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October 27, 2017 3:34 pm

Referendum Highlights Council Meeting

Monday, September 11, 2017 @ 6:00 AM

Prince George, B.C.- This evening, .Mayor and council for the City of Prince George will be looking at a couple more pieces  that need to be in place before the  referendum on October 28th.

In order for  the City to have maximum  opportunity to  speak with residents about the two projects (replacing the Four Seasons Pool and Fire Hall #1)prior to the vote in late October,   the  annual “Talktober”  sessions, where Mayor,  members of Council and staff  meet with  local residents  in  various neighbourhoods throughout the month,  will be  moved up to include  dates  in September.  So, call it “September-eferendum”.

Council will also  be asked to  receive  more details on the  locations for the  actual vote.   Advance voting is already set  for:

Wednesday Oct. 18 @ City Hall and UNBC

Thursday Oct. 19th @ City Hall  and

Tuesday Oct. 24th @ City Hall.

On  voting day,  October 28th,  the plan calls for  voting stations at:

  • John McInnis Centre  
  • DP Todd Secondary School  
  • Kelly Road Secondary School  
  • Edgewood Elementary School
  • Malaspina Elementary School  
  • Ron Brent Elementary School  
  • Vanway Elementary School  
  • Blackburn Elementary School

There will be two  question on the ballot. Voters can  choose to support or  reject  each project .

The Four Seasons Pool project is projected to cost $35 million dollars,  the replacement of the Fire Hall  is projected to cost $15 million.

In addition to  the $50 million that would need to be borrowed for the two  projects,  the City has  said it will  need to spend $6 million to purchase the  site for the pool, prepare that site,  and demolish the old  fire hall and pool building.



Do we really need these machinations of our language to describe what we are doing.

Talktober? September-eferendum?

    a feeble attempt to create confusion maybe?

    Dr Seuss is alive and well and he’s living in City Hall.

I am surprised they didn’t do a reverse referendum….

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