at 15%.

The survey also shows 55% of Canadians asked, approve of the  job Trudeau is doing.  That compares to Andrew Scheer’s approval rating of 34% , Tom Mulcair at 36%, Martine Ouellet at 36%, and Elizabeth May at 35%.


I would argue that maybe 10% of those polled even knew about the Trudeau planned changed for small business taxation, because even most small businesses don’t know for sure what the plan is. How could Joe Q public in a random poll know these kinds of issues?

Its a bad way to set policy without specifics for the proposals; and an informed public giving input through answering polling questions on the topic based on those specifics.

In general most people would agree rich people should pay more, so it is no surprise to see that result in any poll. The question of fairness in lumping in all small business owners with rich people is another matter. Small business is the biggest job generator in the economy, and most people would also vote for jobs in any given poll as well.

    Bang on Eagleone. Canadians in general are uninformed. Thats how Justin got to be Pm.

more garbage polls. Who are they asking? Phoning homes at 2 in the afternoon and calling the unemployed and housewives? The rich should pay more? Oh really, who is going to pay for all welfare programs and unemployed immigrants Justin? The middle class? Nope. Whats considered rich? Its BS

You get what you vote for.

    The irony… so many DR’s and high-income professions voted Liberal… lesson learned.

Canadians may like to see “high income earners” and “large corporations” pay more in taxes, but you can rest assured that those who have REALLY high incomes and those that are REALLY large corporations aren’t going to be hurting anywhere near as proportionally to those who’ve never achieved anything near their level of incomes. And with the help of the Liberals, never will.

How much extra is Justin himself going to have to shell out? Or does he just forego taking some of the income from his ‘trust fund’ for awhile, while he has to struggle along on a PM’s salary, and Sophie takes in laundry?

Banks and corps have been making billions and hide profits off shore, we pay and pay. Profits a good thing but when is enough, enough. The answer is never, unless you invoke a balance we will only end up paying more. Will they run and move business elsewhere ? maybe but like in the US they already are and using tax payer money to do it.

I wonder how long it will take for doctor’s to close up their practices or reduce their hours. This will cause a major shortage of family doctors in the next couple years. This is a terrible idea.

What’s the chances the people who think the rich or business don’t pay enough tax even know how much tax they pay? Everybody just thinks everyone else should pay more

    most people can’t balance their own life , or finances , or have ever taken economics.. but they all think the rich don’t pay enough for some reason. Like 50% isn’t enough. Trudeau has gone full Liberal, it won’t end until the teachers and unions realize he’s coming for them next.

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